Disney Magic Kingdoms – Crossword Clues and What’s Next

Hello all!

Wow, I feel like it’s been a million years since we talked?  Are you well?  How’s that problem with your toe you were telling me about?  How’s the family?  Uh-huh.  Yep.  I see.  Oh?  You’re wondering how long I can talk to myself?  Well, you’d be surprised.  What’s that?  Now it’s just creepy?  Fine, we’ll move on.

Mere weeks after Oogie was defeated and a new villain invaded our Kingdoms in the form of tampering-file glitches, we’re back on track with what appears to be a new clue as to what’s coming next.


If you’d like to solve it for yourself, I’ll let you do that now, but be warned, beyond this point, we’ll be talking about the answer and what it means.

Still here?  Good.  If we look at each answer, we get the following:

1 Down) Warm
2 Down) Hugs
1 Across) Holiday

While this could just be the DMK team sending us some warm holiday cheer, I think we all know better.

Warm Holiday Hugs can only mean one thing.


The question on all our minds is whether or not this will be an event.  My best guess is that it will be, given the limited time of the holidays.  I just can’t see Adventureland opening before the new year.  Then again, I’ve been wrong before.  So what can we expect from this update?  Let’s take a look at some best guesses.


I think we’ll probably get a small sampling of Frozen characters.  Olaf is a for sure.  But I think we’ll also see:




I think Elsa could also be the ‘Villain’ we have to defeat and then welcome.  Obviously the story would play out a little differently than our normal villains, but I think it would be pretty cool to have to convince her to stop turning the Kingdom cold.



We know that DMK loves to have characters dance.  Well, Anna will be needing this guy to do so.



Of all the characters I think we might get, this one is the most long shot.  I just don’t know if it will happen.  Perhaps, like Zero, he could be our gem character, but I think Olaf makes a more likely choice for that spot.  What do you guys think?




Anna and Elsa will need a place to “Come up with a plan.”  They always need to come up with a plan in this game.



This might be where we fight the battle.



This is the one I want and need.  It would just be so darn cute!



I think this is a great chance for us to have more costumes to collect for the stars of the DMK Story.


So what do you guys think?  Are we in store for a big holiday update?  Or will this be a short event like the Halloween one?  Let me know in the comments.  Either way, I’M EXCITED!!!

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  1. So excited for this one! It was only a matter of time- I think it’s safe to assume we are getting a frozen event. I’m hoping it will start around Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure how the mini Incredibles event going on now will affect it. The one thing I didn’t like about the Halloween event was that it started half-way through October. It felt like we weren’t able to fully enjoy the theme/costumes. Anyway.. I can see the gem character this time around being either Olaf (considering big characters like Wall•e and Jack Sparrow are gem characters) or Sven. You can’t have Kristoff without Sven! We may even get Hans, even though Anna’s interactions with Kristoff and Hans could get a little confusing. I mentioned in one of your past posts about Elsa possibly being the “villian,” so I’m with you on that. Maybe we will have two- battle and welcome Elsa and then with Elsa, battle Hans. I want more than anything to see Oaken near his trading post attraction (if it’s included) similar to the tricycle kid riding around the Incredibles house. Let’s hope we at least get Tomorrowland or Fantasyland opened up, because I agree with you about Adventureland probably being locked for a little longer..
    I’m hyped!

    • I think behind space mountain will be opened for this one and then the next event will unlock the land behind it’s a small world and that could be a beauty and the beast event as the fountain from the village is already there and the live action movie will be coming out

  2. And does anyone have any idea where we’ll put any attractions without more land opening up? Before we “let it go”, how about “let it grow” as in more land.

  3. I’ll get to welcome KRISTOFF at long last?!? TAKE MY GEMS DMK, TAKE ALL MY GEMS.

    Also, if we don’t get to open the back 3 plots in Fantasyland finally, I will cut someone.

  4. I’m thinking since an Arendelle-esque abode is just north of It’s a Small World, they’ll HAVE to open up that land, right? RIGHT?!

    Also if I don’t get Sven I will riot. I am still busting it to try to upgrade all of my characters that I collected tokens for (and then didn’t upgrade) during the NBC event.

  5. I totally think Frozen is coming sooner or later, and I want Elsa super bad!!! I can’t wait to open up some more of these gates though. My one gripe is we barely ever see Maleficent, I wish we had more exposition going on, but I love this game 🙂

  6. So excited for this! I hope it is a new event and I think it would be great if they opened the land behind small world and iced up the mountains over there for the ice castle. I also thought it would be fun if they made Oaken’s trading post a real TRADING POST! Where you could trade in items from chests or that you purchased. You could trade them for gems, magic, or like items…

  7. Well the new clue more of less confirmed Frozen. ‘Do you want to build a snowman’.

    Really would like some more breathing room for the next event… The holidays are busy enough without strict deadlines for this game :P.

    I am already dreading collecting for Donald’s holiday costume.

  8. I wonder, as they’re adding back The Incredibles, will they bring back Frozone at the same they bring in Frozon. It would be a clever way to tie the two movies together.

    • The latest clue was Reindeer are better than people, I expect Sven to be in it.

      Getting a little worried on timing… Current even lasts until early December. Two more Incredibles will take us until mid December.

      Christmas at the Parks starts early November… Why wait until 2 weeks before Christmas (or Halloween) for these events?

  9. Not really related to the Christmas event, but does anyone else find it weird that the pirates characters max out at level 6 and everyone else goes to level 10? I’ve beennleveling like crazy to have a store of gems for the Christmas event, and I’m bummed I’m missing those extra levels for them!

    • Wouldn’t surprise me to see them do a “Part 2” for Pirates. The Adventureland area (to the left of Small World) clearly appears to have some Pirate themed attractions and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Pirates of the Caribbean be the central attraction for that area. The Part 2 could introduce that section, add a new hero (Gibbs?) and a new villain (Barbossa? Davy Jones?) and new tasks for the three current characters increasing their Level up potential to Level 10. Might come out around the same time the 5th Pirates movie comes out (May 2017) or possibly around the 50th anniversary of the original Disneyland ride (March 2017).

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