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Hello my little Man Cubs and Lady Cubs.  As we all patiently tap our fingers on desks and refresh the DMK Facebook page every five seconds in hopes of finding out about a Halloween update of some kind, I thought we’d take some time to get fully caught up with everything happening over in the Jungle Book.  Last we left off, Baloo had just joined our kingdom and we were happily sending him and Bagheera to shake it off (Cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate hate.)  Today we’ll pick things up from there, hitting all the big moments on the way to defeating and then welcoming Shere Khan.  So work up your biggest tiger growl and let’s be on our way.


Building Big Thunder Mountain

Shortly after we left off, you’ll be given the chance to finally unveil the Big Thunder Mountain at the heart of Frontier Land.  This will be a massive udertaking as it will require 500,000 potions and will take a whopping 2 Days to complete!!!  Luckily it doesn’t stop anything else from going on, so you can just let it work its way along in the background.


Before long, you’ll have a nice new huge attraction at the center of your new zone!


Building Baloo’s Oasis

About this time, Jay Leno…er…I mean Shere Khan will burst onto the scene and make quite the uproar.


You’ll soon be able to build Baloo’s oasis, a cozy home nook for Baloo to sit and read and contemplate the universe.


Construction will cost you a whopping 250,000 potions and will take 12 hours to complete.


Aww, but look at how cute it is when it’s done!  And are those pumpkins?  Baloo!  You never told me you were a pumpkin spice lover!!!


Build Kaa’s Jungle Gym

Mowgli is on to Baloo and Bagheera.  How dare they try to have fun?  Don’t they know that Mowgli is a working professional?  Get him his coffee and New York Times.  He has things to do!  Tigers to see!  Death wishes to fulfill!


You’ll send these two to chillax by the pool and sort out their feelings.


This will play out like an episode of Pretty Little Liars where there’s a secret that no one wants to talk about.  Instead, we’ll just talk about our feelings.


Baloo will head off to distract A…I mean Shere Khan.  Sorry folks, getting my fandoms crossed here.  Where were we?  I was saying something about Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.  Nope, still wrong.  Get out my head little ponies!!!  Okay, back to Jungle Book.  Baloo will head off to create a distraction.


Mowgli decides he’s had enough hiding and takes matters into his own hands.


He’ll run off to search for Shere Khan at Jungle River Drift.  Unfortunately that’s the wrong place.  Last I saw Shere Khan, he was off letting it go in Arendelle.


At long last, it’s time to build Kaa’s Jungle Gym.


This one will cost you 350,000 potions and will take 24 hours.  I think this is a great time to mention that I really feel as though the main point of this update is to sap our potions, bringing everyone back down to a reasonable level since we long time players were up in the several millions of potions area.


But once it’s complete, Kaa will be able to HANG OUT in your kingdom.  See what I did there?


Clearing the Curse

Mowgli will head off to talk to Kaa for a while.  I’m sure that won’t end up with him getting eaten… After a narrow escape, it will be time to clear away the curse zone next to the portal.  You’ll be spending another huge sum of potions on this one in the way of 650,000, and you will also have another 24 hour wait time ahead.  With all these wait times, it’s like I really am at a Disney park!


Once done, Mowgli will go to face off against Shere Khan…which honestly looks a lot like them playing Patty Cake.  It’s the cutest fight I’ve ever seen, that’s for sure.  As a side note, I love Randall creepily hiding in this photo.


The Battle with Shere Khan

The time has finally come.  Load all of your Jungle Book characters into a car and drive on over to the portal between Frontier Land and Adventureland.  It’s time to have us an old western showdown between tigers, bears, monkeys and a little boy in a loin cloth.  I know there’s a joke there, but I can’t seem to find it.  A tiger, a bear and an orangutan walk into a bar.  Loincloth boy says Tiger?  I barely know ‘er!  Ugh, that was rough even by my standards.  Let’s look at the battle shall we?


