Five Short Term Goals

Being hard at work on my new book has caused me to realize many things, the biggest of which is the fact that I have exactly 312% less time than I used to.  Because of that, this week is going to be short, simple, and devoid of dog pictures.  As part of our weekly writing prompt, we decided to go with something easy yet motivating.

That being said, here are my five short term goals.

1)  Finish A Love Story for Witches.  

If you know me at all, you know that this is the top priority right now in a long list of projects.  If you haven’t heard yet, the book comes out on October 31 and I’ve been told by by partner, family and therapist that it will be done by then.  Let’s hope they know better than I do.

2)  Get advertisements up for this blog.

This is something I’ve been putting off for some time but I really want to give this blog a more professional edge.  When I started this, as you know if you read my previous articles, it was merely a way to get me to write more frequently and to get my motivation up to finish the book.  But now, it has taken on a life of its own and that’s awesome!  You have all made working on this blog so fun and rewarding that I now consider it an integral part of my writing portfolio.  Because of this, I’d love to get more people to see it and also to give it a more upscale look.  All in due time, of course.

3)  Really get back to a life of healthy eating and exercising.

Admittedly, this one is already under way.  Last year, I was the healthiest and most in shape I’ve ever been, but thanks to a little bit of cancer and a whole lot of depression, this has kind of been allowed to slip.  Lately, though, I am making an effort to eat better, cooking at home more often, and at least trying to exercise again.  I believe that I can get back to that healthy place.  It just takes time and the belief that I can.

4)  Calm it on down.

As someone who suffers from more anxiety than I’m willing to admit, this will most likely always be a short term goal of mine.  I get worked up over the silliest things.  I’ll find out something about my partner, whom I often talk about here, from years and years ago.  It should be easy enough to laugh it off, but I let it consume me.  I go crazy, allowing my brain to spiral out of control.  It’s unhealthy and abusive to myself and needs to stop.  Wake up Jaysen, stop being a crazy pants.  I wish there was another me sometimes, who could show up and bitch slap me on cue just like in the movies, screaming “SNAP OUT OF IT!”  Then I can say, “Thanks, I needed that.”

5)  Clone Myself.

Just kidding…

Real 5)  Plan 2015

Okay, this might seem like more of a long term goal.  Yet, 2015 is just around the corner.  Since taking off the past year from conventions, I’ve developed a bit of anxiety concerning jumping back into the fray.  I know that sitting down to plan out the cons I want to attend would be both beneficial professionally as well as help to quell the fears of the year to come.  I’m very much someone who needs to plan to feel a sense of control.  I am so excited for the coming year and what new adventures it will bring.  I just wish I wasn’t so damn terrified of it at the same time.

Anyway, there you have it.  Make some goals for yourself.  I can tell you that while this post took less than thirty minutes, it was the best I felt all day and that is totally worth celebrating.  I’ll be back with regular posts next week.  Until then, enjoy this paper crane my mom sent me after reading A Love Story for Witches.


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