Disney Magic Kingdoms – Goofy’s Costume

I think I should just say upfront that I am really loving this update.  While I’ve never not liked a DMK update, Cinderella and Pirates left something to be desired for me.  They felt short and forgettable in many ways.  This one on the other hand has breathed new life back into this game.  I love collecting the costumes but I also love that it feels like the whole Kingdom is involved, as opposed to a select few.  That being said, I was pretty excited to start working on Goofy’s costume.  This will be a pretty short post as I haven’t accomplished much past his costume yet, but we can at least talk about some best practices for unlocking him.


Costume Requirements

Leading up to Wednesday morning, I think we were all wondering what fabric Goofy would need.  Luckily, while he needs quite a bit of fabric, none of them are particularly hard to get. Let’s take a look.

Goofy’s Playhouse should suffice to get all 20 of your hats.  Mickey has far more important things to do on the fabric front so don’t waste him.


The unfortunate thing with blue fabric is that Donald can’t help you unless you have his costume and his is the hardest to get SO make sure that Mickey is dancing and Zero is sniffing. I will also mention that having the Haunted Mansion is your friend here as it produces both kinds of fabric.


This will be the hardest one, especially if you haven’t gotten Minnie’s costume yet, which I hadn’t.  Here again is a great time to have the Haunted Mansion.  Also, put Goofy to work.  This is his costume after all.  And don’t forget to open your chests as they are hands down the best way to get fabric right now.


The Haunted Mansion


As I said, this is one of the best ways to load up on fabric for Goofy.  It is not a huge amount of gems and while I bought it before the sale, I believe there is a promo for it, so go do!  On a side note, I am not pleased with the fact that the crows often hang out here, because then when they don’t, I start clicking feverishly on the bats, only to realize they are part of the attraction.  Can I have spiders again please?

The Costume


Yes Mickey.  It’s new.  You helped get the fabric by dancing.  Maybe we had you out in the sun a little too long?  You’re not looking well.  You should sit down.


Candle!  Cardstock!  Cookies!  Crayons!  Just tell me already!  Anyway.  Once unlocked, you’ll start on a series of quests which will lead you to purchasing your next attraction!

So how is everyone fairing in the costume battle?  Let me know in the comments and also let me know how you’re liking the update?  Is it reigniting the flame of love you have for this game?  Or squashing it like a lemon against a…hmm…sometime I start an analogy and then get lost.  Oh well, let me know anyway!

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  1. 5 more green pieces of fabric for me. Should have Goofy’s outfit later today or early tomorrow and then hope to be able to build the Candy Shop. Really looking forward to Sally next week.

  2. Loving this update and event. I’m happy they kept the NBC character count to 4 so it’s not too overwhelming. Just wish there was a good spot to set up Halloween town. I am currently “welcoming” my goofy costume and impatiently waiting to unlock Tower of Terror, since it’s my favorite attraction at California Adventure.
    On a side note, I’m hoping the Frozen and Aladdin items in the costume shop are hinting towards near future character additions! They are killing me with these Aladdin mind games.

    • I witnessed that also, but never get the chance to share. I believe that during this time of the holidays, especially Christmas. It’s the best opportunity to release Frozen characters: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Hans, maybe even Sven. Furthermore I hope they also released Moana characters, and a special event for that which hits the big screen around the time of Thanksgiving. This movie is going to be fascinating just like Frozen was a huge success world wide.
      I believe that the costumes are a big hint revealing what is going to be coming next in future updates of this game. We already could see it with the props of Arendelle guardsman hat, the coronation item that Elsa held in the movie, includes the scepter and the rounded mini-goblet like. In addition, as many or some attaractions for Aladdin are in this game. We see the Sultan’s hat, the scimitar, and the hat that Abu wears, hoping for Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie (in memory of Robin Williams), Jafar, and maybe Ilago to welcome to this game. Hopefully more disney classics and princess/prince will be making their way to this game as well. There are still more characters, disney attractions, that needs to be added to this game. I started to be involved in this game due to the cancellations of Disney Infinity. I believe that was the best thing that happen for Disney, until the light have been taken over by darkness. Disney Infinity have brought many wonders, excitement and infinite memories for everyone who grew up with Disney characters. Downside was the marketing team and overproduction, due to their lack of planning for characters and their skills. I believe that if the team was better in communications with the vast communities out there and listen to us, the light would still be there and gradually becomes stronger. They should have a character polls every week asking us what we like to see, as well what skills these characters should and could have. Disney sure is full of infinite possibilities but now the game ends In not sure if that could be said. Hopefully one day we would see that light escape from the darkness and be brighter than ever. Many fans and communities members have been frustrated after this breaking news even to this day. We are hoping for it return, maybe next year, or when it’s ready to…. Lastly, I believe many of us turned to this game to help that Inspiration and magic alive!!! 🙂

  3. I, too, am loving the new update, though I am in desperate need of some new land! I had to remove an attraction in order to fit in the Haunted Mansion.

