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Disney Magic Kingdoms – Defeating Mother Gothel

Today I started my day off right by defeating the terrible, and often misunderstood young-forever diva, Mother Gothel. I thought I’d share some of the logistics, wait times and unlock points, as well as what happens afterwards, as we go boldly into the unknown of Disney’s Magic Kingdoms.


Unlocking the Quest

Mother Gothel opened up for me to defeat as soon as unlocked the area directly next to the green portal in Fantasy Land. That being said, by the time I saved up those 85,000 potions, I had had time to complete ALL other quests available to me. I had also unlocked all of the Sleeping Beauty characters. The game was literally waiting on me to unlock this zone. So, if you happen to unlock it but still have character quests and Mother Gothel doesn’t come calling, I’d safely bet that you need to do the rest of your quests first. Bare in mind, many of Rapunzel’s quests have LONG wait times.


The Fight

In the battle, you are able to utilize Rapunzel, Flynn and Maximus if you unlocked him. Each quest takes 4 hours and you must complete 27 times with any combination of these three characters. As with before bosses, it’s best to have them all going at once as often as possible. You will receive 20 XP and 650 potions for each time completed.


As a side note, I liked the fact that these were shorter quests with more completion times. It meant I felt a lot more invested in the fight, and not so hung up on how long it was going to take, even though it was still a hefty wait. Almost every time I jumped on, it was time to rejoin the battle with Gothel and this somehow made it my favorite boss battle of the game thus far.


After Her Defeat

Well…that’s a curious question. Upon defeating her, I was told that the portal would need a bit more work to open. Sad face!


BUT, a handful of new quests open and I have not been set on a task to welcome Mother Gothel, which looks as though it will be quite the task. 95,000 potions?? Yikes!


Oh well. From here on out, I will be summoning her and then trying to max out my characters before the next update. How about all of you, how are you faring in the battle against the evil forces of the Magic Kingdom? Let me know in the comments! Here’s hoping a new update is just around the river bend…

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  1. I think I’m way behind many of you who’ve been playing since the beginning. In addition to the Incredibles event going on, I’m ready to welcome Rapunzel (I have all I need for her, just need to wait until I’m done leveling Mrs Incredible & Dash to level 10, as she takes a whopping 24 hours to unlock, and that’s too much precious time in my upgrade slot to “waste” on a non-Incredible character during this event). I also have Mike waiting for Randall to get to level 7 so he can “get back at” him. I haven’t seen any of the Sleeping Beauty characters yet, nor do I have access to Donald nor Zurg (even though I defeated him a while ago). I’ve only unlocked one section of Fantasyland, though another is ready to be unlocked, if only I had an extra 65,000 potion lying around that I’m not spending on various attractions and upgrades… And so far the only character I’ve bought with real money was Frozone. I bought Pluto purely through earned gems, and I’m 53 gems away from being able to afford Rex. Whew!

  2. Finally working on welcoming mother gothel. Drop rate is so slow! Constantly running quests to try and get her ears. 3 days in and have 4/10 ears. I know I just have to be patient but with 5 tasks all running and long run times but drop rate of 1 in 10 tasks or less it is taking forever!

    • I had that issue with Donald. Just could not get his ears despite having every character I could on it. Almost 2 weeks later and I was still waiting. I ended up spending rubies to welcome him because I felt like maybe there was a glitch in the game that was preventing me from getting that item. Hopefully that won’t be the case for Mother Gothel.

      • It took me around two months to get Donald without using any money. There isn’t a glitch it’s just that his items are super rare 😊

      • i had the same issue with donald, but it seems after 2 months of getting to 5ears they have become a little more abundant and in 2 weeks i am now up to 11 of 15. not all of them, but still much quicker. i can only think that unlocking other quests has triggered something that allows the game to give them more freaquently. good luck!

  3. So I’m almost a level 34, have both Rapunzel and Flynn at Level 8, and still haven’t been able to fight Gothel. Ive unlocked Small World. Only pendong quests are Aurora, Donald and Incredibles. Do i have to welcome Aurora first?

    • Yes. You will have to unlock aurora. Donald doesn’t matter for Gothel and neither do incredibles.

  4. I have all 38 characters level 10 and only Syndrome level 7. All quests complete. All attractions bought. Still portal from where Mother Gothal was defeteated closed. Is this the end of the game?

  5. Thanks for the insight!! I am saving to lift the curse… 85000 potion will take a minute. Missed on syndrome but have unlocked all others. Enjoying the challenge of the game at my own pace. Hoping for splash mountain in chest.

  6. I unlocked Mother Gothal but am surprised that I haven’t had a single quest for her yet. Was this the same for you or is my game broken?

    • Hi Nicole,

      You have to click on the quest on the side where Mother Gothel face is and it will show you that Flynn, Maximus, and Rapunzel have to fight her for 27/4 hour increments… Hope this helps!!

      • Thank you, sorry I wasn’t clear enough. I meant that after defeating her, I have welcomed her as a character, even leveled her up several times, but she has yet to have a quest or story line. Every other character I have welcomed has had a story line with quest immediately. Can you advise on this?

      • (And Flynn & Rapunzel were both at 10 by then, and Maximus at 9 – I don’t know what levels they need to be at, if at all)

  7. I’m still waiting on 5 of Donald’s ears to get him… I’m collecting magic for the next park of the park, from what I’ve seen here I guess that’s when I’ll need to defeat Mother Gothel. Also, during the Incredibles quests I missed out of Syndrome… Has anyone heard of when he will be available again? Also, I’ve noticed almost every ride/attraction has something to do with an available character- with that being said there is a few Aladdin related attractions, any news on Aladdin/Jasmine/Genie becoming new characters to the game?

  8. I defeated mothe gothel and am waiting for the update, but I still can’t unlock half of the area around space mountain and small world. Now that I have the pirates characters, I’m running out of room to put attractions. What do i do to unlock those areas?

    • For the area around space mountain you have to keep doing toy story quests, after you welcome zerg a new area should open up, but it gets expensive. As for small world, I’m not sure, I haven’t defeated Gothel yet

  9. Hi
    When does Maximus appear I’m now working on getting all I need to welcome mother gothel, just interested when Maximus becomes available.

  10. sadly i miss that part when i fight with Mother Gothel, i didn’t know what went wrong, and didn’t really beat her, now after several updates of the game, i’m at level 40, don’t know if there’s any chances to beat her again…

  11. I’m not far behind this, I’ve welcomed most of the sleeping beauty characters aside from merryweather, and just need to finish raising my magic till I can unlock the stretch of cursed land in front of the fantasy land portal. I’ve even started on my zootopia characters and finally welcomed Donald! It took forever to welcome him, his hat is rare, but his mickey head is legendary and there’s only three missions that get you those tokens and two of the three take 12 hours.

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