Top 10 Updates I Want in Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello again friends!  As I work on my next article involving The Jungle Book, I’ve found myself contemplating that question that was posed to us in the last DMK livestream.  What updates do we want to see?  As a fan of the game, this is something I think about very often.  As such, I thought we’d count down the 10 movies, TV shows or franchises that I would like to see in an update in the near (or far) future of the game.  Make sure to let me know if any, all or none of these match up with what you hope to see in the future of the game.  Obviously there are WAY more than 10 that I would like to see, but limiting it to 10 is what makes count down lists so frustrating and painful, right? Now let’s make like David Letterman and count them down!


#10 – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Admittedly, this is not my favorite Disney film ever made, BUT it was the first full length and it’s pretty darn important to Disney lore and history.  But besides all of that, how fun would it be to welcome ALL seven dwarfs!?  And the Evil Queen!  Oh and Snow White I guess.  At any rate, this makes this list not necessarily because I want it, but because the game feels like it desperately needs it.


#9 – Big Hero 6

This practically begs to be an event.  These characters are all so amazing and colorful and we could run around the kingdom smashing bots and flying with Baymax.  It’s a delightful cast of characters that adds a bit more tech to the Kingdom, or as I like to call it, one step closer to Star Wars.


#8 – Hercules

We can all just go ahead and admit that it feels weird to not have Hades running around the Kingdom and causing issues, right?  It feels like something is missing.  Hercules makes the list for having an awesome assortment of character types.  From Herc and Meg to the little demons Pain and Panic, not too mention a Pegasus, a lord of the undead and goat man.  Sorry Phil, that’s just what you are.


#7 – Alice in Wonderland

Okay but seriously, there’s already a bunch of Alice in Wonderland stuff IN THE KINGDOM!  At this point, it feels like someone forgot to click the ‘Add to update’ button.  We need Alice.  We need Queen of Hearts.  We need the Mad Hatter.  We need a clicker that is the playing cards.  We need this!  We deserve this!  Also, I’d like a costume for Alice for when she becomes tiny as well as one for when she becomes a giant and then has a Godzilla inspired fight with Mrs. Potts.


#6 Peter Pan

Yes, we do already have Tinker Bell.  We only have Tinker Bell.  We’ve had her since day 5 of playing.  I need Peter and Captain Hook and Smee.  I need a crocodile!  I need the lost boys.  I guess Wendy can come along too?  But seriously, she’s not needed.  I won’t miss her.  Peter Pan and Hook are sorely missing from this game and I would also like a Big Ben ride as well as the Magic Kingdom Peter Pan ride.  I’ll take my order to go.  Thank you!


#5 – Robin Hood

An oldie but a goodie, Robin Hood often gets left out of everything, but let’s not forget that this was Zootopia long before Zootopia.  Robin Hood has a fantastic cast of characters with varying body types that makes for an interesting event.  From Little John to Friar Tuck and even Maid Marian, this is an update I’d gladly take for Adventureland once it opens up…if it opens up…


#4 – Duck Tales

This probably won’t make everyone’s list, but I LOVE Duck Tales and I would really love to see Huey, Dewey and Louie make their DMK debut.  I’d also love Uncle Scrooge to join the bunch.  The way I see it, if we can have Chip and Dale, we should also be allowed to have the Duck Tales team.  It’s all about fairness, am I right?


#3 – Wreck-It Ralph

I love this movie and I love the cast.  More than anything though, I think it’d be great to add a bunch of Candy Themed decorations and attractions to the Kingdom.  Because of the multiple worlds found in the film, there is just so much potential for variety with this one.  And with another film coming up, I think getting Wreck-It Ralph to join the forces in our Kingdom is just a matter of time!


#2 – Winnie the Pooh

This almost took the number 1 spot.  Almost.  Many of you may know that Winnie the Pooh was a prominent part of my wedding ceremony.  I need all of these characters.  They’re all so delightful that I would easily pay gems for all of them.  THAT IS NOT A CHALLENGE GAMELOFT!  DON’T DO IT!  From Pooh Bear to Tigger to Eeyore and Piglet.  If this game ever shuts down before adding these characters, it will be a sad day.  The Hundred Acre Wood deserves to join DMK!


