Welcoming Mulan and Building the Ancestor’s Shrine – Disney Magic Kingdoms

The Lunar Festival is in full swing and today we got our third and final character unlocked with seemingly plenty of time to spare.  Mulan, as many of you might know, is one of my favorite Disney characters and it was great to finally get to welcome her to the party.  I have to say, I’ve loved the lower stress level of this event and it’s been nice not having to worry about a big bad villain at the end of it all.  That being said, let’s take a look at what it takes to get Mulan.  We’ll also be building the gem based Lantern Attraction as well as the Ancestor’s Shrine!  Are you ready?  Well, I’m afraid to tell you that we’re jumping in whether you are or not.  Let’s Go!



We’re going to skip over the basic token as you should already have a stockpile or at least know who can get you a bunch of them fast with super short quests.


Lotus Hairpiece

The two main tokens here are both rare but luckily a HUGE collection of characters drop them.  I will also point out that the Lantern Attraction, which I’ll discuss in a moment, drops both the rare tokens and it seems to do it with pretty good frequency.  If you’re looking to nab Mulan quickly, the attraction may be a good investment for you.


Mulan Ears

Again, the Lantern Attraction is key here.  However, if you have managed to get Lunar Minnie into play, she also has a great quest to drop the hats as well.  Keep in mind that you’ll have several 2 hour quests and several 4 hour quests, so there are lots of opportunities to grab this particular token.


Keep plugging away and eventually you’ll fill up all your requirements!


And voila, Mulan will join your kingdom, ready to help out with the festival in any way she can.


This will also complete your Mulan collection which will hand you a few extra gems!



Before we continue on with the quests, I want to talk about the Lantern Attraction.  As of this morning, it can be built at any time.  It is amazing for collecting Mulan tokens as it drops both of the rare ones and is able to do that every two hours.  Besides that it simply looks amazing.  This is one of the more unique attractions in the park and the artistry of it is divine.  I am a huge fan of Chinese style architecture so for me this was a MUST have.  You can grab it in a special promo BUT I think it’s actually more worth it to just spend the 150 gems.  After all, event currency, which also comes in the promo, is just too easy to get for free.  You really don’t need to spend money on it.


Mulan arrives ready to help out in any way she can!  She’s heard Shang’s message loud and clear…


And if she can just find him, she might be able to answer it.


Eventually Li Shang shows up.  But Mulan is like the girl in every 90’s movie who completely overestimated the cute boy’s ability to understand that she likes him.


Military consultant?  Li Shang, that is an awfully weird way of saying ‘girlfriend.’  Maybe you should try again.


But seriously, this is the plot of every 90’s teen drama.  I’ve seen this one before.  The boy is too embarrassed to ask the girl to the dance so he comes up with some ludicrous excuse to invite her.  No Mulan, we’re not going to the festival, like, together!  No, no, no.  You’re going as my military consultant.  Oh, but don’t forget, I get to hold hands with the military consultant.  You know, one of those strange traditions and all. Hey!  I didn’t make the rules!


While you’ll once again get two quests, the one you want to start with is this one that involves both Li AND Mulan discussing the fact that they’re not ACTUALLY on a date.  Obviously!


Luckily, just like many women, Mulan is on to Li Shang and can read between his socially inept boyness.


Wait a minute.  I thought we were talking about Li Shang but now you’re getting into sighting along barrels and wind and…Mulan!  Are you implying something!  *Dramatic Gasp!*


Oh, you actually WERE talking about rockets.  I guess the theme of this event has been blowing things up.  I shouldn’t really be surprised.


Meanwhile, Shang is still going on about something random, instead of asking Mulan out.  Just do it Li!  Do it or I’ll get Sebastian to sing to you guys in a boat.  Don’t try me!  I’ll do it!


Shang, the next quest we’re going to send Mulan on is one where she face palms at how clueless you are.


Mulan tries desperately to get Shang back on the track OF LOVE!


But once again forgets the most pressing problem of our time.  Boys are dumb.



Once again, it’s time to set off firecrackers.  You’ll need to do 10 every hour until you hit 120 of them.



With the plans set out for the demonstration, Mulan decides she needs a place to contemplate the fact that she likes a boy that’s too lost in his own tofu drama to ask her out.


Ag this point you’ll be able to build the shrine, another large attraction.


The shrine costs a whopping 15,000 tokens and will take 12 hours to build.  I want to take a moment here to mention that, although it required some trial and error, I was able to fit these onto the map with every single other attraction, meaning that, if you have all the land available, it CAN be done.  I promise!


And that’s where I leave you for the day!


As some of you know, tomorrow is my birthday!!!  For said day, I’ll be doing a 4 park challenge at Disney.  This means that we’ll be going to each of the four parks in one day.  At each park, we will be riding 1 ride, meeting 1 character and eating 1 amazing dessert.  If you happen to have the low down on an amazing dessert, let me know in the comments!  I’ll be doing a big blog post afterwards, but in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see the fun as it happens, and if you see me in the parks tomorrow, make sure to wave a hearty “HELLO!”

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  1. Hi Jayden, what’s the actual size of the shrine? Is it 12 or more squares?

    Have fun at the parks! What a great way to celebrate your birthday!!!

  2. Great post, thanks! If you are at Hollywood Studios before 3 or 4pm tomorrow head over to Rolling Stars and try their Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake. Amazing! They close early though.

