Disney Magic Kingdoms – Tips for Welcoming Syndrome

Hello all!  Over the past few days I’ve seen all manner of posts about getting Syndrome.  From people who are trudging along, to those who are struggling to some folks who are downright furious.  Since the event is ending very very soon, I thought I’d put together some last minute tips for welcoming this big baddie to your Kingdom.

Stop Leveling Incredibles Characters

Thanks to the power of Twitter, I can now say for certain that you will be able to level characters after the event is over.  This means that as long as your characters were high enough to defeat the Omnidroid, you no longer need to focus on them.  This is extremely important as ALL of them drop valuable items for Syndrome.  The kids team up to do so and Mrs. And Mr. Do as well.  So stop worrying about getting to 10 with everyone and get them on tasks.

Be Online

Yes, you do need to be online to welcome Syndrome and collect his tokens.  It’s a hard truth for some.  If you happen to be at school or work, use those times to send folks out for the 4 hour missions for hats.  Check on your lunch break and then resend.  This is what I’ve been doing to level him up and it has been quite effective.  I’ve spoken to plenty of casual players who have welcomed him so rest assured, you don’t need to send people the very second they finish a task to do the next in order to win this.


Having Frozone is a sure fire way to make your life easier.  If you don’t already have him, now is the time.  He collects Incredible base tokens in three minutes and Syndrome’s hat in only two hours, making him a fast way to rack up the stuff you need.  

Leave Incredible Base Tokens to the Very Last

You are going to have a lot of waiting.  Send all your non-Incredible characters who have Incredible tasks to get these tokens (i.e. Hamm and Woody) on their missions every hour, but in the meantime, make sure everyone else is getting the longer tokens.  Once you have everything else, Frozone or even the family can rack up 100 base tokens VERY quickly.  

Use Mickey and Mike

Mickey drops armbands while Mike drops ears.  Make sure you are sending them out as often as you send out your Incredible Characters as they will make your life so much easier.

Use Parades and Raise Happiness

It’s no news to anyone gunning for Syndrome that his tokens have a rather rough drop rate.  The best thing you can do to augment this is to always keep your happiness as high as possible and to also run a parade every chance you get.  Even if the parade only has one float and it’s the cheapest one, this will still improve drop rate.  It might seem minor, but it will make all the difference.

Build the Omnidroid

This is another way to get Syndrome’s tokens so make sure to build it the second you defeat it if you can.  This will give you a head start before the quest chain tells you to do it.

Spend Gems Wisely

In all the frustration, I think folks look at how many gems it takes to welcome him flat out and get angry.  Be smart about this.  If you absolutely have to buy him with gems, do it at the last moment.  You still have two days and every token you collect lowers his gem cost.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, simply go to his welcome screen and hit Welcome.  It will tell you how many gems you need to get the items you are missing.  Use the next two days to get what you can and then, if you must use gems, at least he will be cheaper!

Have Fun!

Okay, maybe this won’t make you get him sooner, but it will improve everything else.  So many folks are getting disheartened or even angry.  Relax, take it one token at a time and have fun.  We’ve been told that if you miss him this time around, there will be another oppurtunity in the future.  If you don’t get him, you will have another chance someday.  I still think many of you will get him!  I have faith!  Keep working hard and sending those characters on their tasks and don’t give up!!!

I hope that the tips make life a little easier.  Happy Hunting!

For more DMK, head here!

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  1. So glad you posted this if only to let me know that what I was doing was right! I’ve been busting my backside on this. Woke up every time I got a notification last night just to make better use of time. Շђคภкร

    • Does anyone know if syndrome needs to be completely welcomed by the deadline. If I start the “welcome” in the last hour I should be able to keep him. Right?

      • I don’t know for sure but I my best guess would be that you would be fine in that case.

      • You need to have him completely welcomed. AKA all items collected and pressing the Welcome button.
        Not just “Oh you can collect items for him now!”. If you haven’t collected all items and welcomed, time is up.

      • So as long as I’ve pressed welcome and he has started his 24hrs I should be safe. Correct?

    • I have been doing everything u said and when I send the characters they come w tokens not what I need.. I still need 6..😂so if I don’t get him it’s OK… I’ll get him whenever he’s available…

  2. What do you mean by being Online? It is just to keep playing or do I need some sort of internet connection to do it?

  3. This is a great post, thanks! I’ve been trudging along for 3+ days but I’m down to only 2 hats so I know I’m close! It will feel like a huge accomplishment when I finally hit that Welcome button! LOL.

  4. My only problem is that I have the omnidroid who hasn’t dropped on head piece yet. Neither has any of my characters. Over 2 whole days I’ve got 4 armbands now. Frozone hasn’t dropped one piece for me yet. That’s a ridiculous rate. Right now on the head piece I’m on a zero drop rate over 2 days. And I check it all the time except for the 5-6 hours I sleep and All of them again before I do sleep. Just kind of crazy how bad the drop rate is.

