Welcoming Lumiere and Building Belle’s House – Disney Magic Kingdoms

So far this event has been fast and furious with how many characters we’ve gotten in a very short amount of time.  Today opens the last character for a few days and he’s certainly one that will take some serious time to welcome given his tokens take several hours to drop unless you’ve got Mrs. Potts and she can’t get ALL your tokens for you.  She’s only one pot!!!  But perhaps there is hope for welcoming him after all.  Perhaps we can do it together.  Perhaps the Beast needs a candle to burn down the library because he’s tired of me making him read books.  Let’s find out together.


Welcoming Lumiere


Just like the other Beauty and the Beast characters, you’ll need to use rope and bags to fight vine cages which will drop roses.  The good news is that as more characters are welcomed through this event, the easier it becomes to get these roses as you have more characters who can collect the items for them and then do the final vine cage quest.



An uncommon item, Matchsticks should come quite easily.  Unfortunately, the quests for them can range on the longer side, unless of course you have Mrs. Potts, who can nab these up in two hours.  She drops them almost always.


Lumiere Ears Hats

This is definitely the trouble maker of this group.  A rare item, the hats will drop, well, rarely.  The one saving grace is that Buzz, Beast, Cogsworth AND Mrs. Potts all have 2 hours quests for them, so you should be able to round them up pretty fast, despite the low drop rate.


Say Hello to Lumiere

Keep searching for that lucky flame, and sooner or later you’ll welcome Lumiere to your Kingdom.  I’m happy to say that the devs were right on this one, he has some of the best animations in the game.



Lumiere is super excited to join the Kingdom and help with the festivities.  Cogsworth is about as excited as I am when I wake up to find a pimple on my face.  Sooo, not that excited.


This will prompt a quest for Jessie, who is really begging for attention and seeking any reason to yodel so everyone will look at her.  She’s sort of the Kim Kardashian of Disney Magic Kingdoms.  Fun fact, I don’t know if that reference works.  Also, up until a couple years ago, I thought a Kardashian was an alien race from Star Trek.  Sorry, where were we?  Oh right, Jessie was yodeling…again.


Choose the Right Quest

Once again you’ll be given two quests.  The first of which is a non-time sensitive quest.  It won’t move the story along and if you’re trying to get through the event, I advise skipping this one and doing it later.  It’ll start out like this.


You’ll want to hit the X on this quest and take the next one.  That’s the one that will move the story along so you can get to the good stuff and build Belle’s House sooner rather than later.


The next quest you take is the important one to the story.  You’ll want to make sure that Cogsworth is also free as this will be a two person job.  Lumiere leads the quest by being, well, overly dramatic.


That’s great Cogsworth.  Everyone wants a party that’s SEDATE.  Why, I put that on all my invitations.  Dress:  Casual.  Mood:  Sedated.  Food:  Chamomille tea and lavender biscuits, to help with aforementioned sedation.


This quest will require both Lumiere and Cogsworth and will last 4 hours.


Essentially, the two of them will slap each other for four hours and you will enjoy every minute of it because, honestly, it’s the most adorable thing ever.  It’s like watching kittens fight.  SO CUTE!


Gaston’s First Appearance

At long last, the barge-sized hunter himself will rear his ugly head.


Something we’d wondered for a while was how it could be explained that Gaston was back.  Apparently he’s recovering…from being dead.  What are you, Wolverine?  Maybe this is like IZombie and he is a zombie but knows how to fit in.  Maybe he works part time at the Haunted Mansion, eating brains and such.


Oh, I see you’re suddenly interested in Belle’s BRAIN!  Perhaps you’d like to see how it tastes with SALT!!!  I’m on to you Gaston!  Or should I say, GASTOMBIE!!!


Gaston comes up with an excellent plan to go to Belle’s house to persuade her, which sounds super sketchy.  It occurs to me that by simply not building her home I could prevent horrible things from happening.  Unfortunately for Bell, I can’t help but build new things!


Building Belle’s House

You’ll get the quest to Build Belle’s House, but you’ll need to have Lumiere at level 2 to make it happen, so get to collecting items ASAP.


