Countdown to Disney: 1 Day – The Flight, New Friends and The Night Before

We made it! After a day of travel we are officially in Orlando and we could not be more excited! We started off the day by dropping off the pampered pooch, Izzy, with her Aunt Carina. She seems quite happy about this. I was worried we’d be late as Izzy is a German Short Haired pointer, you know, the dog that won best in show. This means that everyone wants to stop and chat about her. People! I don’t have time! Disney!  

We had a great flight and once we were here we met up with mom and headed straight for Disney Springs where we met up with our online friends, Joe and Joyce who gave us a great welcome and got us all set up with our magic bands!


Disney Springs in this fantastic area filled with Nightlife and the fantastic Disney Quest, where folks can eat, drink, play games, sing and dance. We even ran into a children’s dance party, which was easily the cutest thing of the night. Not to mention the amazing sights and sounds, especially the LEGO store which was full of amazing things to see.





We are now to our home for the week, Carl’s sister’s house and we just can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and head to Magic Kingdom. If you see us, wave! I’ll post tomorrow but I do want to call out that all week I’ll be posting from my IPad and IPhone so please excuse the lack of polish that I normally try to provide. I’ll also be trying to put as many pics up as possible, but with the app, that is easier said than done so bare with me!

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  1. I’m catching up, so I know you’ve already posted about Day 1 at Magic Kingdom, but this Day Before post is seeping excitement I just had to comment. The lego statues are INCREDIBLE. Glad you arrived safe – looking forward to following the rest of your adventure 🙂

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