Sleepy and the Evil Queen – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Well friends, we’ve survived yet another event.  This one was the biggest yet, with eight nine characters to collect, a whole lot of grumpiness, daily rewards, dwarfs, princesses and a whole lot of dwarf hats which all looked the same.  Honestly, I can’t tell any of them apart.  So now it’s time to wrap this thing up.  Let’s welcome a sleepy bum, defeat a Queen, and get her into our Kingdom.  Whaddya say?  Oh?  You’re also dealing with an eggnog induced hangover?  Don’t worry.  We’ll get through this together.


Welcoming Sleepy

Many of you will have jumped right on Sleepy as soon as he unlocked, but just in case you were SLEEPING on the job (See what I did there?) here are all of his requirements.

Fish Clarinet

Ah yes, the Fish Clarinet.  I recall playing one of these in High School.  No wonder I got made fun of so much.  You’ll notice that Grumpy gets these in a fraction of the time that the other characters do so load up on them ASAP.


Sleepy Ears Hat

Or as I like to call them “Punched in the face for my lunch money” ears hats.  Honestly, they don’t look tired to me, just beaten.  In any case, you’ll find these will drop in 4 hour increments no matter who loads up on them.  Unless, however, you level up Happy to level 3.  Then he can collect these in 2 hours instead.


Pretty soon, Sleepy will drunkenly swagger onto your screen, just as lost as Grandma after her third rum punch on Christmas.  It’s okay Grandma, you can stop talking to the dog now and please take the lampshade off of your head.


Questing With Sleepy

Sleepy is going to immediately get you going on the quest to thwart the Evil Queen once and for all.  However, he will also get a quest to do on his own for an hour.  I urge you to wait on that one.


The quest below is not exclusive to the event.  As such, it can wait until you have some spare time later.


Fighting the Queen

You, madame, are underestimating the power of little men!


With Seven Dwarfs and one fairly useless Snow White, it’s time to fight off the Evil Queen at last.  Since each quest is only 4 hours, if you have EVERY character, this will only take 8 hours to do.


There’s something pretty satisfying about seeing this many characters in a final boss battle of an event.  Oh look, in the back, Snow White is doing NOTHING!!! Ugh.  Go wait by the Christmas tree while the dwarfs handle this.


And only when it’s over does Snow decide to feel bad.  We had EIGHT HOURS of fighting!  Where was your compassion at hour 5!!??


Although she gets over the sadness pretty fast and then it’s party time!


More Questing

Snow will get a 4 hour quest at the cottage.  She will need to go on this to progress the story.  She’ll also need to seek help as it seems she’s incapable of doing ANYTHING on her own.


Apparently Mickey has spent the last month at the grocery store.  You and me both, brother.  He’s back now, though, and he and Goofy will need to prepare for a Christmas party!


Although it seems that ONLY he and Goofy are invited.  The party will last 4 hours, and then everyone will go home with regrets and Minnie will be totally peeved that she didn’t get an invite.  Donald will add this to his list of grievances centered around Mickey and Goofy leaving him out of things, which will eventually lead up to Season 2 of “Thirteen Reasons Why.”


After her four hour quest, Snow will get a SIX hour quest to finish up supper at the cottage.


This will be followed up with a one hour quest for Sleepy.  Apparently it takes him that long to just wake up.  Once again, I can relate.


Welcome the Queen

At long last, you’ll be ready to welcome the Queen and complete the event.


If you’ve been saving up Rotten Apples and event currency, you should only need to worry about Heart Boxes and Hats.  That being said, while these quests are not long, the tokens are epic so get to work on her as soon as possible if you hope to have a chance of winning her before the end of the event.

Heart Boxes

Now, question, does each of these boxes have an actual heart in it?  Because that’s super creepy.  Grumpy is the best bet here, but all the other dwarfs can team up to collect them as well, so don’t get DISHEARTENED, if you don’t have Grumpy yet.  Wink wink.


The Queen Ears Hat

Oh my goodness, this hat looks absolutely pretentious as all get out.  I imagine this hat should be worn when watching an indie movie in a theater where they serve martinis in Midtown.