All four of your Jungle Book characters can embark on a fight with Shere Kahn 2 hour quest.  Please note that at this point I had to upgrade Mowgli to level 6 and Bagheera to level 5.  King Louie was fine at level 4 and Baloo was fine at level 4.


The battle ensues with everyone throwing things at Shere Khan’s face.


Particularly great is Louie who doesn’t actually try to fight, but does so accidentally by disposing of his banana peels.  Thanks for the help buddy.


Once the old tiger is bested, you’ll be given a three part quest.  Mowgli’s will be 6 hours.  Baloo’s will be 12 and Bagheera’s will take 24 hours.


Welcome Shere Khan

Full disclosure, I have not actually welcomed Shere Khan yet, but I thought I’d share his welcome requirements here in the meantime!

Prickly Pears

As with all our Jungle Book friends, Shere Khan will need prickly pears.  60 of them to be precise, so start getting Flash and Alien out there to collect!


Red Fire Stick

Also known as Orange Fire Stick thanks to the not red photo, Khan’s two main tokens are legendary, which means their drop rates are abysmal.  That being said, you only need 10 of each.  Each of these quests will take 12 hours and I have not found that any of them are more successful than others.


Shere Khan Ears Hat

Looking very much like the ears hat for Simba and Scar, these will drop far less often.  You’ll want to level up Louie and Mowgli and make sure to keep Mother Gothel and Zurg out on their quests as often as possible.


And that is where I leave you today!  Hopefully we have some news of a new update very soon, but in the meantime I will continue to chug away at Shere Khan.  How are you guys doing so far with this update?  Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!

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  1. hey jaysen,

    this time a big “hello and welcome back (at least in the dmk section)” from germany.
    as so many before me, i also wanted to say thank you for this fun blog, i really like it, especially your little jokes!
    so good you came back because – as you wrote in this article – “the haters gonna hate hate hate” anyway, so i’m glad you managed to focus on the people that do appreciate your writing 🙂
    lots of love

    anne 🙂

    p.s. although i’m a player from (nearly) the very first minute, i still didn’t manage to collect several millions of potion…this jungle book chapter will be a pricy one, ouch!

  2. Just started the Shere Khan battle and…is that A MILLION PLUS POTIONS to welcome him?! Yowza!!!

    I had almost 7 million before Jungle Book started, so I’m still ok but I can’t imagine some of the late adopters being able to afford this without taking time between tasks to build some up.

  3. Did it used to be easier to earn potions in the past? At the pace I’m going it will take me months to earn the million plus potions needed to complete all of these quests! I know they want us to buy stuff but what an unbelievable grind fest! Not fun at all 😦

  4. As someone that has been playing since Day 1, I am far along (just need 4 more hats to get Shere Khan to Level 1). But I would hope that the game would allow those that started later or even very recently to catch up. It has to be frustrating for newbies to get hundreds of thousand (or even a million) gems or to try their luck getting characters from events past. The more contented people are, the more likely they’ll stay with the game.

  5. I can’t believe how expensive everything is!!! I have just 1.5 million in potions which I thought was alot until I read this! I started playing at the end of the Frozen event so I’m still trying to welcome mother gothel. Right now I’m desperately leveling up characters to get enough gems for the event that’s sure to come soon. Thanks for the great article, I love hearing what’s coming next!

  6. I really enjoy your blog. I was not an early adopter and I just welcomed Mother Gothel. It’s going to be a tough road ahead 😉 Anyone feel free to add me!

    Thank you

  7. I just got the quest to battle Shere Khan this morning. I hadn’t bought King Louie yet, but I did when I saw Shere Kahn would need 40 turns of battling. Louie was immediately able to jump in and fight. I merely welcomed him. Did not level him up yet.

  8. Only two more ears hats and I can finally welcome Shere Khan, pfew… Thankfully I’ve been playing since the first week of DMK, so I’ve got over 5 mln potions stored up.

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