The Kingdom

The Kingdom : Homecoming – Chapter One

This is a work of fiction and is not to be sold in any way shape or form. It is simply for my amusement and the challenge of writing these characters in a strange and dangerous world. All the characters are owned by Disney and I do not claim ownership of any of them. Please let me know what you think in the comments below! Without further ado, welcome to The Kingdom.

If you have not read the previous chapters or Season 1, Beginnings, HEAD HERE! 


Chapter One


The Kingdom had fallen. Overrun by the darkness which came from the sea, the city was in utter chaos. Its King presumed dead from the outset, its Queen, Minnie, had disappeared in the attack and many of the people, hiding in their homes, afraid to so much as look out the window, believed her to be captured or dead. Either way, their future looked bleak. Though that news had yet to reach the provinces outside the city gates yet.

Long ago, it was agreed that the provinces would serve The Kingdom, sending supplies; food, weapons and resources, to make it a central hub. It would be a place where they would take a stand and vanquish the evils of the world. Yet, for many years, the doom never came and those outside the city became resentful of the fact that they’d been supporting a Kingdom which only took and never upheld their end of the bargain. And when darkness finally fell on The Kingdom, the city had proven weak in the face of evil.

Still, some provinces didn’t take any mind of such things. They had other problems to concern themselves with.

Deep in the woods, far north of the Kingdom, sat a castle. It was built of white bricks and towered high above the woods below. Towers jutted high into the night sky, topped with maroon roofs, perfect cones, which pointed towards the heavens above. A gentle snow drifted from the clouds above, coating the castle, the courtyard and the surrounding forest in white. The moon, which sat nestled in the clouds above, reflected itself off the snow, creating a deceptive sense of serenity.

The tall wooden castle doors burst open, spilling forth a young, blond-haired boy out onto the snowy earth of the courtyard. He quickly picked himself off the ground and took off. His black shoes created footprints in the snow as he hurried away, breathing heavily and denying himself to look back.

Chip was ten years old but in that time he’d already survived far more than most children his age. For starters, he had been subject to a curse which had taken hold of the entire castle where he lived. His mother was the maid for a prince who had once been the owner of a heart as black as night. After turning away a beggar woman at his door, she had revealed herself to be an enchantress and had turned him into a fearsome beast. The side effect was that all of his subjects in the castle were also transformed. Chip’s mother was transformed into a teapot and he into one of her porcelain cups. And that was how Chip had spent most of his childhood.

Then Belle, beautiful, kind, thoughtful Belle had come to the castle and warmed the Beast’s cold heart and together they had broken the curse. Sadly, what Chip and the other residents didn’t realize was that a strong curse is like a cancer. Once it’s gone, it often times finds a way to return and return it had.

“ROOOOAAAARRR!” A terrifying noise erupted from behind Chip. He begged his head not to turn back as he continued his frantic run across the courtyard towards the black gates which led to the forest beyond. The forest was possibly even more dangerous, full of wolves and other beasts, but it was his only chance to escape and he had taken it. They had tried everything to no avail. If the curse was going to be lifted, they’d need help from the outside world once more.

His mother had told him of a mighty Kingdom where denizens of the world mingled. If there were ever a wizard who could save them, surely he would be living a life of luxury in that Kingdom. Chip was going to find someone, anyone, to help free his mother and friends once more.

There was an explosion of sound as the monster erupted from the double doors of the castle, knocking one of them clean off its hinges. Behind him, Chip could hear the sound of the large creature running on all fours toward him. It breathed heavily in between snarls and its weight caused the very ground beneath him to shake.

Chip was close to the gate now. In a few more strides he would reach it and be off into the woods where there were plenty of places to hide. Yet, as he took a step towards it, he crashed into the snow, slipping on the ice beneath it. He spun onto his back and from behind, the terrifying monster bounded towards him. Covered in brown fur with a hunched back and two terrifying black horns like some sort of hell demon, its mouth leaked with drool and its eyes, red with hate, fixated on him. It would all be over in minutes.

The beast leapt towards him, but was cut short of its pounce as a man, appearing out of nowhere, slammed into it with his full weight. He was handsome with fair skin and beautiful auburn hair which flowed down to his shoulders. He wore a white dress shirt, untucked, with sleek black pants and heavy boots on his feet. He tackled the beast, pulling a long syringe from his back pocket and piercing the creature in the neck. He turned his head to Chip, desperation in his eyes.

“Run Chip! Get help!”

Chip didn’t need a to be told a second time. He stood from the ground and rushed through the gate, never looking back as he dove into the dark woods.

As the sleep serum seeped through the creature’s veins, its strength wained and its breathing became soft and labored. The Prince gently caressed the monster’s face.

“Come now Belle,” he said, with tears in his eyes. “It’ll be alright. You’ll see.” The woman he had fallen in love with, the one who had broken his curse, she was somewhere inside the monster and somehow, some way, he was going to save her. Until then, he would do everything he could to keep her, and the other denizens of the castle, safe. With great strength, he hefted the beast over his shoulders, carrying her on her back as he headed towards the castle doors. With one last look into the forest beyond the gate, he pulled the doors shut, locking out the cold wind and leaving all his hopes with the little boy whom he had once used to drink tea out of.

Chip ran deep into the woods, his feet pushing him forward as fast as they knew how. Around him he could swear that he saw yellow eyes peaking out from the bushes, but he pressed on anyway. After some time, he thought his knees were going to give out, and just when he thought he couldn’t go any further, he came to a clearing where a lone tree sat on a little grassy hill. He panted heavily as he walked to the tree and collapsed into a little boy sized hole created by its roots. It wasn’t much for shelter but at least it would keep the elements out for the night.

He wrapped his small arms around his legs and looked up at the stars above. This was the furthest he’d ever been from home as a human. As a cup, he had ventured to Belle’s village to try to help her, but since returning to bone and flesh, his mother had kept him safely inside the castle. He had taken for granted just how warm and safe it had been, and only now, when he shivered with cold and jumped at every little sound did he realize how lucky he was.

He’d heard that if you wished upon a star, you might get your wish and now, as he looked up into the heavens at the little twinkling lights, he wished that they would send a miracle to him. Somewhere out there, there had to be someone, anyone, who could save him and everyone else. But the universe was a big place and perhaps his savior would need some more time to get to him.

With a heavy sigh, he curled up using one of the overgrown roots of the tree as a pillow and attempted to sleep. And though he had only just left, he dreamt of his mother, begging him return. Begging for him to watch out for monsters in the night. Begging for a speedy homecoming.

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Author’s Notes

Welcome back everyone!!! I am so friggin’ excited to kick off Season 2.  Unlike Season 1, this time around we’ll be doing one chapter a week instead of two.  My hope is that this will mean the chapters can get a little more time on the editing floor before you get them.  HOWEVER this is the first week so we’ll have two chapters to kick things off.  Check back on Thursday to see Chapter Two and then, going forward, expect a new chapter every Wednesday!

Let me know what you think will happen this Season and who you hope to see return from Season One!

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