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New LEGO Star Wars Series Incoming

Wow, the Star Wars news just keeps raining in.  If you are a Star Wars fan, then your life is filled with all the happiness right now.  If you’re not…well, time to get involved.  We now have the announcement of an all new LEGO TV series, headed for […]

New Finding Dory Posters Revealed 

Hello all. Thanks to Ellen’s Twitter, we now have some new posters for Finding Dory. They are all adorable and tagged with the words “Have you seen her?”  These will be released at different theaters so I suppose we’ll just have to hunt them all down. Take a […]

‘Disney Park’ Scented Candles

Stop everything!  Stop it!  I said stop.  I hate you for not stopping.  We’ll wait.  Okay, good.  You guys!  ‘Disney Park’ scented candles are a real thing and you can own them.  Anthology Candles has created a whole line of Disney Park themed scents.  Want your house to […]