DMK Tips – Leveling up Mrs. Incredible Quickly

Now that we have this lovely timed event, I’ve realized that minutes are fleeting in the Magic Kingdom.  Now, more than ever, it has become important to level up characters and to do it ASAP.  Especially since their higher level missions may very well become important later on.  With that in mind, I thought I’d give you some tips on making Mrs Incredible even more incredible and how to do it fast.


Characters You’ll Need

Goofy, Jessie, Frozone (Optional) and of course, Mrs. Incredible

What Quests you’ll be Doing

Send Goofy to make an Incredible Sandwich.  It takes 8 minutes and will earn you the Mrs. Incredible hat.


Send Jessie to sing an Incredible Yodel.  This one takes 6 minutes and has the added effect that it also drops a token for Frozone.  Two Supers, one yodel.


Send Mrs. Incredible to “Looking Up.” All that looking will earn her an Incredible token and it only takes 6 minutes.  If you’re full up on those, send her to Investigate for Clues.  It takes and hour, BUT it will give you Frozone’s hat and she might as well do something while she waits.


If you happened to purchase Frozone, send him to Stay Hydrated.  At 3 Minutes, it is the fastest way to earn Incredibles Tokens and will definitely speed things up.


Make sure to constantly be collecting IncrediCoins from your buildings that produce them as higher level upgrades require them in the thousands.


And of course, even though they take an hour, send other characters to earn Incredibles tokens where possible.  Every little bit helps and you’ll be earning Incredicoins at the same time.


Answers to come Frequent Questions

Will I be able to keep my Incredibles after the event?

Yes!  Any Incredible buildings, concessions, characters, decorations or parade floats will stay with you AS LONG AS YOU HAVE WELCOMED OR PLACED THEM!

Do I need to stop everything I’m doing to work on Incredibles?

Not really.  Just find the best route for you for the characters available and then worry about other expansions.  Some characters don’t have anything to do with the Incredibles.  Use them to continue your march through Fantasy Land.

Is Frozone worth getting?

I say yes.  I’m a completionist, but he definitely makes leveling Mrs. Incredible go faster and I’m sure he will only continue to be more useful as more Incredibles become available.

That’s it for now, until Monday when Dash comes out.  In the meantime, let me know any other questions in the comments below!

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  1. When will the next piece of land open? Just got the first fairie and the land next to California adventure opened for only 150 potions. I need more space 😉

    Thnx for writing this blog. I really enjoy reading it!

  2. One of my Mrs. Incredible quests says I need to build the Omnidroid Obstacle Course, but it’s still greyed out. Any indication of when this might be available to build?

    I finally am unlocking Eve! I’m also really close to spending the $4 to buy Frozone and the sno-cone. Mostly because Frozone is awesome and I need more Incredicoins.

    Love this event though!

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