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‘Disney Park’ Scented Candles

Stop everything!  Stop it!  I said stop.  I hate you for not stopping.  We’ll wait.  Okay, good.  You guys!  ‘Disney Park’ scented candles are a real thing and you can own them.  Anthology Candles has created a whole line of Disney Park themed scents.  Want your house to smell like Belle’s Library?  Yes please.  Or perhaps you want to nail home that pirate theme in the bathroom with a “Black Pearl” scented candle.  It exists!  This is literally the most exciting thing that has happened to me all day so bare with me here.



Created by my new “Relationship Goals” couple, Stephen and Rheney Williams, who are based in Charleston, SC, Anthology candles is all about whimsical and crazy candles for every occasion.  These two are so much fun to read about.  They both are into the musical arts and just recently devoted themselves to these little candles which are making quite the buzz for obvious reasons.

I will make a note that as of this writing, they are on back order, what with exploding all over the internet with Disney goodness, but they hope to be back up and running as early as March 1!  In the meantime, you should start making your selection as there is a lot to choose from, or just do as I do, and get one of each!

Check out their site HERE!

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  1. I saw these the other day and freaked out! Then I was saddened when I saw they’re currently not available. I can’t wait for them to be back in stock! I’m getting Soarin’, The Haunted Mansion, and possibly the Black Pearl. I’m surprised Disney hadn’t already thought of these.

    • Yeah, but they will be back pretty soon I think. With the popularity they are getting, it would be crazy to not do everything in their power to get them out ASAP.

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