50 Things that Make Me Happy

  1. Peanut Butter

  2. The sound of the word ‘Aquamarine’

  3. Pandas

  4. Baby Pandas

  5. Baby pandas on slides  panda slide

  6. Writing

  7. A good song

  8. A good Kpop song

  9. Running into someone who also listens to Kpop

  10. Friends (Obligatory)

  11. Family (Sometimes)

  12. My mother (Only when she sends cookies)

  13. Izzy (Only when she does something I can write an article about so I don’t have to come up with something that week.)

  14. Fireflies

  15. Cooking

  16. Eating at fine restaurants

  17. Chinese restaurants where they actually refill your water

  18. Chinese food in general, but especially Sesame Chicken

  19. OMG, I almost forgot about Korean food.

  20. Really any food is good. Let’s be real.

  21. Penguins  fancy penguin

  22. Halloween

  23. Large groups of penguins

  24. Home goods stores

  25. Movies about penguins

  26. A good TV show

  27. A good book

  28. A good movie

  29. A good comic book

  30. Any youtube video involving any cute animal doing anything cute and adorable.

  31. While we’re on the cute animal subject, dogs in boots

  32. Dogs in raincoats

  33. Dogs in sweaters

  34. Dogs with really droopy, old man faces  grumpy dog

  35. Dogs whose whole butts shake when they wag their tails.

  36. Christmas cookies

  37. Watching an entire episode of a television show online in one night instead of doing what I was supposed to do.

  38. Dancing by myself when no one is around to see or prove it.

  39. Walking around the house pretending to destroy things like Godzilla

  40. Being creative

  41. Being inspired to be creative

  42. Inspiring others to be creative

  43. Did I already say penguins?

  44. Coffee  Coffee

  45. Scary movies

  46. Youtube videos where people do flash mobs as a way of proposing marriage

  47. Running (For exercise, not away from bears)

  48. Getting near the end of a list that I thought would be easy to come up with but ended up being a super difficult challenge even thought I listed penguins 28 times.

  49. Walking somewhere beautiful, ie, parks, bridges, near a lake.

  50. Obviously I’d be crazy not to mention the person that makes me happy when it all seems like crap and makes me smile when I am at my absolute rock bottom pit of feeling the feelings I wish I wasn’t feeling, Carl Li.

There’s plenty of things to be happy about in the world. If there is a point to be made from this week’s entry, it’s to simply go out there, enjoy life and remember the little things that keep you afloat. They are ten times more important than that man who grabbed your butt on the subway this morning.

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