#1 – Lilo & Stitch

If you know ANYTHING about me, then my number one pick will come as no surprise.  Stitch is one of my favorite characters of all time and every time an update is announced, he’s the first one on my list.  These two would be such an easy add-in during a separate event.  You heard it hear DMK devs.  This is my number one must have.  Now make it happen!  Also, I want an Elvis costume for Stitch.  DO IT!  Please…


What is Your Top 10?

That’s my Top 10.  What are yours?  Plenty of series and movies didn’t make my list and some came mighty close.  I’m looking at you Three Cabelleros and the Muppets.  Let me know your top ten or even your number one in the comments below and let’s compare notes!

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  1. Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs & The Little Mermaid are the two I am waiting for the most now. Some of my other favourites are in the game already. If I think of any others I’ll add them in…..💜X

  2. Well I put my thinking cap on and came up with this list:
    1) The Hunchback of Notredame
    2) Ratatouille
    3) The Princess & The Frog
    4) Frankenweenie
    5) The Lady & The Tramp
    6) The Aristocats
    7) Pinocchio
    8) Bambi
    9) Up
    10) Cars
    11) Moana
    12) Finding Nemo
    I clearly cannot count😂
    I would like some seniors in my game (Up) & some ethnics (P&F , Moana)….and I love all the classic older ones too……💜X

  3. For me, I’m mainly old school. Everything that pre-dates the 90’s thrills me beyond anything else and helps me re-live the happy times of my childhood, just as this game does. My exception to the 90’s rule would be the Darkwing Duck characters…. Gosalyn as my fave (always loved Christine Cavanaugh as her voice talent). Honestly, I truly love what Gameloft has done so far and always enjoy it no matter who they add. If I could humbly ask for any up-grade, it would be for voices for the rest of the characters…. I truly need Chip & Dale chattering away while trying to crack a nut, and would love to hear Flora and Merryweather dispute the choices between Blue and Pink (of which I’m Team Blue all the way).

  4. I might be an obsessive “finisher” because my first thought is that I would really love to finish PoTC. They are the only group with a max level of 6. And how about finishing Cinderella? We need more mice and villains in the kingdom. And while we’re adding to Peter Pan, how about adding more “Sword in the Stone” characters? I’m not sure I ever saw that movie, but I’m pretty sure they had more characters than just poor old Merlin.

  5. I’d love for the game to do a Thanksgiving event with a Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko, Flit, Percy and Ratcliffe.

    I’d also love an Easter event with Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman, Benny the Cab and Wise Guy Weasel.

  6. Definitely, agree with all but Winnie the Pooh. If they do that one I’d hope it’s an event because I don’t care enough about it for it to be a storyline. Big Hero 6 is one I REALLY want to be added though.

  7. My top ten would be……
    Winnie the Pooh
    Star wars
    Inside Out
    Big Hero Six
    Little Mermaid
    Princess and the Frog
    Snow White
    These are in no particular order……Just the ten I’d like to see the most. Not to mention the collections that should be finished: Peter Pan, Cinderella and Pirates.

  8. I can’t see them adding Star Wars, Marvel or the Muppets to the game. Please don’t get your hopes up for those.

    It’s clear that they’re only sticking to traditional Disney and Pixar here.

  9. My top would be Little Mermaid. Would also love to see winnie the pooh, peter pan, and agree about snow white being iconic.

  10. My top would be Little Mermaid. Would also love to see winnie the pooh, peter pan, and agree about snow white being iconic. Oh, and finding nemo! And inside out and moana after seeing other comments

