Surprise Patch: Deep Analysis and Impressions – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello and Happy First of April.  Today, while reading Zombie Gaston Monthly, my favorite magazine about buff men who eat brains, I noticed that we had indeed been gifted a surprise patch in Disney Magic Kingdoms!  “What could it mean?!” I cried to the heavens!  Well, for one this seems to be the most extensive patch yet.  The changes are far too many to count.  Mostly because there are so many I got bored while counting them and fell asleep.  It’s sort of like counting sheep in that way.  Without further ado, as I know you come here for the hard gripping facts I present, let us delve into the patch notes the way I delve into cupcakes: aggressively and passionately.


New Content

No new characters has been added this patch, but lots of fun and festive additions have joined Disney Magic Kingdoms!

Aw, my favorite words.  No. New. Content.  That’s really for the best.  Events are simply too challenging and there are too many characters. In fact, I’d prefer an update which took buildings away.  Or space.  I really have too much space.  I don’t even know what to do with all of it!

Character Changes


  • Use “Run in Panic” activity to activate his slow-motion animation that lasts for 24 hours instead of 60 seconds


  • Boo’s Mustache has returned. Tap on Boo to zoom into her face


  • Use “Go on a Flight of Fancy” activity to see her dress change color to blue
  • Use “Investigate Singing” activity to see her dress change back to pink

Mike Wazowski:

  • Use “Holiday Comedy” and hear him tell a funny joke

Buzz Lightyear:

  • Follow Buzz Lightyear around for 2 minutes to see him stare back at you

Boo’s mustache is the most important one of these.  After all, those of us who have played the game since the start will recall how it was a vital part of finishing The Incredibles event.  In fact, the only people who DIDN’T get Syndrome were those who didn’t understand the mystical powers of Boo’s mustache.

I also want to note the Buzz Lightyear change.  This finally addresses the problem that I have had in which there are simply no mini-games in the game.  Well now, thanks to this change, I can follow Buzz around and wait for him to look at me.  This is basically a mini-game and the answer to all my DMK related prayers.  Note, it doesn’t answer my normal prayers which include unlimited free snacks at Disney World.

Screenshot (805)

Attraction Changes

Mickey’s Fun Wheel:

  • Watch it go in the opposite way

Mickey’s PhilharMagic:

  • No longer produces confetti and musical notes
  • Visitors can now get burgers from this attraction

Al’s Toy Barn:

  • The chicken has been replaced by Woody

Donald’s Boat:

  • Tap on it 10 times to hear the Boat go “quack”

Pizza Planet:

  • Has been renamed to “Burger Planet”

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters:

  • Tap on it once to switch Zurg into Hamm

Snuggly Duckling:

  • Zoom into the attraction to hear Mother Gothel sing

This is all pretty standard fair, but I want to point out two changes that definitely make the game much better.  The first of these is the ability to get burgers at the Philharmonic.  We’re all thinking it, I’ll just say it.  The food at that place is overpriced and overly fancy.  Sometimes I just want to listen to classical music and eat a burger.  That’s all I want.  Thankfully, all those months staying up until 3AM and requesting this on the DMK forums have finally payed off.  It’s just like they say: “Hard work will eventually lead to burgers.”

Also, Zurg can now turn into Hamm.  I was sort of hoping for Rex to turn into “A Useful Character” but I’ll take this change for now.  At least it’s a step in the right direction.

Screenshot (784)

Decoration & Concession Stand Changes

Burger Stands:

  • No longer provides burgers to Visitors
  • Visitors will now receive flowers instead

Lost Love Fountain:

  • Tap on it 5 times to activate the bubbles

Pluto Topiary:

  • Place one down to hear it bark

Gargoyle Fountain:

  • Green fluid now changes into multiple colors depending on the time of the day

Intergalactic Alliance Memorial:

  • Tap on it 100 times to watch the rocket launch into the sky

15-Layer Cake:

  • Blow into the mic to blow out the candles

Scare Storage:

  • Scream into the mic to watch the Scare Storage fill up

These are obviously the most important changes to the game as they pertain to Decorations and since we all have 8 million of them in our parks, it only makes sense to be excited for these changes.  I for one am excited to be able to scream into the microphone to get things to happen in the game. My friends love when I play this game at the table during dinner instead of paying attention to them already and this, to me, seems like a way to make them even happier.  I also can’t wait for Thanksgiving with the family to scream as if I am being attacked by an axe murderer in order to get the Scare Storage to fill up.

Also, clicking on the Intergalactic Memorial seems like a great use of my time, especially since it only takes 100 clicks.  And my mom said I’d never amount to anything.  What does she know!?  *Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.*


That’s all the big changes hitting the game.  Let me know what you guys think and which is your favorite in the comments and, most importantly, have a wonderfully hilarious April Fool’s Day!!

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  1. I actually got the 10.1 patch which included the Hall of the Presidents attraction. It be difficult getting all of the presidents as this is a 3-day event, but you might make it to Polk if you go without sleep for the next 72 hours.

    • I hear that if you get Abraham Lincoln and have Gaston, there is a special costume unlocked for Lincoln that turns him into Zombie Hunter Lincoln and he chases down Gaston and puts a “final” end to him! 😂😂

  2. Did they not release this on Android devices? I haven’t noticed anything mentioned, and I even checked the play store to see if I had to manually update (which is how I prefer to handle updates). Nothing.

    I also noticed that you’ve posted this on April Fools Day. Any connection? I’m hoping so, otherwise I’ll be feeling rather sad if I miss out on getting The Hall of the Presidents!

    Thank you for doing an awesome job on your blog!

    • Relax Amanda. It was all April Fools Day. Only thing new since the Beauty & The Beast event is Mickey’s Tuxedo costume.

  3. Can someone tell me which of the attractions in the chests can be purchased in their own without having to find a gold or platinum chest?

  4. Magic is the only chest item that can be purchased, and that’s with gems. You can purchase the chests with gems, but you’re not guaranteed as to which item you’ll receive. It can be frustrating, but hang in there and eventually you should (hopefully) get a gold or platinum chest with the item you want.

  5. OK. Thanks. The only thing I’ve ever received from gold or platinum chests is magic and it’s really frustrating to wait 12 or 24 hours and just get something I can easily get from an attraction or one hour quest

  6. Since I am JUST NOW getting to this post (May 3rd), I was reaaaaaaaally confused part of the way through… then I looked at the date of the email and it all clicked. Although, now I really want a quest that will change Aurora’s dress to blue.

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