The Holiday Event – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Hello again fellow campers!  I am very excited and pleased to announce that the holiday season has landed in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and right now you can log onto the game and start snagging up Christmas attire and furniture to add to your amassing collection.  Speaking of which, I get the feeling that hoarders would probably really take a liking to this game.  That being said, let’s jump in and look at some of the aspects of this event and what you can do to get the upper edge.


By simply logging in and checking your mail, you’ll get a shiny new Santa hat to parade around the camp in.  This ought to be great for making the other animals see you for what you really are:  A gift giving maniac.  Once that is done, you can get down to business.  You’re going to want to utilize the Timed Goals section often on this one.  For starters, it will tell you how to get candy canes.  Candy canes are your go to currency for this event and if you hope to get every piece of holiday furniture, you’re going to need A LOT of them.  Start small.  By simply completing 3 animals requests, you can nab 20 candy canes, which is enough to build your first piece of furniture.


Speaking of completing requests!  Every request completion comes with a chance at some extra candy canes.  You’ll want to continue to complete as many animal requests as possible throughout the course of the event.


As you grab candy-canes, you’ll be able to build holiday furniture.  Keep an eye on the task list though.  Certain creations gift you with more candy canes so, early on especially, you can really build things quickly by gaining candy canes through building.  This alone allowed me to build my first three structures back to back.  Another great way to load up on candy canes is to wait until the quarry shows them and then go for a quick visit to grab anywhere from 20 – 30 of them.


Before long you’ll be building more and more difficult furniture, some of which gift you with new Santa costume pieces.  And it looks as though the event will be running a full 25 days so you have plenty of time to get the full set!


How are you all liking the first Pocket Camp event?  I’ll try to post more pictures and tips as I get further through it but I’m curious to know if anyone has succumbed to temptation and just purchased all the items with green dollars.  Let me know either way in the comments!


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