And should you not be willing to spend the time, or if you’re running OUT of time, you can always buy the Queen in a nice bundle with some gems and a Candy-Apple Stand, poisonous apples sold separately.


And that’s the end of the event!  I am still working on the Queen, but I feel very confident I’ll get her this week.  How are you all doing and what did you think of the event?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m up to Snow’s 6-hour supper. The good news for me is that I love getting all these characters and my final gift was Wall-E, the only character I was missing. The bad part was that the “fairest of them all” was the most stressed out event of them all. It was sad reading a number of the comments on the Magic Kingdoms Facebook page. How many people will no longer continue playing the game? I’m fortunate being retired that I have time to complete events, but that’s not the case for most players. I love Disney and I love this game, but I wish that there were less timed events. Anyway, Happy New Year and all the best.

  2. I’ve said before in the comments that I don’t do social media (tiny blue birds deliver all my correspondence), so I don’t know what people are saying on FB. However, if you mean they’re complaining about timed events, I think they need to get some perspective. It’s a game; have fun!

    I’ve been playing since almost the beginning and I’ve done all the events. Some went crazy fast and had glitches that made my game not work. (Although, I used to actually be able to win during the leader board events.) That said, most of them, including this one, are doable. I have a very demanding full time job and I did not finish the last two events because of work, but this one was reasonable (she says knowing full well she isn’t done yet).

    This was the first (only) game I’ve played, and I’ve spend zero dollars in it. I support the game developers through the ads. If I could, I would make a few purchases, but I don’t think the hubs would back my adding “games” into our household budget. I find the game relaxing and fun, and believe the timed events, when reasonably paced, add to the drama. If everything were available all the time it would be boring.

    Now, I’m not thrilled that I can’t get Grumpy, but… perspective. I hope people keep playing for the reasons they started playing.

    And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jaysen!

    • My complaints include that even though I might check my game 15-30 times a day during an event, including when I get up in the middle of the night to use the facilities, it is nearly impossible to finish the event. I have over 80 characters and almost every attraction. I literally was 1 item away from getting the Queen of hearts for almost 3 days and still couldnt get the last item. Thats when the game becomes less fun and makes myself, and others, angry. Especially when you get that far and the event ends and they dont give you anything for that last character. I’ve spent no money either but I have played every single day for over a year. And if I included the time spent playing the game on my ipad and the kids ipad’s to get them going it would be equivalent to over 2 years.I had to abandon playing on my ipad because it was too slow. Would have appreciated an option to reduce the graphics quality or to eliminate things like the background fireworks to help make the game playable on the older Ipads.
      The mini events where you can collect trophies and things are rigged to some degree. Ive played the game on 4 different devices at once and the leaderboards are different on all 4 of them. Which means you arent actually playing against anyone except the artificial intelligence. I’ve finished first overall once which is highly unlikely to occur if I were going up against real people. Normally the top of the leaderboard is so far ahead of the top 10 it is ridiculous.

      • Thank You! I, as well, believe the leaderboards are rigged. I can keep up on this, as much as a normal human with a busy life with even just 3-4 hrs of sleep, and constantly checking the leaderboards, but it’s like I keep going further down the list.
        The last leaderboard event (happiness), I was ALWAYS within the winning bracket of 11-50th, which I should’ve won 3 chests (paying most attention to that cause I STILL need Grumpy). when all was said and done, they gave me 1,000 event currency and 1 chest.
        I literally checked my placement right before the event ended, so I was ripped off

      • CHRISTINE- Ditto. In one event I was n°3, literally 3 mins later after I had cleared all items again. I had dropped to 52🤔. I had the same experience with last challenge too (still need Grumpy). It just confirmed what I thought (echoing Steve’s comments). Well in 2018 Hogwart’s may win me over anyway. Each day I love this game less……Happy New Year.💜X

  3. Hi Jaysen! Hee, you’re really on fire with this hilarious post.
    I’ll admit, I was pretty grumpy about Grumpy. But lo and behold, after that 25th-day sapphire chest and about $15 worth of gems, I got him! I have plenty of event currency and nasty apples for the queen, but not a lot of confidence that all these epic items will drop in time. Still, I shall try! I’d rather have Grumpy than the queen anyway. 🙂

  4. Does anyone know what happens to these tokens if you can’t get grumpy? So many people are buying the chests to get the tokens to get him but what if you can’t get all the required objects to get him before the timer runs out?

