Defeating and Welcoming Hans – Disney Magic Kingdoms

After a frantic month of eating fruitcake with one hand and collecting bags and ropes with the other, we have finally reached the end of our Frozen journey.  I’ll be doing a look back at the event once it officially closes, but before that I want to make sure we finish this thing like the pros we are.  Today we distract Hans long enough to wake Marshmallow.  Today we end the bad but not really bad snow storm.  Today we forgive Hans and welcome him to the Kingdom, despite what a total jerk face he’s been all month!  Seriously dude, I missed Christmas to fight you!  (Not really)  FOR SPARTA!!!…er…I mean…FOR DISNEY!!!!

One Last Storm

Right after your first fight with Hans, things will seem pretty desperate.  Elsa can’t focus because of the storm.  Likely story Elsa.  Why don’t you go grab a coffee and we’ll try this again.


Mickey takes charge as it is time to face one last storm that threatens to annoy the Kingdom with tiny lightning bolts.


This time around, you’ll need to tap 150 storm clouds.  This will go pretty quickly as you can tap 10 of them every five minutes.


After a little more than an hour, the storm will clear and you’ll be ready for your final showdown.


Fighting Hans and Waking Marshmallow 

The Quests themselves will still take 4 hours each.  However, this time around you’ll need to complete them 25 times.  This means that, provided you have all the Frozen characters, this quest will take you a full 20 hours.


In the meantime, I strongly suggest looking at how cute Mickey and Minnie are in costume as they kiss under the mistletoe.


The fight will rage for hours and often times the characters will glitch out on the way there.  Below, you will see one of the rare occurrences of everyone being where they were supposed to be.


Once 20 hours is up, you will awaken the sleeping giant, and be only one step away from officially finishing the Winter Wonders Event!!!


Okay Anna, that sound is just silence.  Also, how is he supposed to hear anything with you talking?  ALSO, does Hans need to use the restroom before we finish this conversation?  He looks like he could use a potty break.


Hans, despite being defeated AGAIN, retains his jerk face ways.


Good thing Merlin is here to remind us that punching someone is not the answer.  Collecting epic items in order to welcome them and send them to do your bidding around the Kingdom IS the answer.  Oh that Merlin.  If you can’t beat ’em, BEND THEM TO YOUR WILL!!!  Ahem…where were we?


Welcoming Hans

At long last you’ll get your final timed quest for the event, welcoming the thirteenth son.


If you’ve been stockpiling snowflakes like a maniac, and you’ve done a good job hording Event Currency, this is actually not going to be all that bad.  8 of each Epic token???  That in itself is a Christmas present.



The swords will take about 2 hours each and I found that none of my characters required leveling in order to be ready to get them.  The unfortunate thing is that most of these characters are also your snowflake characters so if you are short on snowflakes, you might have a hard time doing both tasks at once.  I recommend using Olaf for your snowflake needs in the meantime.



Hats will once again not be super difficult, but you’ll have a bit of an edge if you have gotten Minnie’s costume, which if you’ve been pretty diligent you probably have at this point.  Her joint quest with Mickey, Mistletoe, is a short quest which will help you get those hats faster.


There is also a Hans promo as soon as he becomes available.  Unless you are really impatient, I HIGHLY recommend not doing this one.  It took me under 12 hours to get all the items I needed for Hans and there are still plenty of days left.  IF, however, it is near the end of the event and this is your only option, then perhaps go for it.  Keep in mind, that you can always get a few of his items and then use gems for the rest.  This could easily save you some money.


Either way, you’ll be greeted by the dashing Hans, a nice guy who finishes your sandwiches and sets loose epic snores of evil snow filled magic.  What a guy!


You’ll also earn some gems simply by completing the characters in this tier.


The Story Continues

While none of what happens next is times, and can certainly be completed after the event is done, I thought we might take a little sneak peek at what comes next for Hans.  Instead of continuing to be as rude as can be, Hans decides to take a nicer approach now that he’s officially a citizen.


No Hans!  We don’t believe you!  We just spent a month dealing with your nonsense!  Do you know how many Snowgies were imprisoned to stop you?!  Do you know how many times Minnie had to ride the Fun Wheel?!

Still, perhaps you can think of some other way to win us over.


Oh but Judge we shall, Hans.  Judge we shall.

And with that, we’ve all but completed the Winter Wonders event.  As the event nears its close, let me know how you are doing on time?  Will you make it?  What did you like about this event?  What didn’t you like?  I’ll be doing a full write-up about the pros and cons once the event is over, but in the meantime, get going!  There’s still time!  Hans is, by far, the easiest last character to welcome in ANY event this game has ever had.  You can do it!  I believe in you!  Even if Hans doesn’t…

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  1. I have Anna at Level 7, Olaf at Level 6, Hans and Sven at Level 5 and Anna at Level 4. Will I need a higher level for any of the characters to complete the Frozen event Thanks.

  2. I’m fighting the first battle for,Hans. It’s difficult because I work in an electronic store and its topseason so I have to work fulltime. So during my lunchbreak i’m tapping as a crazy one. But i’m sure that I van do it again. Happy New Year to all of you

  3. Thanks for this article. I liked the event. I found the Snowgie collecting distracting and wished it wasn’t part of the event. Other than that it was great. Loved the animation and characters. I liked the option to just buy the final character in case you were short on time. I found 19.99 a bit steep however. But it was still an option for diehard rich super fans who have an extra 20$ to spend.

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I finally downloaded this game, solely because you post about it all the time. And I totally addicted already. So thanks for that. 😉

  5. Really reading your posts!
    How do you think snowflakes will be availabe once the event is over!
    I have Anna level 9, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff level 7! And Elsa level 5
    I should be ok to get Hans! Finishing the first battle tonight.

