Snow Clouds and Arendelle Ice Rink – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello and welcome back!  I hope everyone is enjoying there first day in the event.  The first post, which can be found HERE, covered all the introduction stuff including Mickey’s costume and welcoming Olaf.  But once those things are done and over with, the real story of the event begins, so I thought it’d be fun to continue our little adventure together!




Wait, you aren’t already wearing bells?  Well what was the point of the concert.  You ruined everything Goofy!!!

Snow Clouds – Your New Worst Enemy

After Mickey and Goofy perform a lovely duet, things start to go from bad to worse as the Kingdom is invaded by Snow Clouds.  And oh man you guys.  Remember when we thought finding broomsticks among all the blond haired kids in the park was a pain?  Remember searching for crows and constantly clicking on the Haunted Mansion?  Remember bots?!  Nothing compares to the incredibly challenging to spot storm clouds.


They’re in this photo.  I swear.


Oh Mickey, to have your optimism…


You’ll need to hunt down 10 of them every 20 minutes until you get to 50.  Luckily, clicking on the quest icon for them at the left, and then hitting GO helps make finding them much easier.


Mickey will be thrilled that you’ve played your first game of “WHERE IS THE CLOUD?! I CAN’T SEE IT!”

Meanwhile, Woody and crew have their own story line which involves, well, a lot of whining.  And also, did we know that Woody had batteries?  Where do those go in exactly?


Maybe Jessie can help us with…oh…no sorry…she’s busy preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse.


At long last we get our very first Frozen attraction.


Arendelle Rink will cost you 1500 Event Currency and will take 6 hours to construct.  I’ve put it in the back of Tomorrowland so that people can imagine the future where things happen faster while they wait for an ice skating rink to be built.



But once it’s built, it sure is a sight to behold.



They better love it, Mickey!  I spent a lot of shields on this thing!


But despite my best efforts, no amount of building things or Santa costumes seems to be stopping the Global warming hitting the Kingdom.  Mickey must have a plan that doesn’t involve an instrument, right??


Or not.


Oh right!  The curse!  The thing we haven’t really done anything about for a while.  Well, no time like the present!


To my delight, we get a little cut scene showing Elsa as she appears to be dealing with her typical emo problems.  It was a nice way to introduce her though.



Umm, I hate to tell you this Elsa, but the snow is pretty confined.  Maybe we just quarantine the castle and you can go in there with some of the Monsters Inc. clean up squad and handle this problem.  No?  Ugh, fine.  We’ll do it your way.


At long last you’ll get the quest to welcome Anna.  Sadly, we’ll have to wait until Saturday to fulfill that request.


So far the event is shaping up nicely.  Much like the NBC event, I am loving that it really feels like the whole Kingdom is involved, unlike with The Incredibles.  I’m excited to get more Frozen attractions, despite not being entirely sure where I will put them.  How about you all?  How are the snow clouds treating you?  Let me know in the comments and stay cool!


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  1. I just got that NBC is short for Nightmare Before Christmas. Since I’ve been playing this game since it’s release, I couldn’t figure out what the NBC attractions and decos are that everyone keeps talking about. ABC is Disney’s regular broadcast network, not NBC, and we don’t even have any of the characters from those shows! These aren’t the OUaT versions after all. Oh Dopey me…

  2. Did anyone else have a sudden glitch on their program? Tonight for some random reason Pete for about an hour was stuck where I could click on his 8 minute frozen event (Joyful Laugh) and it would happen instantaneously. I frantically clicked for about an hour and managed to amass ~39,000 event currency – it was pretty sweet

    • Vivian, I just experienced the same glitch. It is completely bizarre, but pretty cool too. In a small window of time I doubled my event currency. I was also glad to discover, though, that closing the app and then re-opening it returned things to normal.

  3. Did anyone else have a glitch in their program tonight? My program randomly glitched where Pete’s holiday event that usually takes 8 minutes (Joyful laugh) was happening instantaneously when I clicked on it. I clicked frantically for about an hour and managed to amass almost 39,000 event currency – it was pretty sweet

  4. Playing DMK on my phone and haven’t seen a cloud yet.. Mickey is off for his 4 hour symphony. I expect to start building the rink in the next 1.5 hours. No glitches on the phone version yet so can’t say I was able to amass that much currency, however, I have amassed 10k the legal way.

  5. I had the glitch a couple of times… first with Olaf, then with Daisy (where I was also able to rack up some Donald tokens!).

    Here’s a list of things I mistook for Snow Clouds:
    Smoke from about 20 different chimneys
    The shiny light above Sword in the Stone
    The clouds around Fantasia
    Anything covered in snow
    Steam from the teapot on Mad Tea Party
    Steam from Mike & Sulley to the Rescue
    The whispy magic coming from Aurora’s cottage

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