  3. Happy early birthday!!
    4 parks…4 characters…4 desserts. Here are my picks: MK-Snow White Mine Train, Mickey(at Town Square) and Dole Whip; AK-Dinosaur, Flick and Fried Wontons at Yak & Yeti; HS-Toy Story Mania, Kylo and Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake from 50s Primetime Cafe; Epcot-Soaring, Big Hero 6 and Mini Churros with Caramel Sauce from Mexico

  4. happy birthday! Also; *proccedes to chant loudly* DOLE WHIP! DOLE WHIP! DOLE WHIP! DOLE WHIP! DOLE WHIP! DOLE WHIP! DOLE WHIP!

  5. Is it me or does Mulan look weird, she looks like a dude in this game. They could’ve made her look better atleast!!!

      • 100%! It’s like they accidentally gave her the face of the sister in Lilo & Stitch, not Mulan.

      • I love that you guys are talking about this. I also can’t get over how Mulan’s face is no where near the quality of the other models in the game. Her animations are pretty awesome though.

      • Her face is too wide and skin color is too dark. She totally looks like Nani w a Mulan haircut.

  6. Happy Birthday! I vote for a macaron ice cream sandwich in France at Epcot (and maybe grab one of the princesses for a photo while you’re in world showcase?). 😊

  7. Hi and thanks for the post. As always it is very helpful. Happy Birthday and I am so glad you are really enjoying living near the most magical place on earth. Can’t wait to read how you did your 4-4-4

  8. 5 days and 21hrs to complete and I’m still stuck trying to collect the tokens for Mulan … I’m not feeling confident if I’m honest

  9. I’d say Mulan is much more difficult to get. I have played intensively now almost for two days and still haven’t got enough tokens. ( I’ve played with all the given characters and tasks.) Still missing 4 Mulan ears hats.

    • I’ve been trying to welcome Mulan since yesterday so were looking about 24 hours of intensive play and I still need 5 hairpieces and 7 ear hats … taking far longer than I wanted … only bonus is park happiness is 2% away from ecstatic so hopefully will see an increase in drops soon

      • such a difference with an ecstatic rating I have welcomed Mulan and she is half way through her quest with Li Shang 😀 and almost ready to level up

  10. Sooo, what triggers Mulan being available? I have completed all my current tasks and right now it says, “complete more Mulan tasks” But there aren’t any tasks!
    Happy Birthday! 4 parks in a day is SO much fun.

  11. There is more than enough time to unlock all the content in this event. I was thankful for that. With almost 5 days left, my shrine is built. Side note: As much as I love the quickly growing cast of characters, I really hope they focus on game improvements so the land can be unlocked. I hate to complain because I love the game, but the main joy comes from designing and decorating your own park. It’s hard to achieve that when the only challenge is trying to squeeze in every attraction.

    P.s. Hope you are enjoying your birthday!

  12. Whew! Fit in Ancestors Shrine, Lantern Attraction and (appropriately) Cyclops Sushi to the west of California Screamin’ with the Training Camp below. But I can’t imagine fitting any more attractions without additional land.

  13. I have a question……What happens to all the tokens you’ve earned if you can’t welcome a special event character in time? I am desperately trying to welcome Mulan but with only a day and a half left I need 13 Mulan ears! The only way I can earn them is with Hamm, parades and chests and none of these drop frequently. I have only been playing a short time so I don’t have as many characters to choose from. I worked hard to earn her tokens and feel bad that they will just disappear. 😦

    • Hey Susan, I’m guessing that unfortunately all those tokens will disappear when the event ends. It happened with the Frozen event anyway. I’m playing only a couple of months now and haven’t got that many characters either to get the ears.. Minnie for example. So I’m now trying to get as many ears as possible and then spending all my diamonds on the rest (I’ve saved up 260 now). Maybe that’ll work for you too!

  14. I’m new to this game. I don’t have minnie ynlocked, not even at zurg yet. So I don’t have all the characters. I’ve been playing very aggressively to try and get mulan. I just finally got the message today to welcome her. If I’m not able to unlock her today, can I do it at a later time if I buy the attraction that drops her ears and comb?

  15. Those of us that are fairly new to the game I.e. Still missing Minnie will NOT be able to complete the event WITHOUT buying gems to get items to buy Mulan. It’s just not possible without enough characters to drop the items. AND all of the event coins will be a waste and disappear. Very disappointing. Just like the Frozen quest. Sigh.

  16. Am I going to lose all of those mulan gold coins when the event time is up? I didn’t get Li in time, so the only thing I can spend them on is a lantern or the cherry blossom tree/bench…

  17. Thanks for all the suggestions! I unfortunately didn’t get Mulan….Only four ears short which makes it all the more frustrating. I haven’t welcomed Minnie yet so that was my downfall. 😦 I wish these characters wouldn’t disappear after the event, they should add more permanent characters. Oh well, maybe they’ll be back soon.

  18. What are your overall thoughts on the DMK Events since Nightmare during Halloween? I’m curious to hear what you thought of the Frozen and Mulan events as a whole instead of part to part.

  19. Yes, I missed getting Syndrome by just one or two items during the Incredibles event, but it meant when I did eventually get him in a chest (just recently), it took very little time to welcome him. So I think your items are preserved in the ether somewhere.

  20. Also — does anyone else feel like the game creators are trying to buy themselves some time by making the newer characters really hard to level up? I don’t think poor Elsa will ever be level 10. 🙂
    That said, I’d so much rather have it this way than have the characters almost impossible to obtain in the first place (my experience with Syndrome).

  21. J,
    I don’t know if you’ll see this because the post is old, but I think Beauty & the Beast is coming. I was updating another app and my phone shows up to date apps, including DMK, and the thumbnail icon has Belle. Makes sense with the new live action release. Would have potential for lots of characters.

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