The Circle of Life Livestream Recap – Disney Magic Kingdoms

Hello everyone and welcome back!  As many of you know, I tend to get these things out early, but I’ve been on vacation all week while my Mom visited from Colorado.  Because of that, this article had to be delayed like Splash Mountain when it rains.  BUT NO MORE! Thanks to the devs doing a livestream, we have just a gobbledygook worth of stuff to talk about today.  And while I am rarely surprised by DMK at this point, I was very much surprised by the content in what I strongly believe is the biggest update EVER.  So let’s hunker down and dig in like Crystal crabs.

Screenshot (39) 


The livestream started out with a bit of housekeeping a minor changes that weren’t ‘WOW’ worthy but will still make our lives much better in this game.  I don’t know that they’ll make your life better outside of the game though.  After all, we haven’t gotten an update that does our laundry yet.  Cough.  Hint.  Wink.  Come on Gameloft, you can do it.

Clickable Chest Rewards

This is pretty nifty.  Now you can click on chest rewards like buildings in order to see what they do and evaluate their worth to you.  It’s a small change, but something I think was a long time coming.

Screenshot (29)

Token Requirements

While this fix looks small, something tells me this required a butt load of work from the dev team.  The token requirements for each character have been overhauled.  Now you can see exactly who does a task, how long it takes, if it takes another character to perform AND if you need to do something to unlock said task.  That is just a whole lot of information and I can imagine it will save a lot of time when deciding who to send on quests.  I myself often write about which quests are the fastest in my posts because it wasn’t presented here.  So for me, this is a very cool improvement!  Great job guys!

Screenshot (34)

Merlin Elixir Conjuring Priority 

Another small but welcome change is having the concessions and decorations worth the most potions listed from top to bottom as far as which are worth more elixirs.  This one doesn’t rewrite the rulebook, but definitely helps cut time spent with Merlin down by a lot.  That’s good too because he smells a bit like old man musk and I never like to stay too long.  Plus he likes to talk about politics and cook without salt.  Oh sorry, I seem to have confused Merlin with my Grandmother.

Screenshot (36)

Improved Task Tapping

Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU!!! You guys have no idea how much this one drives me crazy.  Having the quest tapping stopped by characters completing tasks (Looking at you Wall-E) is the WORST!  Seeing this improvement makes my eyes glisten with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Screenshot (37)

New Merlin Spell

Merlin seems to be the place to go for creating content that shuts up the communities whining.  Pretty soon he’ll have a spell to make buildings take up less space.  In any case, this is something that I think a lot of people will love as so many folks can never find the chests in their kingdom.  Now even you, YES YOU, can waste valuable resources to ‘search’ for you!  All kidding and meanness aside, I think this is going to make life a lot easier for a lot of people and that’s always a great thing!

Screenshot (35)

The Lion King Event

The big news here was, of course, the Lion King Event!!  The event is mostly confirmed to run:

July 6 – July 31

The event boasts A LOT of new content, with:

  • 40 New Quests
  • 11 New Buildings
  • 1 New Parade Float
  • 7 New Characters
  • 2 New Tappers
  • 1 New Trophy

That’s a lot of stuff, so let’s take a deeper dive.

New Characters

Pretty much everyone we thought would here is here. I was surprised to see that I was quite wrong about who the gem characters would be though.  The quest will start off with Pumbaa getting lost while chasing bugs, which seems appropriately silly for how things usually get started in these event.  The character models look great and Rafiki in particular is simply fantastic!

Screenshot (30)Screenshot (31)

Here we also see the gem prices for Zazu and Rafiki.

Screenshot (39)

New Buildings

We got to see some great attractions that will surely be right at home in our new land!  Included in these were Festival of the Lion King, The Tree of Life and The Circle of Life.  All three attractions look great, despite my sadness that the Tree of Life is so darned small!

Screenshot (38)

We also got to see some adorable new concessions which have us putting masks on the children of the park and feeding them bugs!  Wow, everything in this update is reminding me of Grandma.  What’s with that?

Screenshot (47)

Keep in mind that there will be plenty of Promos for these items so be on the look out for some deals.

Screenshot (40)

Fortunately, when you go to purchase a gem character, the game will also alert you if there’s a promo to be had.  That way there are less accidents when spending gems.

Screenshot (41)

New Boss Area

I was surprised to find that the Elephant Graveyard is the centerpiece for this one, as I was sure it would be Pride Rock.  Who knows, maybe it will change at some point like in Beauty and the Beast.  This battle looks like it is going to be epic!

Screenshot (49)

New Parade Float

What update would be complete without a new parade float?  This one looks very much like the song “Can’t Wait to Be King” and has a very fun vibe to it!

Screenshot (52)

The Event looks awesome, but the real news was kept until the end of livestream.  I was shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, to see that Frontier Land will be opening up upon the defeat of Mother Gothel.  I am very excited to see this little game I’ve been writing about for so long finally grow in size so let’s take a look at what’s to come!

Frontier Land Opens!

That’s right, as soon as you smash Mother Gothel’s dreams of every finding happiness, you’ll get to go to the old West via the portal to the left of the Partner’s Statue.

Screenshot (54)

Two new chunks of land will be accessible, giving you all sorts of places to put all your new stuff!

Screenshot (55)

The area will focus around The Jungle Book and will expand more in future updates.

