Disney Magic Kingdoms -Fighting and Unlocking Oogie

I’m going to start with a little disclaimer her.  While I got up to the point where Oogie can be welcomed in order to show his requirements here, I have not fully welcomed him yet.  Even so, I wanted to get the info about him out as quickly as possible.  I will probably do a separate celebration post where we toast to the end of the event and all get drunk on Witch’s Brew martinis.  In the meantime, let’s pick up where we left off with Sally.

Leading up to the Fight


Apparently the way to bring out Oogie is to show a lot of public affection, which is a great way to upset those who don’t have any affection.  Namely, big sacks of bugs.  Also, I heard Mother Gothel is standing on the other side of the park with a grouchy face on.


You’ll finally get the Broomstick Graveyard, at which time, you can start the build.  As a side note, if you ever get to a point where you aren’t sure what to do, always do the quest that is on the top in your quest log.  And in a timed event, if you’re stuck and it won’t let you do anything or give you any quests, chances are that you simply have to wait until the next part is unlocked.  I got a lot of questions about the Graveyard, but never fear, it is finally here.


It will cost you 20,000 tokens and will take 12 hours to build.

Once done, you can send the two lovebirds to go make sweet skeletal music atop its slopes


This is easily one of my favorite animations in the game.  Not to mention that kid that just had to take a ride and ruin the moment.


But kid or no kid, these two were happy to sing about their love.  Well, Jack was.  I think Sally might have just spied that chest we weren’t able to find.  Good job Sally!


This show of love has upset Oogie.  He, after all, was trying to be the center of attention.


Taking credit for your bugs?  No no, we were simply making out.  Sally’s like, totally into me.  Oh sorry, I was just channeling Teen Jack.  Okay.  The battle is afoot.  With Jack and Sally full of loving embraces, they set out to take Oogie down.  Before anyone asks (Queue 28 people asking in the comments) you do NOT NEED ZERO to complete this fight BUT he does help to make it go faster.

Battling Oogie


Each “round” that you send a character on will take 2 hours.  That means that this round will take 8 hours total to complete.

This is a fantastic battle sequence.  Jack runs the dice course, throwing an 8 ball at Oogie, which Zero barks menacingly and Sally unleashes hordes of bats.  The only thing that’s missing is Sandy Claws yelling angrily in the background.  While I usually play with no sound in the game as I play a lot on the subway to and from work, I turned up the sound to hear a fantastic battle theme here as well!


Stop scaring poor Zero!!


With the battle won, I found myself a bit disappointed that it didn’t seem very climactic.  Boy, was I in for a treat.  Or rather a trick.  No sooner was Oogie dispatched than his bugs came back in force.


The bugs respawn at 10 every 2 minutes so this did not take long to dispatch all of them.


Battling Oogie Part 2

With his bugs gone, Oogie CAME BACK!  Never before in DMK have we had a part two for a fight!  I knew it had been too easy.  It was time to jump back into the fray.


This time around, you’ll need to do quests to beat him 18 times.  This time around, you’ll be looking at 12 hours to finally stop that dancing pile of sh…tuff?  With the last quest complete, he’ll fall into his own track in a fiery explosion that cost a fortune from the VFX team.


Unlocking Oogie

Of course this wouldn’t be DMK if we didn’t let villains treat us badly, send spider after us and try to burn us alive just before we welcomed them to our kingdom with open arms.


Oh oh!  Is the answer that it takes 3 weeks to get rid of and you don’t sleep for most of that time because you’re afraid you’ll run out of time?!  Is that the answer Merlin?  TELL US THE ANSWER.  Ahem.  Sorry.  I’m a little tired.

Here are the unlock tokens for Oogie.



Coming in at even more than Sally, it seems Zurg will be doing what he does best, collecting pumpkins for me because all his other quests are useless at this point.




Sorry guys, but his Dice AND his hats are epic level.  That being said, you only need 10 of each and several characters can collect them AND they don’t take a million years to do the quests.  In fact, Zero can try for one of these every hour!



The hats will probably take the longest time to get, but even so, most of the quests come in around 4 hours and once again, Zero is a good bet.  All in all, this seems much easier that Syndrome so far.


