Loki [Marvel Tsum Tsum]

Hello everyone! While I may not be posting much about Marvel Tsum Tsum anymore, my partner Carl Li, has been covering it in depth on his blog. I will do my best to post these here so that you can check them out if you are looking for useful info on the game! This one is all about the newly released villain, Loki.

KCRRLives! - The Personal Blog of Carl K. Li

Today Wednesday, September 28, 2016, the game introduced the Loki Limited Time Event and teased an image for the next one: Doctor Octopus!!

Loki Limited Time Event

13 DAYS ONLY – Ending 10/10/2016 including today Sept. 28, 2016

Loki Profile


CLASS: Blast

Source: Limited Time Event Battle 9/28/16

Level Score: 82 +30/level [L50 Max: 1552]

HP: 540 +21/level [L50 Max: 1569]

ATK: 240 +27/level [L50 Max: 1563]

DEF: 180 +20/level [L50 Max: 1160]

His stats are ALL below average, except for Level Score.  I’m starting to see a pattern for these Limited Time Events.  The Tsums from these Events have all had below average Stats with exception to Level Score, or Ronan so far who has 1100 base HP.

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