Snow White Livestream Recap – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Another Livestream.  Another day.  Today we got our first glimpse of the Snow White Livestream and wow what a doozy it is!  9 characters you guys!  NINE!!!  That is one more than eight and one less than 10 for those of you not in the numbers biz.  This looks to be a crazy big Christmas event, which is great since I’ve been needing a good reason to play since Animal Crossing launched a couple weeks ago.  That being said, let’s jump in and take a look at everything that’s new and different in this update!


Snow White Event

New Characters

As we guessed, we will now be able to welcome Snow White, all seven dwarfs AND the evil queen in a brand new time limited event!  Holy cow that is a lot of characters.  It also looks like three of these will be gem characters to make sure to save up starting NOW!


Interestingly, Grumpy will be a special character which will be earned through special chests.  Participating in events AND logging in every day will help you to gain tokens for Grumpy as well as purchasing special chests.  He helps with plenty of tokens and is a very special character so you’ll want to get him as soon as you possibly can.  He seems to be the key to completing this event quickly and in time.  This seems to be the biggest new thing in this event and I imagine that it will be quite derisive to players and anyone who remembers the Prince Charming chest debacle of last year.  Grumpy CAN be gained both free or through purchase.


New Attractions

There are plenty of new attraction and concessions which are Snow White Themed and I’m sure everyone will be working to get all of them and then tightly fit them into their kingdoms.


New Land

Cheer away!  You can now open a new land in Fantasyland!  I’m sure that will be filled faster than Sleepy can take a nap.


New Float

No event is complete without being able to grab a new float to add to your parade.


Seasonal Accents

The Kingdom is done up for the holidays to look absolutely fantastic.  This will look familiar for those of you who were around for last Christmas but it ever gets old for me.  It just looks so fantastic!!!


Character Storage

Easily one of the top two most requested things in this game ever is being able to store characters.  With this update, that desire is finally a reality.  You can now send characters home, which means that they are stored for the time being.  While stored, these characters will earn you rewards so that they aren’t completely useless while in storage.  You will also still be able to work towards character tokens while they are in storage as well.  Then, when you are ready, you can bring them back and collect your rewards for sending them home for a short time!  Seems like a pretty great addition to the game if I do say so myself!!  Who else is excited?


That’s it for my livestream recap?  How are you guys feeling?  Excited?  Not so much?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not another event so soon! Ugh! I love the content and that we’ll FINALLY get the original Princess and Villain, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 😭😭😭

    • Agree. I’ve been trying to save gems for poor Maximus and as soon as I get close I burn them up in a timed event. I haven’t been able to nab the villain in the last two (jafar or the Queen ❤️) either even though I had 4 days to get the Queen and bought both gem characters. The timed events are too frequent.

  2. I thought they said that Grumpy couldn’t be purchased but was only available through the new system of chests. I still need to re-watch the video as it went quite quickly and I got a bit confused in some spots. I’m so super happy with the addition of the Home button for storing characters and am looking forward to checking it out. I wasn’t playing yet last December so I’m fascinated by and enjoying the holiday decor they showed off. Even though I’m still a bit burnt out from the previous flurry of events from summer on, I’m still super excited to be getting the Snow White gang and spending a happy December collecting some of my most favorite Disney characters. P.S. I think someone here had mentioned their hope of the Scary Trees being included……. GOOD CALL! … P.P.S. What are “IP”s? Mike has mentioned them in the livestreams a few times and I’m not sure what that stands for. Anyone?

    • When you scroll through the characters, they will be grouped by movie instead of alphabetical……..Snow White, Monsters Inc, toy story, ect

    • “I.P.” stands for Intellectual Property, essentially the different pieces of media that their company owns or has the rights to. So, in this case, various Disney films.

  3. JAYSEN- Thanks for a great recap. I’m disappointed that it’s an event. I really just wanted to take my time and enjoy it at a leisurely pace. Grumpy in a chest does not fill me with glee but this is cancelled by Character storage. That feature is so cool. Especially as it will still earn currency. Also grouping by movie is great. That way we can focus on one in particular. I’m super excited to use that feature too. At the moment, especially with the game being so sluggish it takes ages to task everyone. I’m still struggling to finish Jungle Book & welcome Shere K. I feel I should just leave it for now & have a rest before the madness all starts. It’s my fave Disney movie so I want to enjoy it all…….💜X

  4. I’m pretty happy! I’m glad to see the new land and I’m looking forward to being able to store some characters so that managing my park during the event + holidays (and forever after) will take a little less of my time! I’m betting that getting Grumpy will be something that causes a lot of people stress. Hopefully it’ll be mostly fun – sounds interesting to me and honestly a bit refreshing.

    I look forward to moving my Rapunzel buildings to near the castle that looks like it belongs to Tangled. It’s a “thing” with me, but a thing that makes me happy.

  5. Thanks for clearing that up Kathryn. I kinda guessed it would be something like that, but now I know!
    All in all pretty happy here! Love the ‘storage’ function. Hopefully getting Grumpy won’t be too hard but from what they say it will be totally worth the effort with him dropping tokens every single time, wow!
    And all 7 dwarfs and SW and the villain. Really didn’t expect them to do that.
    Looking forward to the event and I’m hoping there’ll be enough time to finish the story line in time.

  6. I agree with most everyone’s desire to have less frequent timed events. It takes away some of the fun. I’ve been playing since the beginning and love this game. Please try to keep it simple and fun like in the beginning instead of getting more complicated (like special chests/tokens etc for grumpy). Keep more untimed events coming (cars would be awsome!)

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