A Love Story for Witches – Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

Hello again,

I went on a wonderful trip to Boston as a surprise trip for my boyfriend for his birthday last weekend.  This was all well and good for me, but it meant that YOU did not get any new witches to sink your wands into.  I’m glad to say that we are back on schedule.  Maybe I say this every week but I am so friggin’ excited for the final release of this book.  I just finished penning Chapter 13 today and there are only 5 more to go.  You can imagine the anxiety/happiness I am feeling right about now.

Anyway, this week we pick up after last week’s cliffhanger and also learn just what happens when you piss off Miyako.  I hope you guys enjoy and I’ll see you back here Tuesday for a new blog post as well!



Chapter Seven

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