Disney Magic Kingdoms – Welcoming Sally

The day has come and we now have free reigns to try and welcome Sally, Fight Oogie, stress out about getting Donald’s costume (Even though it’s not a limited time element of this event) and make sure that we aren’t scrambling to do all of this on October 31, when we should be partying and making adult decisions about candy corn.  I’ll have my post about all things Oogie up in the next few days, but for now let’s take a look at Sally, the girl who loses her arm the way Cinderella loses her shoes.


Unlocking Sally

Sally’s tokens are quite surprisingly not the worst thing in creation to obtain (DONALD!) In fact, given some hard work, you could probably have her by the end of the day if not tomorrow without gems.  This is provided that you have Zero AND Prince Charming as they are easily the best at collecting her tokens, along with Jack and Ham who came in quite useful.  I had all but forgotten that Ham was lumbering around my park, aimlessly searching for coinage to fill his void of a soul.

Something else you’ll notice about these tokens is that the timers for them are all over the place.  For example, the urn can drop in as little as an hour from Jack, while needing up to 8 hours from Woody.  Typically we see timers fall within in a couple ranges for tokens, but these are a scatter plot of insanity.  INSANITY I say!  Okay, let’s take a look at what is needed.



Chances are you already have some of these lying around as they are the base token for all NBC characters.  While Sally needs a whole lot of them, they are very easy to come by and drop off anyone that just so happens to say “Boo!”



As mentioned before, you’re friends on this one are going to be Ham and Jack as they are the one’s who only take an hour to find the urns.  Everyone else takes two or more and Woody seems to think finding an urn takes a whole day.  Okay Woody, well, get back to us when you’re done.  Call if you need help…I guess.


Sally Hats

This is the one that will take the longest amount of time.  Prince Charming is your best friend on this one as it only takes him two hours.  Jack takes 2 hours as well BUT he also has the chance to find an item for Zero, which means that unless Zero is ready to go, you may often be disappointed by your drops from him.


Of course, making sure to get your chests going amidst all of this is also key to extra drops that will speed up the process.

Before long, you’ll have a fully limbed (Mostly) Sally, ready to join the Halloween frivolity in your park.



After welcoming Sally, you’ll send her on a very short mission to look for a vision.  I would prefer if her vision saw the coming of several Donald hats dropping for me, as I am still miles away from his adorable little costume.


After this, the real fun begins as Oogie shows up to be a jerk.  You know, for a guy that is basically a glorified bean bag chair, he really does know how to get on everyone’s nerve.


Before you can move on to the next quest, you’ll need to upgrade Sally to level 2.  Here’s what you’ll need.


And then it’s off to make a plan to take down the Boogie Man himself!


And that is where I leave you for now.  I’ll have a full post on defeating Oogie in the days to come and what he needs to be welcomed, but for now, the hunt is on for a way to stop the madman.  How are you guys feeling?  Stressed?  Or do you think that this will be a walk in the park?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The game stops me from getting Sally, “Complete more Halloween quests” it says. The only quests I have going are the Goofy and Donald costumes and upgrading Jack after I get the Broomstick Graveyard, which I also can’t get, “Complete more of Mickey’s quests” it says of which I have none ongoing. I seem to be stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

      • I’d like to know what I need to do to unlock Sally so I can begin gathering all of the components to actually have her in my kingdom. I have all the costumes but Donald. Jack is L6, Zero L5. The Broomstick Graveyard is also grayed out and there are no Halloween quests to do. Do you have any idea on this? Thank you!

      • Apparently not…I unlocked Goofy on Saturday and I’m still wandering around waiting for more quests for Sally to unlock.

  2. I have Goofy’s costume, Jack is level 9, and Zero is level 8. I’m making progress on Sally’s tokens, but the Broomstick Graveyard still tells me I have to “complete more Mickey quests” … WTF? Do I just need to get Sally first?

  3. Anyone know what unlocks the graveyard? I have Goofys costume on and no more quests to complete other than Jack going to the grave yard itself. Trying to figure out if this is a problem with the update or if I’m missing something.

  4. I can’t welcome sally because it says i need to comeplete more halloween quests. I can’t unlock the graveyard because it says i need more or mickey´s quests. I have goofy’s costume, and sadly, i don’t have donald or minnie. I don’t know what to do, and no more quests are popping up or anything. I was barely able to get zero today, so he’s still at level 1.

    • I’m stuck here, too! Goofy has his costume, but it says I need to do more Halloween quests to unlock Sally. I have “Send Jack to the Broomstick Graveyard” in my quest queue, but I can’t unlock the graveyard until I complete more Mickey quests, of which I have none in queue.

      • The “Mickey” quests are really Woody and Jessie quests. I finished a Jessie Halloween task and then Sally opened up. I also contacted Support directly so I’m not sure if that was coincidence or not.

  5. None of my characters were dropping sallys tokens and being at school i dont have enough tome in the day to check back every 2 hours. It costed me a bucket load of gems which i dont normally buy. I can see myself running out of time before i get the chance to welcome oogie boogie which is exactly what happened with syndrome in the incredibles quest

  6. A question to all those who have problems with the Mickey missions:
    at what level you have Mickey? I at 8. perhaps you need to do to get to 10?

    • It’s taking me a long time to Welcome Sally. My characters aren’t dropping her items very quickly. Not sure I’ll have enough time to welcome Oogie Boogie.

  7. I’m really bummed out because apparently I still need to complete more Halloween quests before Sally is available for me to get her tokens…any suggestions? Do certain characters like Jack and Zero need to be at a certain level before I can welcome her?


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