  11. 1. Hercules: Imagine it. Welcome Hercules, Phil, Meg., and Hades Hercules comes in pre-muscle form, and requires an outfit change with the quest titled “Zero to Hero”. Probably pay diamonds for Pegasus.
    2. Lilo and Stitch: It would be beautiful and all their attractions would fill the holes in the space area of my kingdom.
    3. Big Hero 6: Alright DMK, where is Baymax? I need him waddling around the kingdom immediately.
    4. Moana: I don’t even need a lot. Just Moana, Maui, and the cutest chicken ever.
    5. Atlantis: I cannot explain to you how ready I am for Kida and Milo. They would be adorable, amazing, and let’s be honest, the kingdom could really use some of that solid Atlantis aesthetic.
    6. Treasure Planet: I would pay all the diamonds in the world for Morph. We of course naturally unlock Jim, Delbert, the most glorious captain to ever pilot anything in space (Captain Amelia), and B.E.N. A big emotional battle leads to the welcoming of our dear John Silver, cool robot arm and all.
    7. Alice in Wonderland: The gardens in the kingdom are mocking me. We deserve this update.
    8. Little Mermaid: I just want Ursula and a “Poor Unfortunate Souls” quest. Let me build her witch lair.
    9. Hunchback of Notre Dame: Five words for you: Court of Miracles. Notre Dame. Come on, you know you want those in your kingdom. I am so ready to welcome a bellringer, a gypsy, a captain of the guard, and a judge.
    10. Wreck-it Ralph: The potential for the different attractions is what sold me.
    BONUS: Sleepy Hollow: My list is too long but shhhhh. What I propose is Sleepy Hollow for the Halloween event (that hasn’t started yet, which makes me sad. Do we not get one?). We could get Ichabod, Brom Bones, Katrina Van Tassel, and – if we’re lucky – a headless horseman all our own.

      • Ah, thank you! Your list was very inspiring and fun to read! I had more written but I didn’t want you to have to read an entire book! 🙂

    • I love your detailed list!! I’d forgotten about Treasure Planet and Atlantis!!! They would definitely be great additions! Let’s just sum it up…… Basically we’d like to see every Disney movie ever made 🙂

  12. I believe that there are a total of 92 characters in the game already. Since getting to 100 would be special, adding all 7 dwarves would allow for Snow White to be #100. But if I had to pick my favorite, it would be the one, the only Pinocchio.

  13. Snow White, Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, Brave, Moana and Lilo & Stitch. Keep it simple, keep it Disney!

  14. 1- Who frammed Roger Rabbit ? : Roger ( Welcome a Toon ) , Jessica ( Welcome a songstress ) , Valiant ( Welcome a detective ) , Dolores ( Welcome a bartender ) , Herman ( Gems ) , Benny ( Gems ) , Doom ( Welcome a Jugde )
    2 – Princess and the frog : Tiana ( Welcome a waitress ) , Naveen ( Welcome maldonyan royalty ) , Mama Oddie ( Welcome a vodoo witch ) , Louis ( Welcome a crocodile ) , Lottie ( Gems ) , Ray ( Gems ) Facilier ( Welcome a shadow man )
    3 – Hercules : Hercules ( Welcome a true hero ) , Meg ( Welcome a “not-in-love” girl ) , Phil ( Welcome a hero’s trainer ) Pegasus ( welcome a bird horse ) Zeus ( gems ) Muse leader ( Gems ) Hades ( Welcome the Underworld Ruler )
    4 – Goofy Movie : Max ( Welcome a son ) , Roxanne ( Welcome a Goof love interest ) Pj ( Gems )
    5 – Mary Poppins : Mary Poppins ( Welcome a nanny ) , Bert ( Welcome a chimney sweep )
    6 – Pinocchio : Pinocchio ( Welcome a puppet ) , Jimminy ( Welcome a coincidence ) Geppeto ( Welcome a father ) Figaro ( Gems )
    7 – 101 dalmatians : Pongo ( Welcome a dog father ), Perdite ( Welcome a Dog mother ) , Anita ( Welcome an english lady ), Roger ( Welcome a Musician ) , Nanny ( Gems ) , Patch ( Gems ) , Cruella ( Welcome a fur lover )
    8 – Three Caballeros : Panchito ( Welcome a caballero ) , Jose ( welcome a Caballero )
    9 – Epic Mickey ( I Know , not a movie , but one can dream right? ) : Oswald ( Welcome a Lucky rabbit ) Gus ( welcome a gremblin ) , Ortensia ( Gems ), Yensid ( Welcome a sorcerer )
    10 – Inside out : Joy ( Welcome an emotion ) , Sadness ( Welcome an emotion ) , Anger ( Welcome an emotion ), Disgust ( Welcome an emotion ) , Fear ( Welcome an emotion ) , Riley ( Gems )

  15. My whole family has been asking for Emperor’s New Groove since we first started playing. Kronk, Yuma, Pacha and family, Bucky the squirrel, and Kuzco with a llama costume. That’s a great collection.

