Beauty and the Beast Livestream is Coming – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello all you DMK fanatics out there!  Two big developments of late have happened revolving around the game and I wanted to take a moment to review them here on the site.  First off, many of you probably noticed the DMK Update 9 Teaser trailer.  If you didn’t, go ahead and take a gander.

As if there were any room for doubt before, we now know for sure that Beauty and the Beast is coming.  Curiously enough, however, one of the devs on Twitter made a comment that you’d almost think that was the ONLY thing that was coming, which certainly seems as though we are still in for some surprises.  However, it seems we’ll get the chance to see just what is in store tomorrow during a livestreaming reveal event.


The event will hit our computers at 12PM EST.  Sadly, however, this will be the first time I won’t be able to tune in with you guys as I will be busy opening my brand new store.  That being said, I will do a recap on Sunday to share my thoughts and feelings.  In the meantime, what do you guys think the big surprise will be that we haven’t already figured out!  Let me know your wildest guess in the comments and have fun watching the stream without me tomorrow.  I’ll be there in spirit!


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  1. I am excited to see it today. I have my theories, we will see if they are true lol. I will be looking forward to your write up about it later. Have fun at your grand opening!

  2. really hoping we’re finally getting more land opening up, I don’t think I can squeeze in any more buildings lol, better yet, let’s open up one of the other park areas 🙂

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