Screenshot (58)

The land starts off its tale with Bullseye becoming available.  We will also eventually get the Green Alien from Toy Story, but he won’t be available right away.

Screenshot (56)

And one you’ve completed Zootopia, you’ll be able to start welcoming Jungle Book characters with Mowgli and Bagheera.  I imagine we’ll also see Baloo, King Louie and Shere Kahn in the future!  Keep in mind that these characters, as well as the Toy Story characters are NOT time limited so I would worry about the event characters first and foremost!

Screenshot (57)

Final Thoughts

Wow, this is just a lot of content.  I am very excited to see the game grow into Frontier Land and beyond.  With tons of new content, characters and quests, this will be an update that will have us busy for a very long time I think.  So what are you guys most excited for in this event?  Don’t be ashamed.  It’s the ‘Find a Chest’ quest isn’t it.  You can tell me.  We’re friends.  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for taking time from you vacation and new lifestyle to share this. Your summaries are fun to read and so concise. I always feel better prepared for an update after reading your witty take on it!

  2. Okay, I’ll just admit it: I’m only excited about EVERYTHING in this update! There hasn’t been an update so far I’ve loved as much as I think I’ll love this one. Now the pressure is on to complete the Zootopia quests before thursday hahaha

  3. I can’t wait for Wednesday morning. I wish we didn’t have it start on a work day, but I’m sure the programmers want to be back at work too for the roll out in case they need to patch something. Still, having Monday to be at home and play Lion King would be awesome. Regardless, I love the Lion King and listen to the music regularly. My current addiction is the soundtrack to the AK Festival, which is my favorite show tied with the Festival of Fantasy parade. Two amazing festivals! July will be a great month. I’ll be on vacation with my season pass in the fall, so I’ll be sure to stop by Kiehls to introduce myself. Thanks for all your fun posts!

  4. I’m so worried this is gonna be like Disney infinity I’m gonna get super into it and then they’ll drop the project

  5. Damn you Jaysen☺️ Having made up my mind not to play the Lion King, I read you fab article (thanks) and now I’ve changed my mind……more land!!!!! I’ll have somewhere to put all the stuff so I’ve not got a reason to sit it out. It looks sooo good I don’t want to miss out. Thank you for unwittingly changing my mind (Gameloft need to pay you a nominal promotional fee😂)….💜X

  6. Thanks as always Jaysen. I hope I don’t have to beat Mother Gothel a second time to start filling up Adventureland. As far as the Zootopia quests, I’m at level 10 with Judy, Level 9 with Nick & Flash, and Level 7 with Bogo. Does anyone know if I have any Zootopia tasks left?

  7. As far as the quest-tapping improvement is concerned, I’m so happy I’ll no longer have to wait for Woody to finish twirling that lasso, for Buzz to salute (to absolutely no one), for Boo to flip her costume head and laugh, …. sigh. It’s going to be such a great update. 🙂

  8. It’s all good! Lots of great improvements, fun new event, new land, and new storyline characters – I love it all!!! I’m so excited, just bummed that I always seem to plan vacations to the middle of nowhere when there are events running! Why does real life have to be so awesome?

    • I am so excited too but also bummed that I have vacation right in the middle too! No internet at all will mean I won’t finish this event. Oh well there’s always next time;-)

  9. As excited as I am for Frontierland to open, it’s odd that the rest of Fantasyland will still be cursed. I was hoping for them to over-deliver on land so we could spread out our buildings and actually be able to use our decorations.

    The incoming characters will keep us busy for a while. I’m really looking forward to Bullseye, as I’ve been hoping for a third toy story page of characters. But I will say, where’s Slinky and the potato heads?!

  10. I have a delima as thia event gets closer…….I have two characters-donald and sleeping beauty-ready to welcome. Each takes four hours to welcome……Do I welcome them now and have more characters to get tokens or wait until after the event to limit the number of regular tokens I have to collect during the event? I would really appreciate any advice I could get. Thanks!

    • According to the patch notes they posted today, Neither Donald nor Aurora will help with the event itself. However, they will both help with Bullseye and Aurora (with Phillip) will also help with Bagheera. Plus, you need to have Zootopia completed in order to start welcoming Bagheera and Mowgli, but Zootopia doesn’t start until after you’ve welcomed Aurora. So if the only thing you care about for now is the event, I wouldn’t worry about them. But if you want to start making progress on the new permanent content, get Donald and Aurora into your park ASAP! 🙂

      • I’d rather focus on the event…..Since I’ll be gone for most of it, I want to make as much progress as I can. Permanent content will always be there!

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing Maleficent again – she must appear when Frontier Land is opened. And there must be a cool centerpiece ride in FL that we can gaze at and dream about for next update 🙂

    Otherwise, the update on quest planning sounds useful. And I’ll be glad to finish the Zootopia – I’m not interested in that movie at all, so can hardly even remember what their names are… 😉

  12. With the update now available, we can see Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! As well as an Agrabah themed area! Can’t wait to unlock this region (hopefully it won’t take a year + to do so).

    • Just opened it too and the area looks fantastic. Thunder on Big Thunder, 3 geysers on the far left, room for my Aladdin attractions in presently in storage, and an extensive Jungle Book area. There’s also a portal that either goes into Adventureland or somewhere else. Definitely looks like a lot ahead.

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