Love Story for Witches

A Love Story for Witches – Chapter Six

Chapter Six


Hello all, and welcome back.  Sunday means witches so here is a new chapter of A Love Story for Witches.  The book is set to release in paperback and on kindle in October so I am feverishly writing like a fiend to hit that deadline.  I hope those of you reading so far have enjoyed and I can’t wait to let you see what happens next.  In fact, I should probably be WRITING what happens next.

Anyway, this week we have some love makin’ and some witch/dragon fightin’.  Enjoy the new chapter.


But what IS A Love Story for Witches???? You ask.  Well if you haven’t read ANY of it, start here or get caught up.


I’ll see you guys on Tuesday for a new blog post.  Spoiler alert, it’s about a mouse…


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