The Kingdom

The Kingdom : Homecoming – Chapter Four

This is a work of fiction and is not to be sold in any way shape or form. It is simply for my amusement and the challenge of writing these characters in a strange and dangerous world. All the characters are owned by Disney and I do not claim ownership of any of them. Please let me know what you think in the comments below! Without further ado, welcome to The Kingdom.

If you have not read the previous chapters or Season 1, Beginnings, HEAD HERE! 


Chapter Four


Together with Buzz Lightyear, Mickey boarded the long white ship, taking note of the clanking of metal beneath his feet. The ship itself resembled Buzz in many ways. It had a thick boy and rounded front with two small wings and three large thrusters at its rear. It was mostly white with blue and purple accents giving it a bulky yet sleek appearance.  It was completely out of place in the back alley space port where it sat. Surely there was a less conspicuous ship to be flown into this neck of the woods. Mickey wouldn’t go taking the royal carriage into the slums of the city. It sent the wrong message and invited the wrong type of attention.

As they entered the ship, Buzz gave a light pat to the head of a small robotic creature. Its head was actually a pair of eyes which looked like a set of telescopes and its body was a mustard colored box with a thick layer of dust on it. It had small arms which ended in metal hands made of three fingers and it rolled around the floor on jagged wheels, helping it not to slip and slide as it performed its tasks. Little letters adorned the bottom front of its body which read ‘WALL-E.’

“Everything set to go Wall-E?” asked Buzz.

The robot looked up at the space ranger and nodded with its eyes.

“Wow,” said Mickey, who had never actually seen something like Wall-e before. “What sort of creature is that?”

Buzz chuckled. “You really are not from around here, are you? This is my own personal waste allocation load lifter, Earth-Class. I picked him up a few star systems away. He’s essentially a living trash compactor, but this one is special. He seems to be able to take on any task I give it. In fact, Wall-E here had become a vital part of team Lightyear.”

Mickey stared at the little robot for a moment longer. “Just incredible.”

“Come on,” said Buzz, with a bold smile on his face. “You can sit in the pilot’s cabin with me.”

“Thank you,” said Mickey, following after Buzz. They entered a compartment with a large window which looked over the spaceport outside. Buzz sat down in one of the two chairs in front of a large window and an equally large console with buttons and a screen, buzzing and beeping.  He keyed in a sequence and a route appeared on one of the screens leading to a white dot labeled “Headquarters.”

“Might want to take a seat,” said Buzz. Mickey sat down in the other chair and several bars sprung out over his chest, locking him into his seat. Buzz punched several of the buttons with his fingers and the ship came to life beneath them, emitting a low hum as it lifted into the air. Mickey grabbed onto his chair, uneased about flying. He didn’t care for riding dragons and he couldn’t imagine this would be much better.

He could feel the ship begin to tilt back and, with another press of a button, it launched upwards, jettisoning into the blue sky above them. Mickey closed his eyes, for fear that he might lose what little food was in his stomach if he didn’t. Within seconds, they broke free of the planet’s gravitational grasp. Another set of boosters kicked in and they shot into the blackness of space. Focusing on breathing normally, Mickey cautiously opened his eyes.

“You okay, mouse-friend?” asked Buzz.

“I-I’ll be alright,” said Mickey, swallowing to keep his lunch down. He shook his head, trying to get it to stop spinning, then looked over at Buzz who was steering the ship as easily as the seasoned sailors back home.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to space travel soon enough,” said Buzz. “You might even wonder why you didn’t start doing it sooner.”

“I d-don’t know about that,” replied Mickey.

“Aw, you say that now but-” Buzz stopped mid-sentence, his eyes fixating on a black screen with green lines outlining the area around the ship. “What the-”

SLAM! The entire ship rocked and Mickey grabbed a hold of his chair once more. Buzz grabbed onto the throttle and pulled to the right causing the ship to veer sharply off course. Red lights began to flash and a siren blared throughout the ship.

“What’s going on?!” cried Mickey.

“We’re being attacked. I’m taking evasive action!” announced Buzz who was pushing and pulling at buttons and levers from all sides of the cabin. Outside the window, Mickey could see laser blasts flying by them, just narrowly missing the hull of the ship. They swooped and dove as Mickey held on for dear life. “I can’t shake him!” yelled Buzz. “You think you can take over?” He eyed Mickey who stared back in horror.

“I’ve n-never…” Mickey couldn’t even come up with a full sentence, let alone fly a spaceship.

“I’ll take that as a ‘No,” said Buzz. “Wall-E!” The robot rolled calmly into the cabin and looked up at Buzz with his goggle eyes. “Take the controls, Wall-E. I’ll be back.” Buzz leapt from the chair, which retracted into the floor to make room for Wall-E who rolled up and grabbed onto the control stick in his small metal hands. Buzz ran to a small circle on the floor at the center of the hangar bay behind the cabin. As he stepped on it, a glass tube came down from the ceiling and encapsulated him inside it. The ceiling opened up and Buzz shot out into space.

Mickey looked from where Buzz disappeared to Wall-E with a terrified stare. Wall-E was unaffected. He simply pressed a button to turn off the red lights and blaring alarm. He then pressed another button, which sent music blaring throughout the ship.

“Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there!”

Mickey found the music to be calming, albeit completely inappropriate for the moment at hand.

Buzz flew away from the ship, his wings extending from his suit. Thrusters kicked in and launched him at the assailant, a larger ship, barraging his vessel with laser blasts. The ship was bright red with a white stripe down its center and strange letters written in yellow painted across its surface. Buzz rocketed himself towards the ship, extended his right arm and shot lasers back at it. The ship dodged the lasers in a wild spin. Buzz spun his body and landed atop the ship, aiming his wrist laser at the cockpit window of the ship.

