A Home for Wizards

“A Home for Wizards” Official Cover Reveal

One year ago today, my life changed.

On October 31, 2014 I was very happy to release my first full length novel, A Love Story for Witches. This past year has been a whirlwind of amazingness. Within six months we had released in seven different countries. The book hit the best sellers list in France and London. I experienced the crazy scenario of working with someone to translate my work to Chinese. I was brought to tears as someone came up to me at the laundromat to have me sign their copy of the book. I was floored by seeing it in people’s hands on the Subway and was blessed by so many kind words and encouragements that I can’t even count them all. I feel so much gratitude for everyone who supported, read, shared, talked about or even just listened to me talk about the book in my excitement.

BUT…that was last year.

On January 23, 2016, the sequel to A Love Story for Witches will release and I literally cannot wait for you to read it.

A Home for Wizards tells the story of Sparo Watkins, a young wizard who wants nothing more than to realize his full potential. In order to do so, he leaves his safe little home in the country and heads to the big apple to live in a house full of wizards. Of course, his timing couldn’t be worse. With a maniacal wizard hell bent on ruling the city and new friends who may not have his best interests at heart, Sparo will have to learn to believe in himself and accept his own flaws if he’s going to survive.

Meanwhile, Adam and Eva have been going strong but once Adam proposes to Eva, things start to slip out of their control. Witches are being abducted and demons seem to be over-running the city. Will the Witches and Wizards learn to get along or will this battle send them heading straight for an all out war? Join Adam, Eva, Miyako, Sparo and a whole cast of new Spellcasters as they unravel the secrets of A Home for Wizards.

And now for the big reveal of the day! Dun dun da dun! The official cover for A Home for Wizards, illustrated by the immensely talented Dexter Allagahrei, who just so happens to also be my cousin! You can find more work from Dexter by venturing on over to this little LINK!

Photo Oct 30, 1 00 20 PM

More news on the book to come soon as January approaches, but for now, thank you for stopping by for this very special announcement. Now go eat some friggin’ candy!

To learn more about A Love Story for Witches, head here!

Buy A Love Story for Witches so you’re all caught up HERE!!!

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  1. Hi Jaysen, popped over here as I saw you had liked one of my posts. I hadn’t heard of your books but if I can find a copy on Amazon I will be sure to read the first one and review it!

  2. I envy someone who can write more than just a blog. Not saying that blogging is not great and there are some very good ones out there, but just saying. Thanks for stopping by.

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