Alright everyone!  You have your marching orders!  Collect Oogie before the event ends.  I for one will also be trying to finish up Donald’s costume  His costume is not limited time but I would really like to have it before Halloween.  It just seems right.  Let me know how you are fairing in the comments!


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75 replies »

  1. Wow, you need level 10 Syndrome and (level 6?) Mother Gothel to help collecting the Oogie’s tokens.. and 1 week left or so, and I am not even ready to welcome him. Perhaps worth trying to level up Syndrome then (mine is level 7 ready for 8)?

  2. I had no problem getting all the hats for Sally, but the drop rate on the urns has been terrible. I still need 6 more and I just got 0 out of 5 on my last try.

    • LOUIS- Same here. Urns are dropping very slowly. Luckily I decided to just keep everyone on updating Jack, Sally & Zero. I’m still not sure I’ll make it as I don’t have Mother Gothel (only just got Aurora, no Prince P yet)

  3. Well looks like I will be giving up all hope of completing this event haha. I didn’t realize Jack had to be level 7 before you can even get the graveyard. He’s currently level 5, so that puts me a good day behind. With the tokens required for oogie, I don’t see my currrent characters being able to obtain everything 😦 my goal now is to at least just get to the graveyard part because that piece is really cool!!

  4. I just got the first Oogie battle and am at exactly 6 days to go. God I hope I can get him. I have way more time than I did for Syndrome (which I failed miserably on). I just started welcoming Mother Gothel (I’d been trying for her when the event started and got enough tokens shortly after but didn’t know I’d need her so I held off so I could concentrate on Jack. Big mistake apparently) Hopefully I can level her up in time to help with Oogie. I have a feeling if I don’t welcome him in time, it’ll be another year before we will get another chance at him.

    • how is your event going now? did you welcome oogie yet? i just started my 2nd battle and it’s only 2 days away..

  5. Just as an additional FYI, Sally needs to be at a minimum of level 5 to help at all with Oogie. I just unlocked him and am trying hard now for his tokens

    To participate in the boss battle she needs to be at level 3!

    • LESPARKY- I really appreciate you posting this info. I eas going to stop at Level 3 for Sally but thanks to you I kept going. Much appreciated💐😎….💜X

  6. I *finally* got all of the urns for Sally to drop so I’m unlocking her now. I think I’ll probably be lucky, especially with a very full weekend ahead of stuff to do (not to mention work), that I’ll be able to finish the Oogie battle and unlock him.

    My big mistake with The Incredibles event was I was bound and determined to get Syndrome (which has been helpful in this event but has done very little for me otherwise. He has four whole quests, the longest of which is 4 hours long) in lieu of getting the Omnidroid because I didn’t have enough Incredicoins to afford both. So this time, I’m more focused on buildings, which give you more stuff, rather than finishing all of the characters.

  7. Does that mean we do not have the option of building Oogie’s Lair? It is not part of the defeating sequence, right? And if we can build it, how much wooden pumpkins does it cost?

  8. I defeated Oogie but only Mickey is giving me the possibility to collect anything I need to get Oogie. Zero Jack and Sally do not give me the possibility of anything.

    • What level are they? I know Sally has to be Level 5 to get the task for Boogie’s item(s). Jack and Zero probably have to be pretty high as well. Also, put on Goofy’s Halloween costume and he should be able to help.

      • Sally has to be level 6 to help get oogie’s hat. 😕 I just leveled her up because I only need 4 more hats to welcome him, and the event ends tomorrow morning!! 😬

  9. I did notice that the urns dropped less often, but I had no problematter collecting all of them in a day’so time. I’m struggling with Sally’s hats big time though! It doesn’t help that I’m stuck waiting to unlock the Broomstick Graveyard (for what feels like a full week) as well. I doubt I’ll have time to defeat and unlock Oogie, by now. But I’ve really enjoyed this event so far! Fingers crossed that I can get the graveyard before it ends.

    • Do you have the haunted mansion? I’ve been getting most of her hats from Jack and the Haunted Mansion and occasionally goofy.