  6. I wish I’d realized that quests for Minnie’s green material were available if Minnie and Mickey wore different costumes! That still throws me. Now I’m in a desperate rush to collect 14 green swatches in the last four days. Yikes!
    Thanks for all your great posts about these events.

    • I just realized that too! I wish that had been more clear at the beginning. I don’t think there is enough time left for me to do it, but I’m trying! 😊

  7. I’m not betting that I’ll make it to unlock Hans. Too many Christmas parties (and now having to clean up after Christmas for friends to come over for New Years…).

  8. I’m just about to start the final Battle with Hans so getting him for me will be a just squeaking through kind of thing. I may have to check items or start the battles again all sneaky like at work.
    Thanks for the write ups! They really help.

  9. Well just started welcoming Hans. Was getting nervous because only completed the final fight yesterday, but fortunately Hans was very fair with the amount of required token. Also helped there was a bunch of characters that could do the token quests. All up getting the tokens took less than 24 hours even without wonderful drop rates.

    Now I can relax until the next event.

  10. To me, Hans hats are a real pain to obtain. Yes, we only need 8, but my characters always “fail”. I have only 3 of them and I put every character I can on them (Mike, Sully, Kristoff, Mickey/Minnie).

  11. Thank you for the reminder about being able to use gems to buy the missing tokens to welcome Hans! I can’t believe I had a total brain-fart and didn’t even think about that! I don’t think I’ll need to, but it’s comforting to know it’s there just in case.

  12. Will the characters be available via other quests and special events once this over like the boogie man was? I’ve been playing non stop but with very little luck. Only welcomed Elsa today.

  13. How about Minnie’s costume? Can we still get that after the event is over? Still working on green cloth too. This was a really hard event!

    • Originally Magic Kingdoms noted that we don’t need to concentrate on Minnie’s costume because it wasn’t time sensitive. It’s definitely worth getting just to see Mickey & Minnie under the mistletoe.

  14. I have sent Elsa to open the gates three times now, and not a single sword in return. Is she harboring some feelings towards Hans that I don’t know about?!

  15. Jayson, as always, thank you for providing this forum and the numerous tips. As one who can often get overly focused on leveling up characters, you saved me a great deal of grief with the heads up on the token requirements for Hans. I have no idea what I would have done (other than spend a lot of gems and/or money), if I had not know to hold off on leveling any other Frozen characters, so I could make sure I had the 10 Snowflakes for Hans — especially with the horrible Hans Ears Hat drop rates that I got. It took me over 36 hours to get Hans, and I only made it with 3 hours to spare (and I play far more than I should). On the whole, I loved this event. Like you, Jayson, I appreciated the challenge of having to plan what my characters were doing, but as others have mentioned, as adorable as capturing Snowgies was, having it be the only way to get Snowflake tokens did get frustrating, especially when every Snowflake took an hour to get (not counting the time needed to get rope and burlap sacks). Still, the incredible animation, spectacular detail, improved writing, and length of the event all outweighed the irritation of acquiring Snowflake tokens (and the rotten drop rates I experienced with Hans Ears Hats). I am finding it strange that for the first time ever, I have not fully leveled up any of the event characters by the end of the event (typically, I have only had one or two left to finish leveling up). But, that also means I do get to extend my “Frozen Fun” as all of the characters still have quests and interactions that need to play out. I do want to extend a hearty congratulations to you and husband on both your recent marriage and your impending move. Each is phenomenal in its own way, and each will bring unending joy and happiness.

  16. Got converted to 40 gems and I’m stocking up on the snowflakes! Hopefully the land problem can be optimized before any new event.

  17. Ok. Has anyone found a solution to fit all of the buildings into the park. I’m disappointed that I have to remove some to fit others. Now that there’s new frozen buildings I’ve had to move a few Incredibles ones into storage.

  18. I’m really curious to see how the game designers are going to handle opening up new land, now that there are basically two classes of players: Those who have a million-plus magic and could drop 500,000 for a new patch of land without batting an eyelash, and the ones who started the game later or play less often or whatever, for whom magic is still of great value. It’ll be interesting.

  19. I have every attraction except for Mike & Sulley and Wall-E and, for the most part, buildings are together with appropriate buildings. For instance all NBC attractions are together. Unfortunately, I have few concessions and decorations out due to space. I’ve had to relocate or reorient attractions based on opening up more space. This is what I had to do in order to get in all the Frozen attractions in 2 1/2 areas. Good luck.

    • Unfortunately I have them all. It just seems odd that they wouldn’t have planned this better. I can’t think of a game where you can have buildings but have no way of getting them all down. Unless someone has found a way to lay them all out perfectly.

      • I do have every building and (I think) one of every decoration and concession down currently. It’s not impossible. Just takes some trial and error.

      • Just as I got a notification of your post I found a solution. I now have one of every attraction, concession and decoration on the map. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but they’re all there. Now all I have to to is max out the frozen characters and I’m at 100%. So excited.

  20. I love Disney Kingdoms! And your blog is great too! The one thing I am frustrated with is the mini events. I’m currently playing my first one, cannon bots, and wish there was someway to get better scores. Any tips for a beginner, other than staying up all night? I would really love the gems offered for the top prize but because I need to sleep and work I’ve fallen so far behind that I will never catch up. Other than that it’s a great game!! Perfect for the Disney Geek I am 🙂

  21. DMK just posted a photo update of a new feature they are adding in the next update. If you have anymore inside info on what else might be in this coming update could you do a write up of it? I hope they are going to fix the optimization issues they have with the game so we can then get some more land expansions and actual game updates.

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