“Show’s over,” he said.

A hatch popped open to reveal a creature no taller than the mouse he was transporting. It had blue fur with large ears like a bat and a fat nose. Its eyes were large and black and it had a mouth full of white teeth. The creature wore a brown leather overcoat on top of a brown tunic and pants  the typical appearance of an average smuggler. It held up its clawed hands in surrender.

“Wait, wait!” it shouted in a strange throaty voice.

Buzz let his guard down. The creature was actually quite cute. Perhaps there was something else going on here. But no sooner did he falter, than the creature pulled a blaster from his pocket with another set of hands than the ones he was already surrendering with. A shot rang out, catching Buzz across his chest piece, sending him flying off the ship and into space.  Sparks flew off his suit and his emergency protocols kicked in, shutting down his system and rendering him unconscious. The creature laughed maniacally, lowering the hatch on his ship.

Mickey fiddled with the controls, trying to turn off the loud music which blared overhead.

“Put on your Sunday clothes, we’re gonna ride through town!”

There was a loud thud behind them, which caused Mickey to look up.

“In one of those new horse-drawn open caaaars!”

Mickey pulled his harness off and leapt from his chair.

“We’ll see the shows at Delmonico, and we’ll close the town in a whirl!”

He walked towards the hangar bay at the rear of the ship as a red sparks cascaded from above; the hull of the ship being cut open.

“And we won’t come home until we’ve kissed a girl!!!”

The ceiling fell in as a furry blue alien dressed in brown dropped into the ship, blaster blazing.

The Force surged through Mickey as his lightsaber flew from his belt and into his hand, a blue light of energy bursting from it. He parried the blasts, deflecting them back towards the alien, who clearly was not expecting this as one caught him on the shoulder by surprise. He backed up in pain but continued to shoot at the mouse. The lightsaber buzzed through the air, knocking each blast back.

Mickey would soon be close enough to apprehend the creature. He just needed to keep focusing on the Force around him, letting it guide him. Suddenly a dark skinned man, twice his size, fell from the hole in the roof and landed atop him, sending his lightsaber flying across the floor. The man restrained his hands and clasped them in a pair of metal cuffs.

Ahead of him, the alien holstered his blaster and dusted off his coat with all four of his hands. He then reached down and picked up the lightsaber.

“Did we know he was with a Force user?” asked the man atop Mickey.

“No,” said the alien. “We did not.”

“This changes everything,” said the man. “Maybe he knows where the others are.”

“This changes nothing!” said the alien angrily. “We have a mission.” The alien turned and walked to the back of the ship where a large metal box sat. It reminded Mickey vaguely of a coffin. The alien put a hand atop it and stared for a moment.

The man stood and pulled Mickey up by his scruff, music still playing all around them. He looked up in disgust and pulled a blaster from his side, shooting the speaker above him and ending any hope of finding out exactly what was so important about “Sunday clothes.”  Behind them, Wall-E let out a mechanical noise that sounded disappointed.

“At least let me keep him alive,” said the man.

The alien glared at him. “You know better than that, Finn. Having him brings the Force with us. Ren will feel his presence.”

“Ren?” asked Mickey.

“Tell me, mouse,” said the alien. “Where did you get this?” he held up the lightsaber.

Mickey did not condone lying, but in this scenario he made an exception. “I found it, in the desert. Thought it’d make a good weapon.”

“Lying,” said the alien.

“Because he thinks you’re going to kill him,” said the man. “He’s got a lightsaber. That means he’s one of us. It’s like you always say, Stitch, nobody gets left behind.”

Stitch slapped a clawed hand on his face, grumbling under his breath. “Fine! But he’s your problem.”  Stitch began to leave the ship. “Get the box.  And bring the robot. It might be useful.” He shot a wire up into the hole in the ceiling and zipped out of sight.

The man knelt down and turned Mickey to face him. He had kind eyes and short black hair. “Alright now, don’t make me regret this. We’re on a covert mission. I can’t have you blowing that for us.”

“I’m just trying to get home,” said Mickey. “What about Buzz?”

“The Space Ranger? He’ll be fine. He’s as much a robot as that one you’ve got flying this ship. Once he reboots, he’ll be as good as new.  We didn’t expect there to be anyone alive on this ship.  Just a couple of robots performing duties for Star Command.” Finn smiled. “The name’s Finn by the way.”

“And I’m Mickey Mouse,” said Mickey with confidence. “Star Command sounds pretty important.  I don’t want to get on your bad side Mr. Finn, but are you two some sort of pirates?”

Finn gave a chuckle. “Not pirates.  Freedom fighters more like.” He pointed to the metal box at the back of the ship. “You know what’s inside there?”

“No,” admitted Mickey. “I only just met Mr. Lightyear.  He offered to give me a ride.”

“Well neither do we,” said Finn. “But someone out there does, and he’s willing to do anything for it, even let his guard down.”

“Someone?” asked Mickey curiously.

“Only the worst guy in the universe,” said Finn, a hint of worry flashing through his eyes. “A master of the Dark Side of the Force.”  His gaze shifted to one of anger.  “He calls himself Kylo Ren.”

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Author’s Notes:  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I had a heck of a time figuring out who the next chapter would focus on.  I always have an end game for these stories, but I sometimes have to play around to find the best plan of action.  Anyway, this season deals a lot with our main characters having their own little teams and we’re finally starting to see Mickey’s come together.

I hope you all eat tons of food and get awesome food hangovers!!!


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  1. I love WALL-E, and I feel that you did a fantastic job capturing him in narrative form, which isn’t easy since he doesn’t talk much. I could actually picture him calmly taking the wheel, turning off the alarms, and turning on his favorite song from “Hello, Dolly!” Made me smile.

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