  4. I am curious as to why I can’t “unlock” Goofy yet? I am not talking about “welcoming” him…I am talking about unlocking him? It states that “more Halloween quests need to be done first”. What does this mean exactly???? Also, the Haunted mansion hasn’t unlocked for me yet! Why is this and how much does it cost?

    • You have to progress through the Halloween storyline in order to get to be able to start on Goofy’s costume, as well as get the Haunted Mansion. Keep knocking out the purple quests and you should get there soon.

  5. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s inadvertently pounding on those bats! I am loving this event, but I’m a bit annoyed by how long it takes to get some of this fabric. I know that the costumes for Daisy, Minnie, and Donald will still be available after the event, but… what’s the point of a Halloween costume after Halloween, ya know? Oh well. I only need a couple more blues and I’m ready to get Goofy’s costume welcomed. I think my favorite part of the event so far is that they went with the Disney World Haunted Mansion instead of the Disneyland version. However, I have had to “store” some attractions to make room for all of the Halloween buildings. Oh well, I’ll bring them back out eventually.

  6. Hey, i love this article jaysen! I am so frantic but i love the costumes. Makes everyone look too cute! I spend too much money for the haunted mansion. :/

  7. Does anyone know if Gameloft can rest your progress? I’m not connected to facebook and last evening something went awry and it reset the game. I was one scrap of fabric from Goofy, Jack was just about to level up to 8, all but three characters were level 10, I stockpiled potion, gems, pumpkins, etc. I’m freaking out. Who knew how addicted I was until it all went away!? I contacted Gameloft, but the event is progressing and I’m here with an empty park…all alone on Main Street.

  8. Loving this update and the Halloween event! Jack now wants to go to the graveyard, but it doesn’t look like I can get that until after welcoming Sally, so I’m working on leveling him up. I am a tiny bit frustrated that the Minnie and Donald costume tasks are like a “chicken and egg” situation, but I suppose I will get one of them eventually and then be able to work in the other. For now, I’m keeping at the time-limited characters & items. My Zero is sort of stalled at level 7 – is anyone else having trouble getting his items to drop?

  9. I have all the costumes but Donald. I love this update. I’m quickly running out of real estate. I have not place to put the Aladen attractions. Nightmare before Christmas is joy! Again I cannot place the items together because of the lack of land!

  10. Guys does anyone know if the cackling concession does anything? Specifically, will it give the guests little witch hats? This is vital to my decision to purchase

    • I’ve seen guests with little purple witch hats on their heads – so cute! Also they give 45 Halloween tokens and 1 gold coin every 2 hours for the event.

  11. Does anybody know how to unlock the broomstick graveyard or how much it costs? I’ve had quests going back and forth from Woody to Jessie for a couple days now and thought it would have unlocked by now. The candy shop needed Halloween quests to unlock and the graveyard says that it needs Mickey quests… I just hope that doesn’t need all the costumes to do it because Donald is proving to be completely impossible for me so far!

    • Donald’s costume is ridiculous. I finally unlocked the graveyard today-you have to complete several Jack and Sally missions first. And it takes 12 hours to complete. I don’t see any way to finish Donald’s costume before the event ends because the only way to get the fabric is with Mickey and Daisy together and Mickey and Minnie together. It’s terrible.

  12. I have all the costumes except Donald. I’ve been working at it, but I can’t see any way to finish Donald’s before the event ends. 25 hats that are 8-12 missions? The only way to get the fabric is chests and Mickey/Daisy and Mickey/Minnie. Ugh.

  13. The requirements for the Donald costume are definitely unfair. I understand that Gamelift is trying to turn s profit, but so far this costume seems impossible to get without spending $$$. I call shenanigans!

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