  10. I’m on 5 days left and have just started constructing the broomstick graveyard … I don’t think I have a hope in hell of doing this … Zero is Lv 3 and Jack is Lv 6 so trying to work on those but also so many other quests at the same time I’m getting confused

  11. So I’m still collecting tokens for the graveyard (I need around 6 thousand more), does anyone know if it’s still possible that I’ll be able to welcome oogie?

    • Probably not Kin. I am on the 2nd Oogie battle and I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to welcome him. It takes about 2 days to defeat him.

    • Kin: You need around 21 hours to defeat him if you put on a timer every 2 hours and then you can start collecting his tokens (pumpkins, 10 dice, 10 hats) which are epic. The quests to collect them take between 1 to 4 hours. I would say you would need to check in every 2 hours during battle and probably buy off some of his tokens with gems. It would be difficult at this point I think.

  12. I’ve had trouble with the urns rather than the hats… I have one left to go and then Sally will unlock. Counter says 4 days 20 hours…will I make it?

    Also, on incredible event, I didn’t get Violet. Will I be able to get her via the Halloween event? She’s listed in purple under Dash but the “go” button is grayed out.

  13. Just welcomed Oogie. He wasn’t too bad to welcome, only took about 24 to 30 hours after finishing the battles.

    Everything was pretty fine with the Halloween event except Donald’s costume. I realise you can get it after Halloween but where is the fun in that? It’s pretty much impossible without gemming if you want it by Halloween.

    I have his hats but still have about 23 pieces of cloth left to collect. You can only go for one piece of cloth at a time because both quests require Mickey. The quests are 8 hours long with a terrible drop rate.

    Maybe I’ll have it by Christmas.

    • JOSH- Congrats on Oogie🎉🎈🎊. Re. Donald, I’d settle for just welcoming him into my game. Seems to be taking forever😂…..💜x

  14. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with Donald. I have no quests available for him, but his costume still says need to complete more quests. He is at level 7, I know he needed to be at least 5. What do I need to do to get his costume to open up??

  15. How do you get the stinkin graveyard?! I’ve updated Jack to level 6 and the graveyard build button is grayed out and has stayed that way for 3 days now. UGH!

  16. Only have 3 more dice and 8 more hats for oogie, gotta say that this event was a lot less strenuous than the incredibles event. Really looking forward to what’s next and hopefully we can start to push into adventureland soon!

  17. 3 days and 21 hours to go … just done the first battle with oogie and disposing of bugs now … not sure I’m gonna get oogie Sally is only Lv 3 and Zero is Lv 4 and Jack Lv 6 … I really want Oogie but I’m not hopeful

  18. Anyone have this problem? Last night, I set up sally, jack, and zero to fight oogie (I would have been at 15/18). Woke up this morning and they each still had 34 minutes left, out of their 2 hour tasks! What the heck!!! It’s like the game only accounted for 1.5 hours even though I left it overnight. Super annoying.

  19. Love the event, need two more hats to welcome Oogie, they have been pretty easy to get. But the Donald costume quest is absurd, To get the fabric requires Mickey, yet you need Mickey for Oogie’s dice, not only that but the chests that drop the fabric rarely showed up and when they did, I got 1 fabric piece. I was able to get Tower of Terror, so that sort of makes up for it.

  20. Thx very much for this very useful info. Just to help everyone out further, please also note: SALLY needs to be at LEVEL 6 to fully use her with dice & hats. She needs to be LEVEL 5 – for Dice & LEVEL 6 for Hats. Drop rates are slooow (Epic)….Good luck…..💜X

  21. Surprisingly, my Oogie items were dropping faster than Sally’s. I was able to welcome him yesterday.
    Does anyone know what’s supposed to happen when Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy perform “Trick or Treat” simultaneously? During the live stream, they mentioned something cool is supposed to happen but I don’t see it. (Yes, I have all 5 performing the task)

  22. I just got everything for Oogie and he’s being welcomed now! Could you post an update so I know what to expect after welcoming him?

  23. I am not getting any purple cloth for the costumes, my chests are dropping everything but the purple, which is very annoying.

