Update Live Stream Recap – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Another year, another update!  Let me start today by saying Happy New Year to all my fellow DMKers.  Today, DMK hosted a livestream revealing upcoming content, both in the form of three new permanent characters, and one new character coming to us via a new Tower Challenge.  So let’s jump in a review the livestream together!  You can always watch the livestream via Facebook, but if you’re in a spot where watching a video isn’t possible, this recap should do you just fine!


When is the Update Coming?

The Update will hit our devices starting on Tuesday January 8.  This will have the new permanent content.  The Tower Challenge will come out a couple weeks later!

New Decorations

We’re getting some new decorations, of note especially are in park billboards so now you can advertise about your park inside your park which is based off a real park.  Do you feel like your brain is exploding? No?  Just me?  I’ve had a lot of coffee today so let’s just blame that, shall we?


New Concessions

We’re getting some new concession stands!  Hurray!

First up is the Sand Pale Sundae Stand.  And to answer your question, YES!  The sundaes are mostly made out of sand.  Sure, they’re awful tasting, but at least their vegan?


Next up is the Jack Jack’s Cookie Nom Nom Stand, and coincidentally we have a winner now for the Worst Named Thing in the park.  Congratulations Nom Nom stand!  It was a hard battle, but you won fair and square.


And lastly we have the Breakfast Congee Stand, which looks nothing like actual breakfast congee but it’s smiling at least?  Right?


New Attractions

Okay I am super excited for these so let’s take a look.

First up is the Reflections of China.  This is based on an attraction in Epcot which made my mother motion sick.  Obviously this fact alone makes it one of my favorite attractions.  This will be available in Platinum Chests!


Next up is the Animation Academy which will be available as the reward for a Tapper Event.  This is essentially a fancy way of saying that I will never have one in my park.  I know my strengths and tapper events are not included.  But to all of you, may the odds be ever in your favor!


And finally we have my FAVORITE DISNEY ATTRACTION!!!  That’s right, The Carousel of Progress is joining the park through the means of Merlin’s Shop!  Sorry Toy Story Mania, you’ll have to wait until after this one for me.


New Characters

Tower Challenge

Let’s start with the character joining us via the new Tower Challenge, Cri-Kee.  You’ll be able to fight Maleficent in his honor in a few weeks!


Permanent Content

We’re also getting three new permanent characters in the game!






Lady Tremaine

Please note that Lady Tremaine will be a Premium character.  You will be able to get her via gems or a paid bundle.


New Costumes

Mulan is coming at us with two new costumes, the Comfy Costume and The Warrior Costume.  The Comfy Costume will be the final reward in the upcoming Tower Challenge, while tokens for the Military Costume will drop via Mulan Legendary chests, as well as through daily rewards.


Balancing Changes

Mickey and Friends, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. will cost more to level up following the update so make sure to level them now if you can!

New News Feature

DMK will now be able to share news and events directly through the game with us with the addition of a NEWS feature in the upper right hand corner in the form of a Letter.  Get ready to find out what Marc-Andre and Julia are doing ALL THE TIME!!!


That’s it for this Livestream!  Who’s excited for the update!  I know I am.  I love permanent content as it provides a more laid back experience, especially coming off of the long crazy event that was Wreck-It Ralph.  Be sure to check back here for more info one the Update drops next week!




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