First Impressions

with Carl Li and Jaysen Headley

Every week we hope to bring you our initial spontaneous thoughts on all things familiar and unfamiliar to us.  Right now, it’s mostly comics, TV, film, and video-games, but down the line, maybe music, books, theater, food, clothing, products, activities and anything else we want.

Check it out HERE. Or watch the videos below.


Like, Subscribe and comment: Let us know your thoughts and suggestions.  Is there something you’d like us to check out next, even if it’s old?  Did you read, see, play, hear, do, eat or use anything we talked about?


Learn more about Carl Li:
YouTube: carlkaholi

Why First Impressions [FI]?
There’s value to creators and industries to know what truly comes across and what doesn’t, initially, for for those familiar and not familiar with what’s being reviewed.  Products don’t always have the benefits of an established brand/name and hype attached, and with an over saturation of product, consumers don’t have the luxury to give everything a first chance, let alone a fair chance.  Brand/name recognition factor alone isn’t enough either, though it’ll help with it’s initial launch, but beyond that, in my opinion, regardless of brand/name recognition, there are certain things, including hype, that are very important for a product have in order to GRAB the consumer right off the bat on multiple levels to ensure they will continue to support and invest in it long term.




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