  16. I was wondering if anyone know which characters give extra gems when leveled up to 10? I am hoping to get some beauty and the beast chests…….But only have 34 gems.

  17. I’m behind because I’ve been crazy busy at work and running for local office, but I’m back checking in and excited for your new book. As I’ve posted here before, I don’t do social media, so here’s to hoping the developers love your blog too.

    Snow White, obviously, but since she was first and they have her story on the character update page (the book they are standing on), I think she’s the key to saving the kingdom, so even though she’s my fave, I can wait.

    1) I’d like to see a way to unlock access to the buildings that constitute the land frame- all those little houses.

    2) When there’s an event, I think it would be nice if the characters from older events participated, even if just to gain currency. Sort of a nod to the long-time players.

    3) Can we put something in that Toy Story fight area? I hate that once you’ve completed the action it just sits there. At least let a kid play Zurg’s controls. Same with the Alice area. Hopefully, it will become useful through this event.

    4) Brave. Merida and a costume changing bear mom? OK, maybe that’s too much. But I think it would be fun to have the 3 brothers act as one character.

    5) A further Merlin storyline. Let’s send him off into those border buildings to look for something. At least let’s get him a chair while he’s standing around waiting to gather my potions and turn my benches into magic.

    6) Vidia, Periwinkle, Rosetta, Queen Clarion…did we forget Tinkerbell had several movies and books? She’s all alone. Let’s give our resident fairy some friends.

    7) Mary Poppins anyone? She could fly around the kingdom with her umbrella looking for trouble. Maybe tell all these kids to lay off the soda.

    8) I don’t want to drive home too many princesses since that area isn’t big enough for all of them, but Tiana with a gumbo concession stand.

    9) Pinocchio.

    10) Maybe an animals release that includes Dumbo, Bambi, Lady & The Tramp…

    Also, did anyone else notice that you can’t tap the characters and have them giggle or fight back anymore? I guess it wasn’t really useful. And, did this update make anyone else’s game seem to take forever to load?

  18. There’s a small homage to Hercules in Fantasy land, just to the right of Small World, so hopefully that means we’ll get that eventually. I really want The Little Mermaid, too. I think a Mardi Gras event with the Princess/Frog cast would be a lot of fun.

  19. Oooh it’s so hard to choose just 10 but here I go…

    1. Pocahontas
    2. The Black Cauldron (I think this one is unlikely but how good would it be for a Halloween event?)
    3. Princess and the Frog
    4. Hercules – again I think it’s unlikely, the art style is just so different from all the others
    5. Hunchback of Notre Dame
    6. Moana – I would throw all the gems at Tamatoa the crab
    7. Lady and the Tramp
    8. 101 Dalmatians – the more dogs, the better
    9. Tarzan
    10. Lilo & Stitch – I feel like this should be part of regular gameplay rather than an event

    And more Peter Pan characters please!

  20. Just stumbled upon this old-ish post of yours … wow, Jaysen! Considering you wrote this just a few months ago, GameLoft is really making these happen! 🙂 Love it. P.S.: I’m so with you on Lilo and Stitch. Adore them. One of my favorite Disney World memories is seeing Lilo charm my then-6-year-old daughter out of a deep funk at the character breakfast. Love, love, love L&S.

  21. ☺😊😀Your thoughts are mind flowing,I also had some of those views,but please fulfill my request, check in costume shop,we can find more updates and predictions ,I can figure Edgar’s hat -villain in aristocrats ,and sherrif Nottingham costume aside,rest I am unaware,can you do so…PLEASE try to and post article about that…

  22. My number one update is the Descendants gang. They’d make a great addition to the game. SO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!😃😃😃

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