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The Lion Guard – Eye of the Beholder

Original Airdate:  February 5, 2016

Hello all, today’s post will be rather short, but I wanted to make sure to touch on this week’s episode of The Lion Guard.  This week saw a slight change of pace as we really only had one plot line to worry about, unless you count Rafiki fussing with a painting he’s doing on the wall as a plot line.  I don’t.

Screenshot (485)

I spend the whole episode doing art! Whee!

This week we got a little more focus on Ono, the keenest of sight.  Many of you know that I am not a big fan of this character so I was a bit hesitant when I saw that Ono got dust in his eyes and thus could no longer be the lookout for the group.  I knew right away that this was going to be the Ono show.  But to my great surprise, that was okay.  I liked getting to see this character realize that he has more to offer than just his ‘ability.’  The fact that these characters are friends is what really matters in the Pride Lands.

Screenshot (486)

Bird down! Bird down!

Finding out about this bad news, the hyenas plan to take the Lion Guard by surprise and trap them in a ravine.  The hyenas play a bit like Team Rocket from Pokemon.  By that, I mean that they don’t really pose much of a threat.  By now, we’ve sort of figured out that they are dumb and can barely come up with a good plan.  This week’s song also featured the hyenas and was definitely one of the weakest of the season.  Although the visuals used were pretty amazing.

Screenshot (489)

When you’re eyeing your date but your date is eyeing the waiter.

In the end, the hyenas are once again bested and Ono proves that he’s got more than just fancy eyes.  There are only a couple episodes left of this inaugural season and I will for sure cover them, BUT I’m interested to see if the show can hook me for another season by the end.  It’s a show that continues to be far from perfect.  I like the characters and the music, for the most person, and the lessons, BUT I frequently find that the story telling goes back and forth between great and downright stupid.  I want to see more consistency from the show and I’m hoping for at least a couple good songs before the end.

Screenshot (491)

Good job Rafiki. While the Pride Lands were in trouble, you painted a picture. Yay for you.

Let me know what you guys think of the show so far and if you’re already sold for season two in the comments below!

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