Disney Magic Kingdoms – How to Enter the Grand Sweepstakes

UPDATE:  The Contest has Ended.  Unfortunately, this post was scheduled to go up before today, but failed to do so, and I, being away from my computer, did not notice.  To everyone who entered, good luck!!!!

Things have been a quiet on the DMK bus lately.  Sure, everyday Prince Charming and Cinderella dance while Mickey plays games with Pete and Pluto takes his upteenth nap, but over all, it’s been a little bit of a routine as of late.  But what’s this?  A contest?  Where there will be winner?  And of course my favorite part of any contest, loser!  Ahem.

Of course, the only way to become one or the other is to enter the contest so here are the three ways you can try to win some gems.  Make sure to do it quick though because time is almost up!




Basically all you have to do for this one is leave a comment on THIS PHOTO with a photo of your favorite DMK photo.  Take a pic of Ham flipping coins.  Snap a shot of Rapunzel singing.  Grab a pic of Roz with that weird light up sweater…I guess.  Either way, leave it in the COMMENTS of this photo to win!

Go Here to Leave Your Comment!



This one doesn’t even need a link!  Literally just open Twitter and post a photo.  Make sure to use the tag #WeLoveDmk and you’re all set.  But do make sure it’s a good photo.  No one wants to see Flynn and Maximus’ glitchy sword fight!

Go to Twitter!



Once again, this one is easy.  Just post a lovely photo on Instagram and use the tag #WeLoveDmk and you’re all set!!!

Go to Instagram

That’s it!  The best part is that you can enter in all three places with the same photo or three different photos.  I would urge you to do three different photos.  Set yourself apart from the pack as a DMK photo connoisseur.

The question today is this:  What would YOU do with 1,000 gems should you arise the glorious victor of this contest?  Let me know in the comments!

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