Welcoming Elsa – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Welcome back my little DMKers.  Today, being the eve of Christmas, we finally got the final unlock for the Winter Wonders event.  This means that for the next 10 days we will all frantically be attempting to finish the event and get everyone.  Even Hans.  Yes, some people want to welcome him.  Or so I’ve been told.  Never fear.  We will get through this together.  Sven has assured me that snorf snnffrrr snarf…so that’s a good thing right?  Either way, let’s get to work welcoming the ice queen herself!  No, I’m not talking about my mother.  I’m talking about Elsa!


We’ll skip over snowflakes as I think we all know how those work for now and jump right into our first token.  Keep in mind that both of these are Rare so the drops will be less than awesome unless you get lucky.


Your fastest rout to the crowns will be the 60 minute quest completed by both Anna and Kristoff working together, Exploring.


Elsa Hats

This may just be me, but I found the hats to drop more frequently than the tiaras.  In fact, it was about 2 to 1.  The hats also have the bonus that both Minnie and Sven have 60 minute quests to obtain them, making them drop much faster.


Before long you will have your very own ice princess wandering the Kingdom, sneezing out Snowgies and letting it go.


This also has the added bonus of some gems since it completes one of the tiers of Frozen Characters.


The Adventure Continues

Much like Anna, we’re all pretty excited about this.


Elsa wants to ride California Screamin’ but Anna is really insistent on proving her sister’s innocence.  Blah blah, can we at least get a hot cocoa on the way?


It might not be making a plan, but it’s close enough.  Anna and Elsa head off to talk things out for a couple hours.


You’ll also get a non-essential quest for Elsa to make some flurries.  Note that, as much as I wanted it to be, this does not mean a McFlurry, which apparently is not in this game.  If this doesn’t make you rage quit, I don’t know what will.


What are you even talking about Elsa?



If you like the gems and need your fix, now is a great time to do it.  Might also make for a nice Christmas present as well!

You can either pick up 250 of them as well as a hefty sum of event currency.


Or you can buy them outright for reduced prices, which are definitely the better deal.  Event Currency is so easy to get.  Make good use of your dollar.


As things progress over the next week, I’ll update here about what’s to come.  We still have some fights, some storm clouds and the Ice Palace to build.  It’s going to be a wild week!

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  1. Finally got Minnie’s costume today so I can now concentrate on getting Elsa to Level 1. Hoping that the Ice Palace will fit along with Oaken’s in the land immediately below Zurg’s area.

    • Unfortunately the Frozen characters are event limited. So if you don’t have them welcomed and in your park before the event ends, you won’t be able to get them after.

  2. I’m getting restless because I have yet 10 hats to go and I have three characters that can get them to me (Prince Charming, Kristoff and Mickey) but today they complete quests and don’t give them. What can I do?

  3. I was very happy to have Minnie to help with welcoming Elsa. My boyfriend doesn’t have Minnie yet, unfortunately, and he struggled pretty hard to get her. He’s a fighter, though, so he succeeded in the the face of adversity. LOL

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