Building the Ice Palace and The First Battle – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello all!  I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday.  Today we are going to go through everything up to the first battle with Hans, but I want to make a little note first.  Over the weekend, I decided to do the unthinkable.  I actually took some time off.  While this was amazing for my mental health, it also meant that I did not chronicle things as well as I normally would for this portion of the event.  That being said, today will be a bit more fun, and less about an actual walkthrough.  If you have specific questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I, or one of our amazing community members will be sure to help!

Searching for the Cause of the Storm

Last we left off, Elsa was desperately trying to prove her innocence.  After all, an ice problem typically gets blamed on the ice queen.


Hans is apparently here on official business.  I’m not sure what that business is exactly.  I put Goofy in charge of customs in my Kingdom and he hasn’t exactly been doing a great job sorting out the riff raff.  Plus he keeps letting in those stupid Snowgies.  Goofy, I am disappointed in you buddy.


Before long, you’ll get a three part quest, which will have you sending Elsa, Anna and Kristoff to research a new lead as to what is causing the storm.  I especially like that Kristoff is once again asking the trolls for advice.  I’m sorry, but if they didn’t have an answer before, I’m willing to be they don’t have one now.


Elsa is having a tough time with her magic on account of not knowing what has caused the storm.  I mentioned this in an earlier post and I’ll say it again here.  This is the first time that I have legitimately enjoyed the story of this game.  It has actually been a fun mystery to try and find out what is causing this snow storm that everyone seems to be over-dramatizing and the reveal, which we’ll get to in a moment, was genuinely surprising.


Storm Clouds

Mickey, you only ever talk to me when there’s a storm anymore.  I thought we were closer than this.  Fine, I’ll tap on some clouds.


You’ll need to tap 120 clouds.  They will come in groups of 10 and refresh every hour, so as long as you stay on top of them, this should be a 12 hour quest.


Build the Ice Palace

At long last, Elsa decides it’s time to build her palace.  And not a minute sooner.


Of course, this means they have to actually FIND the palace.


Elsa will need to be at level 3 for the palace to be available.  It will cost 20,000 event currency and will take 8 hours to build.  It is also ginormous so good luck fitting it anywhere.  I have come to live by these words when placing structures in my park: “If it fits, it sits.”


Once built, though, it does look pretty stunning.  This easily comes into my favorite structures of the game list.


Oh yeah, and Olaf has a quest…to do something…


Gearing up for a Fight

It turns out that Marshmallow, the giant snow monster that Elsa made, has fallen asleep and is causing the storm with his snoring.  It’s a pretty good twist and makes the whole “Try to wake up Marshmallow” quest make more sense.


Wow, the only other person I know who can change the weather with their snores in my grandma.  She’ll be relieved to hear she’s not alone.


Elsa has a pretty good idea that someone is behind this shady business.


Looks like Hans is the culprit after all.  Well you know what that means, it’s time to corner him and through things at him for hours on end.


It’s actually interesting that the first quest to face Hans is not part of the battle, but a dual quest for Anna and Elsa which takes place at Arendelle Ice Rink.


Oh?  Hans made a plan?  And we didn’t?  Well now I just feel cheated.


WAIT!  He made TWO plans!  This just isn’t fair.


Oh thank goodness, I knew the staff at Gameloft wouldn’t fail me.  I knew we had to make a plan.  We ALWAYS have to make a plan.


Or a strategy.  Strategies are also a good thing.


Elsa makes sure her magic is in check before the battle.  Honestly, this quest is not necessary to progress but it just looks so wonderful.  How could I resist?


The First Battle

And with that, the battle is off.  All 5 Frozen characters can partake and each quest will last 4 hours.  You can absolutely do this without Olaf or Sven, it will just take longer.  If you have all 5 characters, this quest should take you three rounds, clocking in at 12 hours total as the quest must be fulfilled 15 times.


I especially love Olaf sending his lower half to do the fighting for him.


Sven!  Pull yourself together!!!


Honestly, the only one doing any good is Anna, who throws snowballs.  Elsa just makes it snow.  I’m sorry but that is just not the level of brute force we are looking for here.


And that’s where I leave you.  By my next article, I should be ready to cover the last fight and everything you’ll need to unlock Hans.  In the meantime, how are you doing?  Do you think you’ll make it to the end?  Did you sneak DMK under the table during Christmas Dinner?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I did sneak DMK under the table during Christmas dinner!! But we’re Jewish, so no one really cared that I broke my own “no cell phones at the dinner table unless everyone agrees we want to look something up” rule. It helped that everyone around me was elderly and easy to please that night, ha ha.