  24. A lot of people here seem to have gotten the Halloween costumes. I was wondering if they are just cute or if they are actually useful? I am out of magic potions and need a lot to welcome and level up characters and so on.. so I was wondering if it is worth spending the next magic potions I can pile up on some costumes? Thanks.

    • SHANY- The costumes have been very useful as they are needed along the way for collecting items. I know for Mickey I have swapped between his Pirate & Halloween costumes. Goofy’s costume will come in handy for welcoming OB. You do not say what stage you are at in the Event. If you have now finished then I’d say go ahead & get the costumes but as a very low priority as they will probably come in useful for future events but Halloween 2017 is some ways off now. (Syndrome is being used for OB dice collection & I never saw that coming. He’s been pretty redundant since his event ended & is one of my “worker ants” so it’s still worth having them in your repertoire to call on as & when necessary). However, if you are still working your way through the questline to welcome OB, then let that be your main focus. There’s only about 2 days left of the event & I recollect needing more than that to obtain them (I have all but Donald). I may be wrong but I’m sure you need to have both of Mickey’s costumes to complete the main questline anyway (Jaysen???) After the event I’d focus on getting as many characters into the game and levelled up to at least 7 because we don’t know what the Winter update will entail or what characters will come into play. I’d use my potions for that as my Number 1 priority. There’s nothing more frustrating than a hiccup in the questline because you don’t have a certain character or they need to be ‘Level *’ in order to progress.

    • -aRaM- It’s looooong & very frustrating. I’ve already spent 20 hours trying to get him & I’ve only yielded 4 Dice & 2 Hats. Furthermore, that’s with everyone on the hunt (except for MG) *massive fed up sigh*…..💜X ps the only glimmer of hope is that most people took 20-30 hours to get him, so 10 more to go. X

  25. ELLA: Thank you so much! I just welcomed Oogie and everybody else is either ready to be level up or waiting to be welcomed because I dont have what it takes so I wont get the costumes then.

  26. I’ve been trying to welcome Oogie for 2 days now. I have Zero going every hour 15 plus times each day, plus Jack, Sally, and the others going whenever possible, and haven’t gotten a single die or hat. Not even worth trying anymore.

  27. Well, I think it’s safe to say that I have no chance of getting Oogie. I’m able to try my hand at welcoming him but I guess I haven’t welcomed the “right” characters that are able to unlock his tokens. Both Sally and Zero either need to be at a level 5 or 6 to do actions for his tokens and right now both are at levels that are too low. Considering the fact that Oogie’s tokens are epic and that I have 1 day and 17 hours left (with a full day of classes tomorrow), it is impossible for me to welcome him. There’s always next year, I guess? At least I did better than the Incredibles event where I wasn’t even able to unlock Mr. Incredible in time.

    • COURTNEY- Do not despair. I have had all characters except Mother G on the task 24/7 for 2 days now & I am still so far from getting OB. My gut instinct tells me that the game makers would like us to panic & purchase diamonds to complete. Bad move on their part. It makes me even less likely to ever purchase diamonds. I only invest in games that are fair & this is clearly biaised towards failure. I would have thought that having Zero would be advantageous but he’s on “epic” too, albeit at just one hour. I enjoyed this event so much more than The Incredibles (as I recollect with that one too Syndrome was a slog & Frozone (diamond purchase) was beyond useless in my game). This event has has a great pace, storyline, animations etc. It’s just such a shame that for many of us dedicated players we will not be rewarded for our diligent gameplay, no matter what we do (unless we purchase diamonds). As such, I’m not looking forward to the Winter event & even considering uninstalling til it’s over so I’m not tempted to play it!

      • So if we don’t welcome Oogie but have half the tokens needed, will we be able to finish collecting tokens and welcome him after the event ends or will we lose the progresss we made and be locked out?

