Disney Magic Kingdoms – Reunite The Incredibles

Hello all!

Magic Kingdoms has just announced that they will be doing a fun kick off to The Incredibles joining the game.  To do this, you can jump on over to their thunderclap support page and help shout-out the game through multiple social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter.  Much like the launch of the game, the more folks who support the more free stuff it will open up for everyone who helped out!


What’s more is that they are also doing some fun giveaways including 100 gems and a pack they have named the “Mysteriously Chilly Character and Deco Pack.”  Something tells me this means we’ll be paying for Frozone one way or another unless we win this sweepstakes.

Click Here to lend your support!

The official update from Gameloft and Thunderclap reads:

Thunderclap: #ReuniteTheIncredibles


  • Today marks the beginning of #ReuniteTheIncredibles. How exciting! We have 2 weeks to #ReuniteTheIncredibles and we need your help. As we gather more Supporters, these amazing rewards will unlock:

    • 1000 Supporters: The Incredibles Concept Art
    • 2000 Supporters: In-Game Screenshots
    • 3000 Supporters: Live Stream with the Developers
    • 4000 Supporters: 100 Gems Sweepstakes
    • 5000 Supporters: Mysteriously Chilly Character & Deco Sweepstakes

    As our goals are met, we will update you on our progress, via Facebook, Twitter, and on this Thunderclap page, in the Updates section.

    Let’s show Syndrome what we’re capable of, as the DMK Community. Become a Supporter TODAY!

So what are you waiting for?  Hit the link and get to supporting!  I want free things, don’t you?  Are you excited for the update?  Are you excited for The Incredibles?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I’m excited to welcome The Incredibles! I also noticed while playing the game today that “So This is Love” was playing for quite some time. I don’t remember hearing it before. Could this mean Cinderella will be in the next update? I hope so. She’s my favorite!!!

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