Winter Wonders Begins, Mickey’s Costume and Welcoming Olaf – Disney Magic Kingdoms


For years we’ve been hearing them say on “Game of Thrones” that Winter is Coming.  Well, as of this morning, winter has come.  But not that terrifying monster version.  No, I’m talking about the adorable Frozen induced winter which has befallen Disney Magic Kingdoms.  With the updating hitting yesterday, the event began today in full force!  We’re going to take a look at some of the logistics of the event itself, where you can find info on your progress and then we’ll get into Mickey’s costume and welcoming our first new characters in over a month!

How to Follow the Event

At the bottom of your screen, you might notice a huge blue button with a countdown timer.  The timer represents the length of the event.  If you click on this button, you’ll be given a huge assortment of information on the event itself.  Let’s take a look.

You’ll be able to see exactly who is available and when on the very first tab of the event board.  I was surprised to find that Anna is still a couple days off.  But never fear, Santa Mickey and Olaf are ready and waiting.


The next tab down will give you a sort of timeline of how the event is going to go so that you have an idea of when and where things will happen in the story.

Next down is a great place to find any promos going on during the event.  Right now you can snag Olaf and a cute little ice cream stand, or get your hands on the newest parade float and some funds.  OR YOU CAN GET A BENCH!  You know you want it!


The next one down is a leaderboard for special Event themed Events…yep…I said it.  But seeing as how there are none of those at the moment, we’ll skip that one.

The final one is a nice FAQ to give you the lowdown on the most important parts of the event.  Pretty much, welcome Olaf early.  Collect characters.  Don’t get caught playing the game under the table while Dad is carving the roast beast.  Got it?  Good!


Starting the Event

Mickey is getting cold.  That’s because his favorite time of year is right around the corner.  In my Kingdom, it seems Mickey has a hard time letting go of holiday seasons as he’s still dressed up for Halloween.  Get with the program Mickey, we started playing Christmas music like a month ago.


Mickey decides to go investigate the weather in the same manner that weathermen through the ages have deduced the forecast, by riding the Fun Wheel.


Woah Mickey.  You were supposed to look at the clouds, not the sun.


Of course, this leads Mickey to get his friend Goofy involved in the mystery…if you can call it that.




Wow, Mickey’s a weatherman AND a doctor today!  And Goofy hasn’t sneezed in AT LEAST a couple of minutes, so, you know, he’s much better now.


Alright you two, cut it out.  Now I’m getting hungry.

Apparently Woody wants to help out too.  Okay Woody, I guess you can help.  Just don’t get in my way!


Mickey’s Santa Costume

Before we can even think about letting it go or fixer uppers, we’re going to need to get into the spirit and that means getting Mickey’s Christmas duds ready to go.


While not the easiest of Mickey’s costumes to get, this one isn’t too bad,  Goofy will do the trick for your gloves as he only needs an hour to get them, while Zero is your best bet for fabric.  He only needs 2 hours for them and has a pretty good drop rate.  Keep in mind that both of these can also be found in chests.


Also take note that Minnie’s costume is also available and its requirements are extensive.  Not like Donald Pumpkin extensive but still pretty rough.  If I were you, I’d start working on her costume right this second because this might be the hardest thing we see during this event.


With his costume complete, Mickey is ready for some holiday fun.


And you guys!  He’s so adorable!  If the event was just about taking pictures of Mickey being cute all dressed up as Santa, I would be perfectly fine with that.  D’aww!  Just look at him!


Oh look guys.  Mickey wants to put on a concert…well…why does that sound familiar?


Unfortunately didn’t get the memo that they’d be playing Christmas Carols.  Way to scare the kids, Goofy!


Welcoming Olaf

I couldn’t possibly start off this new event without welcoming the cutest little character ever. You can actually see all the Frozen characters already, but of course, as per the event, only Olaf is available.


Olaf himself is only available through gems, OR through the optional promotion which is easily the best way to get him as it also comes with the Ice Cream, which we’ll cover in a bit.



Even upon being welcomed to a new Kingdom, he still can’t keep his head on.


None of them have seen a talking snowman Olaf.  All our snowmen are secret undercover hitmen dressed as tin soldiers.  Please help us out buddy.


They don’t know these things Olaf.  All they know is fear and oppression!  Quiet, the Tin Soldier Snowmen might be listening!!!


Ice Cream Stand

The Ice Cream stand is a great way to earn some extra event currency and also what is a Disney park without soft serve?


Every 6 Hours, the Ice Cream stand will produce 107 event currency to help you along the way!


There are also some other new decorations available for you.  While the Storm Lantern is cool and all, I know I’ve got my eyes on that Ice Bench.  I see you Ice Bench.  You let people sit on you and then freeze them to you so they can’t get up.  I SEE YOU!


New Parade Float

Much like Olaf and the Ice Cream stand, you can also get your hands on a special deal for the brand new parade float, which I’m sure will come in very useful for helping with these Forzen characters over the next few weeks.


You can also buy the parade float straight out.  To me it looks a bit like a terrifying Wedding cake.


Just like the Sleeping Beauty float, this one spews Ice cold awesome!


There is going to be a lot happening in this game for the next month, so you can bet I will be blogging non-stop about it!  But tell me how you’re liking the event this time around.  Do you think you’ll be getting all the characters?  Are you getting Olaf?  Let me know in the comments!  Something tells me we are going to have one wild ride this December.


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  1. I just hope I can get everything in time ☹️I’m always “in track” but can never get the last character in all these themed events. Anyway..Thanks so much for your blog!

  2. I used gems to get Olaf, but will have to spend money when Sven is available. I’m 45 minutes away from Mickey getting his Santa costume. I checked at the Platinum chest rewards since I have 2 available and there’s hardly anything there and nothing for the Frozen event. Maybe things will be added once Anna is available.

  3. Used gems for Olaf and Mickey’s Santa costume is in progress. I’ve cleared a bunch of space toward the front of my park to make room for Event Attractions and Concessions. I figure bang it out early to avoid the mad rush at the end, right?

  4. What are the requirements to start the event? The decorations have changed but the Frozen event hasn’t started yet!

  5. I got Olaf early today, but I can’t seem to get his ears to level him up! Usually the gem characters aren’t ridiculously hard to level up – at least not just to level 2! 😱😱

  6. The winter setting looks amazing. Il dont believe I will manage to get Minnie’s costume: you need Donald in Halloween costume and I am far from getting it. Also heard Halloween Minnie’s costume also helps but I dont have it either. It feels like this is something for more advanced players to get… Too bad it is time limited. I used gems for Olaf: he is adorable !

  7. I don’t understand what they mean by “complete more Frozen quests?” Although Anna is now available, I can’t even begin to unlock her because I always get the “complete more Frozen quests” message. What do I need to do?

    • Do whatever quest comes with a blue background. If I remember right Woody does one then he goes to the barn with Jesse. Also Mickey and Goofy have quests… I hope this helps.

      • I am not sure. I think it is just a matter of getting through the quests that appear. I had Olaf but I don’t know if it helps… sorry I wish I could tell you more. Maybe look into the walkthrough would help. This blog has a good one for it.

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