  5. Yeah, I’m still grumpy over grumpy. I should get a drop every time I send someone on a 12 hour mission. I don’t want to spend $ on buying these characters but the drops are ridiculous. And they know it. 😦 with 4 days left, not sure I’ll get him or the queen, and I’m playing non-stop.

    • SUSIE- I’ve had 6.5 days to win the Queen (Grumpy is on the back burner) and the drops are dire. I tend to only use the 12hr jobs overnight as they very seldom payout. Good luck with your quest. It’s not over yet🤞🏻……💜X

  6. I doubt I’ll get Grumpy, it seems impossible. While I could have put my Dwarfs on constant Grumpy token mode, I don’t always get the item, so I only quest for them when I sleep.
    An option to buy him would be great.
    I also believe the leaderboards are rigged.

    Does anyone know if when the event ends and you don’t have quite enough, but almost all items, for a character….. do we have to start over on them when the event comes back around? Cause compensation would be nice!

    • I didn’t quite have enough tokens to get Oogy Boogie last year in the NBC event. I recently got him out of a legendary chest and when I looked at his hats and dice tokens, they gave me all the ones I had collected last year. I was able to level him up to 2 and 3 very quickly.
      P.S. Love your articles Jaysen! Please keep writing them.

  7. I would like to get grumpy but I’m sure that the developers would figure some way other then
    Buying chests to get him. I have already spend 60 gems and nothing😕

    • Oh that’s annoying! So far those special chests have been giving me owls and ears hats, so I’m slowly getting there. I hoped they’d give you Grumpy at christmas. I got Jack Sparrow instead hahaha

  8. Yay, welcoming the Queen as we speak here! The first day the drop rate was terrible, today it was amazing 😳. For Grumpy I’m still missing two ears hats, but I’m hoping to get those in time!

  9. Sleepy was pretty easy for me. I correctly predicted some of the tasks and I got him in almost one fell swoop (I was one ear hat short). The Queen is gonna be one heck of a character to get. My status so far after starting her tasks Wednesday night: 6 Heart boxes, 7 hats. I’m getting there without the need of the Dwarves’ mine and Grumpy (those developers made him way too hard to get, so I probably won’t be getting him unless I have incredible luck). Unless I have no luck at all getting the Queen’s tokens in time, I may be forced to buy the mine just like what I did for the restaurant back in Beauty and the Beast.

  10. If I earn the queen, how long does it take to actually welcome her? If I start before end of event, does that count? Getting close 🙂

    • Susie – fortunately the Queen only takes an hour to welcome. My last two drops for her ears took a few four hour shifts. I don’t buy things with every event but I figured I would support the developers and bought Dopey and the pack with Happy and the ride. The ride really helped with getting the Queen.

      Thanks, Jayden for the great posts on the event. Your sense of humor makes the drop rates more bearable. Congrats on your one year anniversary.

  11. How do you have so many gems and magic? I seem to only top out at 145 gems and 50,000 magic. Would love some tips and tricks

  12. It cost me $15 and 300 gems (not too bad), but I got Grumpy and the Queen. Even though I completed the event, It was too time consuming and harder than any other event. And based on comments on Facebook, it has generated much negative feelings. Hopefully we get a break for a while and that the next event is not a timed one.

  13. Very disappointed with the final results. My kids and I played constantly and we had Dopey and Happy to help. My Queen of Hearts wasn’t up to level 10 yet, so I couldn’t use her, but happiness was always at 100%. Sent the only two dwarf missions available (didn’t have the mine at first) for a total of 11 times. Out of the possible 22 chances of receiving something, we received 0 (zero) tokens from them. Even with the float, we never got the Evil Queen or Grumpy. I feel that if you support the game by constantly watching their ads and playing often, you shouldn’t have to buy diamonds to win the characters. Disney seems money-hungry to me, as buying diamonds would have been the only way to get her and Grumpy. It came down to buying diamonds or using that money for my kids, my kids win.

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