Welcome to 2016

Hello everyone!  We made it another year without a zombie apocalypse or a kitten apocalypse or a bad case of sore ankles.  Well, most of those things anyway.  I want to start off this year by using a phrase I have come to use very often this past year and for good reason.

“Thank you!”

No really, I mean it.  While I’ve technically owned this blog for a little over a year and a half, I really think of it as starting this summer when I decided to “go for it.”  And wow am I glad I did.  This year has been amazing.  You are all so wonderful and I love talking Disney and life with you and oh man I can’t wait to do more of that.  So let’s talk about some things coming in 2016

A New Book

On January 23, my new novel, A Home for Wizards, releases and a lot of my blog will focus heavily on that for a while.  I can’t wait for you to read it and share in the amazing experience of releasing it.

Beyond that, I am about to start work on my third book and I will try to talk about process and give little updates along the way.

More Disney

We still have a lot of Disney movies to get through but I’ve discovered through this project that I really like presenting history in a fun and entertaining way.  As Vault Disney comes to a close in a couple months, I want to expand to Pixar films, Miyazaki films and even talking about the history of rides and specific people throughout Disney history.  I like to think people come to this blog for the Disney, but stay for the sarcastic quips about Ariel.  Let’s keep it that way, shall we?  As always, if you have an idea or something you’d like to see this blog do more of, please tell me!!

Guest Bloggers

I really really want to have guest bloggers this year and also to guest blog for you, YES YOU!  If you’re interested even a little bit in that idea, email me at  I’m so friggin’ nice you won’t even believe it.  Let’s help each other grow our little homes on the internet.

Disney Trip

I’ve mentioned before that I will soon be taking my Mom on her very first Disney trip.  I’ll be blogging a lot about this very soon and hope you’ll join me on my journey!  I think I’ll also do my first giveaway around that time so stay tuned!!!


Honestly, I am floored by the response this blog has gotten in the past several months.  When I say 1,000, I’m really saying I just want to get to know more amazing people.  That being said, feel free to share this blog or tell your friends about it.  Let’s all love Disney, being creative and having fun together.

That’s about it.  Happy New Year!  Now go out there and let’s get this year started in the best way possible, whatever that might be for you!


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Wish upon that star!

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