    • SERIAL W – I AGREE. I HAD 3 days & 3 hours (took a screen shot of it to check back) and I am still nowhere off welcoming him. The last 20 hours have yielded 2 dice & 1 hat. Really disheartening & putting me off of their events. Incredibles was beyond difficult but I got there with 2 hours to spare. I will keep at it until the bitter end😂….Good luck to you….💜X

  28. I had good hopes for this event that I could complete it within 15 days. But when it took 2 days just to unlock Jack I started to wonder, even if I had Haunted Mansion and Zero getting those fabric to goofy’s costume took also two days. And heck unlocking Sally took one whole day before I realised the event is over in 5 days. I actually bought 500 gems to welcome her earlier, I got so frustrated. And I knew Jack needed to be lvl 6 to even unlock tye graveyard so I simultaneously got items to him for upgrade while I were doing toy story guests. But when I saw two days ago that the graveyard costs frikkin 20k tokens to buy? I lost all my hopes, and then I saw this post on how much time it takes to get to the part with oogie? No way in hell even if I buy thousands of gems I’ll be able to get him now
    With only one day left I hope I can get the graveyard in time… but I need about 6-7k more tokens so I doubt it
    This whole event is outrageous, it was fun in the beginning but then I realised mostly all quests took MORE than 4 hours to complete. Maybe two or three times it were one quests with 30 mins to 1 h to complete.
    And even if I bought Zero, Hanuted Mansion and also that “vagon” (I can’t seem to find it) and that Cackling concession things went like a snail. And with my lvl and characters I could hope I made it to top 1000 in that collecting gold event
    I gotta say I’ve spent almost 30 euros on this event hoping I could complete it… I regret it now 😦
    I were so close! Yet so far away

    • Do you play the game regularly outside of the events? I did use gems to buy Zero and the Haunted Mansion, but other than that I just checked back as often as I could (and I work two jobs so that’s only morning, lunch, and about 4 times in the evening two – four evenings a week, once before bed the nights I work – for perspective) and managed to get everything with 24 hours to spare. I don’t have Syndrome or Mother Gothel either. I play the game about that often on non event days as well, always concentrating on gaining tokens, leveling characters, and completing quests. The event definitely took a bit of work, but I thought it was fair and manageable, even if you didn’t spend any money at all. I only use gems I earn for characters and events (and have occasionally for a parade float, extra chest platform, and one or two attractions). Perhaps making sure you are checking the game a few times a day outside of events will help you be in a better position to hopefully knock whatever the Christmas event will be out of the park! Just trying to give tips cause I was sad when I failed on the Incredibles event and didn’t get Syndrome.

  29. So if we don’t welcome Oogie but have half the tokens needed, will we be able to finish collecting tokens and welcome him after the event ends or will we lose the progresss we made and be locked out?

  30. Does anyone know if the tower of terror will become unavailable after the event? I’ve used my gems to purchase 5 different platinum chests throughout the event and can’t seem to get the right one. I hope it isn’t disappearing!

  31. I just welcomed Oogie by spending around 90 gems to speed up character quests, clicked on the buy within 5 minutes of the game ending. Now taking 60mins to welcome him but he’s now greyed out – seems I can still spend gems to speed it up though.

    Anyone else in the same position? Any idea if I’ll still welcome him or did I just waste my efforts?

    Also, was there anything else to do after getting him that I missed out on?

  32. I have to say, I enjoyed this event a lot more than “The Incredibles” personally. I BARELY got Oogie before the event ended. I think I finished welcoming him 2 hours before the end of the event. I didn’t get Donald’s costume considering I’m still collecting his tokens to welcome him, so thankfully it’s not limited time. All-in-all, a great event in my opinion.

  33. So I spent 39 diamonds for the last item to welcome Oogie. I got 20 back for having the complete set, so it cost me 19 diamonds finally. Just waiting patiently for the game to be fixed so I can start to level them all up. I just have Jack at Level 10 so far. How did y’all get on? Did you win him? Spend diamonds to get him? As frustrated as I am that our games have ground to a halt? Just curious, so please share if you have the time…..💜x

      • -aRaM_ ……nice one! I couldn’t play so much towards the end & I wasn’t going to miss out for the sake of one item😊X

    • I update very often on the main site. Writing about Dmk is just one of my projects and I update about it when something happens in game that I think is worth taking the time to write about. Feel free to check out the main site for other fun stuff. 🙂

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