  2. I’m on A New Lead now and Kristoff will be completed overnight. That leaves Wednesday (and perhaps Thursday morning) for cloud bashing and (hopefully) Hans bashing on Friday. I think I have enough room for the Palace (again, hopefully). Even with playing every day (and I’m retired), I will be approaching the Tuesday deadline. With all this pressure, I hope that I don’t drop before the ball drops in Times Square.

  3. What about Anna and Elsa’s quest to skate with citizens. Elsa has to be a 6!!! Is it necessary?? My Elsa is a 3

  4. Didn’t the dialog indicate that Elsa was actually just trying to wake up Marshmallow, not actually battle Hans? I think that’s what she’s doing with her snow powers in this battle. It’s the other four that are actually fighting him. (Well, the other three at least – Sven’s contribution is to slip on the ice and get laughed at…)

  5. Help! My ice palace is not unlocked! It says I have to do more frozen quests, but I’ve done all the ones available to me! I have Elsa at level 3 and Anna at level 7. What do I do?

    • I am having exactly the same problem!! Waiting desperately for the clouds to appear but will soon be out of the 12 hours it will take to clear them!!

  6. I think I am the only one leaving a negative comment. While I love this game, I am very frustrated in leveling up Elsa. Can’t get the Elsa ears if my life depended on it. Only upgraded to level 2 and I have worked yesterday and today all freakin day and still stuck at 1 ear. I have anyone and everyone that can get something to upgrade Elsa only. This is my main purpose. My happiness meter is in the 90’s if that makes any difference. I will be lucky to get the castle by the end. Plus I am on a 6 hour drive trip tomorrow, so not much progress is gonna happen during that time! I thought I would be able to finish this event, after experiencing the Halloween one(which was my first) and didn’t get to complete that, I knew I had to concentrate on anything to do with the Frozen characters.

    • The drops for Elsa are bad, agree. And a lot are needed for levelling up, even in the low levels. I just barely got to 3 today.

  7. You are not alone. I play as often as I can, but being a a full time mom and having a full time job, I can only log on 2 to 3 times a day. With the stingy drops in these special events, I never complete the final boss, am lucky if I get the last free character (by the skin of my teeth got sally in the last event), and sometimes don’t get the last building either. I’m not saying they need to make these easy, but they need to take a lesson from Simpsons Tapped Out and make them fun and challenging, but not having to dedicate to logging on every 2 hours, or they will lose people. I’m not willing to spend money on this game yet because of this and a few other glitches they still haven’t worked out. Fun time killer when an event isn’t happening though!

  8. I may have read right over it but I think you’re missing an event quest title “The Plan Comes Together.” It’s a four hour quest with Anna and Kristoff at the Ice Palace. It came right after I completed “Plan ‘B'” and immediately before the battle commences. I’m sorry if i just missed something. I’ve read it over twice but still it may have escaped me. This event is the toughest so far to complete and the most expensive (either through spending gems or buying promos for premium characters). I hope future events are easier. it’s hard to keep up this pace to get full completion.

  9. I’m just at this level, I’m not sure I will be able to finish this event, again. Getting very disappointed in these events, how can you do these, and have a job? I have been playing this event feverishly, but it looks like I’m about 4 days behind. All I’ve had all of my characters work on was this event, but just like the Halloween, and Inkredibles, I’m not going to be able to get the last character. 😩

  10. I finally got Elsa to level 3 today, but the ice palace is still locked. 😩 I adore this event, but it takes a lot to level up Elsa and it’s obvious that I won’t have enough time to get Hans. It would be great if they would extend this some!

  11. I’m starting to get nervous about welcoming Hans in time… but I’m trying to stay optimistic. However, I just got the notification that they’re offering a bundle of Hans and 250 gems for $19.99… I’m kind of appalled, really. It seems pretty outrageous in my opinion.

  12. I’m so frustrated, I’ve been playing this game and focusing on frozen quests any chance I get but it’s the last hours and I’m still fighting the last battle, I sware that to actually get Hans it takes more time then you get. Unless you don’t sleep for the entire feature. I get trying to make it hard but I feel it’s impossible. I spent gems to get Olaf and Sven so I know all my characters have been in play. Maybe don’t make it take so long to upgrade characters etc. I’m also sure I had to complete more quests then what is listed…

  13. I was mistaken the other day when I said that Elsa had reached level 3. It was actually level 4 that she reached. I am on level 40, I have 1.6 million in potions, I had over 150,000 in event coins, and I had Olaf, Kristoff, and Anna on levels 4 or higher, yet Elsa’s Ice Palace never became available to me. This also means that I didn’t get to battle for Hans. I feel cheated. 😕

  14. Does any one know when this event going to end? I only have Anna and Olaf and couldn’t unlock the other characters.

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