Thoughts on LEGO Marvel Avengers

Hello there and welcome back.

Marvel is a facet of Disney that I rarely talk about. Partially because I got into the Disney blogging game in between Marvel films, but also partially because, well, I’m more of a DC fan. But all of this is trumped by the fact that I love me a LEGO game. That being said, I would in no way consider this a review. It’s more of my rambling thoughts after a full day of play.


First off, as someone who plays a lot of these LEGO games, I can honestly say that there are two categories: those based directly on a film property and those which have original stories. LEGO Dimensions for example falls into the original category while this one follows the stories of the first and second Avengers films. And it follows them very closely. So closely in fact that every so often I find myself getting a bit bored in the fact that ultimately I know what’s coming next. The LEGO-ized jokes and gags are cute but they definitely never create a surprising or engaging story.  The game uses the actual voices from the film, furthering the fact that you will almost always know the plot before it happens if you’ve seen these films.


It’s not all bad though! The gameplay and puzzles are pretty fun. I like that there are moves which allow you to team up with comrades for super moves. These look awesome and actually do quite a bit of damage to surrounding baddies. All the characters are fairly varied though I will say that I found Captain America to be uniquely useless. Seriously, you’ll mainly use him to put out fires. Other than that, you’ll want to employ other heroes to actually fight. In a strange turn of events, Hawkeye is incredibly useful and able to topple many puzzles all on his own with a highly varied skill set. Glass walls, silver brick walls, gold brick walls, grapple points. The list of his skills goes on and it left me actually grumpy when he wasn’t on my team.


I’ve just finished the first Avengers film, which strangely rolls credits before starting you on the second, and I’m interested to see what else the game has to offer. I’ll try to post my thoughts as I continue my LEGO journey, but in the meantime, let me know what you think of the game so far!

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  1. I haven’t played any of the Lego games in a while, just reading your thoughts on this one makes me want to jump back in! I was going to buy Lego Dimensions after reading your review back in October, but soon after, my fiancée and I broke up. 😦 I should probably pick one up to cheer me up (a Lego game I mean, not a fiancée).

    • Aww. I’m so sorry to hear that. If you’re thinking of jumping into Lego games I strongly advise it…but maybe not with this one. If you want to do super heroes, do Lego marvel super-heroes or Lego batman 3. Dimensions is my favorite in the series but it can be quite the money sink so best to try another one before you invest 🙂 and you can pick up a fiancé AND a Lego game 🙂

  2. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes. I thought that game was great and a really great addition to the lego games. Likewise the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings games are fantastic

    • Haha, in a short note, my fave DC specific one is Lego Batman 3. I love Dimensions the most of all of them though. Avengers will ultimately rate lower on my list.

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