Belle’s House will cost 9,000 heart crests and will take 6 hours to build.  Luckily it is not a huge attraction and managed to fit into my Kingdom surprisingly well.


Cursed Cutlery Round Two

After this, Merlin will let you know it’s time to fight the cursed dinnerware once more.  This time you’ll be hunting 40 of them, 10 at a time, with 5 minute intervals in between.


Birthday Gifts

I wanted to take a moment to mention the Birthday Gifts that have been popping up every day.  I’ll be talking more about this on the 17th, when the birthday happens, but this also marks a year of blogging about this game so it feels extra amazing to see how far this little game has come.  If you are having trouble receiving the gifts, be sure to check that your game is online.  Instructions on how to do this can be found on the DMK facebook page.


The Story Continues

We’ve got a week to Belle and Chip, plenty of birthday goodies on the way and a 1 year anniversary just around the corner.  It’s going to be a busy week!  What do you think some of the other gifts will be?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hey Jaysen, it’s so great reading your blog on the game letting us gamers know what’s going on. I definitely agree with you that getting Lumiere can be a pain with long hours for the matchsticks and those hats. Still trying to fight it.

    For the anniversary gifts, I’m hoping for platinum chests to open for free (I haven’t gotten the Fantasia gardens attraction) and also bunches of gems.

  2. I’d love it if we got a chest with a random premium character for those who don’t have them all or a free level up to level 10 to a random character for the rest. Probably won’t happen but we can hope

    • This is really wonderful! Totally up to you, but I would love to do a post sometime this week in order to share this information, crediting you of course. Let me know. I won’t post without your permission so if you don’t feel comfortable with it, no hard feelings! 🙂

  3. I am having so much fun with this event!! Love the anniversary gifts, it would be great if we got a whole bunch of gems or free premium characters. The silver chests were nice but personally I get lots of those on my own……Gold or platinum would have been better. I am really hoping I have played 50 hous so I can get the loyalty gifts too! 🙂
    I didn’t start playing until after the frozen event so I have no experience with snogies, but I am sick of vine cages!!! They put way too many steps into getting and leveling up the characters.
    I love reading this blog and anticipating what’s coming next 🙂 and the chart will be supper helpful as I get more buildings! Thanks Delaney!

    • I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear but buying mrs Potts is a win win. You get characters and you’ll have mrs Potts! If you get the bundle it’s a good deal. How much is a meal at McDonald’s? If you buy this you’ll have it forever. Spend the money. Support the game. Have fun with it.

      • Thanks 🙂 I know I really should just buy her……Do gem characters ever have discount promos like buildings? I almost have all the matches now…. hopefully tomorrow! I’d love some new concessions so I will definitely be saving my bigger chests. This is the best game ever! I really hope I have enough hours for the loyalty gifts next week!

  4. Incidentally. Rumour has it there are a bunch of concessions coming in this event that will be available through chests. Save those golds and platinums just in case.

  5. Random question. The new leader board rose token prize is a croissant stand. I don’t have this and can’t find it to buy. Can anyone recall what story./event it was released with? I couldnt find the right post on jaysens blog but I’m sure he has done one…

  6. Love reading this blog–I have been checking in throughout the Beauty and the Beast event. I was given 2 gold chests (and could open them right away) and ended up getting two piles of mine gems. Is Snow White a character you can unlock? ..and if not, I wonder if she will be soon!

  7. Finally broke down and spent the money on gems to get Mrs. Potts… Hopefully I’ll be able to benefit from her even though I got her so late!

  8. It’s worth playing this game just to read your posts and be amused by the comments. Thanks for the information and the laughs!

  9. This event seems to be easier and less stressful than previous ones. All my Beauty & The Beast characters are already up to Level 4 and Beast will soon be at Level 5. I also am ready to welcome Belle on Friday. Hopefully future events will be run like this one.

    • Ditto. Chip and Dale are secondary but are 3 and 4 for me. Loving this but it’s making me want to go to WDW. 😢

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