  5. Thank you so much for this post! I have been struggling with this too for a several days now. It gets very frustrating. Your information about the event has been so helpful and enjoyable for me. I look forward to seeing what is coming up and what needs to be done to get the characters as fast and smoothly as possible. Especially since I don’t spend money on these games so the only gems I have to spend are the ones that are given as rewards.

  6. This event is terrible. The drop rates are horrible. It’s just a way for them to get you to spend money. Your tips are fine but when the omnidroid or frozone after two days still hasn’t dropped one, it’s terrible. After using others I finally got one after two days in. I play and check it often. But really tired of getting nothing even after spending to speed things up.

    • I agree….I was working on items for Syndrome the minute they became available. Two days later I got my first item. I have been using all available characters including Frozone. Now we are about 24 hours out and I haven’t had an item drop in the last 18 hours. I have played relentlessly since this thing started and I am fairly certain I won’t finish. My son plays less than half the time I do and he welcomed Syndrome an hour ago. It has been terribly inconsistent.

  7. Really great site. Shame I haven’t got Mike yet (just got the welcome quest) but glad I built the Omnidroid City – wasn’t sure if the 25k would be worth it as 45k for Syndrome seems so much. Should get enough, its the hats that are the toughest (still need 5 more, and 2 armbands).

    Interestingly though I’m in the UK, and on Windows Phone and I have 5d 03h left on the event according to the timer.

    • I play obsessively, and got all the other characters quickly. But it looks like I’m going to miss Syndrome. Meanwhile, my daughter barely plays, and just unlocked Mr. Incredible. So we got the same stuff out of this event, even though she hasn’t even unlocked Buzz yet.

  8. After four days (or maybe five?) of working like crazy, I am FINALLY welcoming Syndrome. Woo hoo! This has been a test in patience and perseverance for sure! 😀

  9. My Dash and Mrs Incredible have been trapped in the obstacle course for a week now. The game freezes when try to release them from their quest. I can’t wait for this event to end.

  10. On a related note my battle omnidroid turned back into the balloon today! Happen yo anyone else? The one I built is still busy lifting the pink car… round and round…

  11. Not gonna make it. 😦 The sad part is I couldn’t even tell you how/where I lost the time it took to open him.

  12. Likewise Staggered Nerds, been tuning in as often as possible, certainly all throughout the day, missing just one “round” at most and I’ve got max happiness too to improve drop rates but it’s still dire 😦

    • At this point, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an event extension of some kind. Maybe if we wish hard enough together, karma will reward us.

  13. I’ve been working on getting syndrome for five and a half days now since he became available. And I’m not going to make it is still and short 10 things needed to welcome him. I’ve been working on it constantly around the clock and everybody that could do something to get something for him has been doing it in the drop rates are horrible.

      • Yep – just showed up in my feed. It’s the first comment under the Astro Blasters picture post. Seems unrelated so I’m not sure why they put it there.

  14. Did anyone else have items disappear when the counter ended? Will we get them back? I had all four incredibles ready to be upgraded when the counter ended, with that a bunch of ears, headbands, etc disappeared. Now I don’t have enough to upgrade Dash, Violet or Mrs even though I did before the game ended. Is this a glitch by any chance? Any chance they’ll be returned?

    • I lost a bunch of stuff also. And there are fewer characters/actions that can now collect these items. I had everything needed to level up Frozone to level 10, and now it looks like I can’t even get more of his ear hats without unlocking other things first.

    • I had some of my pieces I earned taken away from dash and Mrs. incredible. Had them ready to level up but didn’t do it because of trying to complete syndrome. Lost one piece from dash and 6 pieces from Mrs incredible.

  15. All of my incredi-coins were converted to gems, but all of the incredible characters are still listed as needing them to upgrade the character. I also lost lots of pieces (hats, posters, and what not) to upgrade them. Also, I still have the task to welcome syndrome, but when I click on it, they say defeat the omnidroid boss which I already have and placed the omnidroid city already. I am very frustrated with this. Can anyone help? My son plays and all of his incredibles are upgradeable by magic.

    • It appears that you will need to re-download the game for glitches to disappear.

      HOWEVER, you will need to realize that you are not going to be able to welcome Syndrome. If your incredicoins have already been converted to gems, then the event is over for you. If you have not welcomed Syndrome before the time this happens, then you lose that character for this event and will need to acquire him later.

      You will lose the items you’ve collected for characters that:

      A: You are unable to get since the event is over, or…

      B: You have not progressed in the game far enough for characters to aquire them during non-event tasks.

      You keep the characters you’ve already welcomed, but will have to await your own game progression to further level them.

      (If you play on Windows Phone, like me you still have around 40 more hours to finish acquiring Syndrome. )

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