Disney Magic Kingdoms – Incredibles Live Stream Recap

Wow, we just got a whole bunch of information!  For those of you not on the livestream, congratulations, you have a life!  Luckily, I am here to give you the run down on everything you missed.  There was a lot of great stuff shown off so I am just going to list things here and hope for the best as I don’t really know how better to present this information.


  •  The Incredibles Event will last probably around 30 days and will have exclusive characters that can be unlocked during the events by following the event quest chain.  There is NO DATE for the beginning of the event yet, but chances are good that it will be around June 16.  Once you unlock a character or build a building from the event, it is yours even after the event ends.  If you miss out, you’ll have to wait until later to get these characters and attractions.  The devs assure that this will be the easiest and fastest way to unlock all of these so it’s best to try and attain them all during this time period.


  • During this event, all the quests will be marked with red event cards to show you which quests are of the most pressing, time wise.


  • There will be an event currency for use on Event Specific characters and attractions.  Completing quests in the event chain will earn you this currency.


  • We finally have a confirmation button!!! No more accidentally spending gems on silly attractions finishing!  Hurray!  Seriously, this might be the most exciting thing in the livestream.


  • The quest involves bots which need to be clicked on to defeat, much like the brooms or ravens.  Clicking on the quest for the bots will take you to them so you don’t have to search far and wide.  There will also be a timer to show you when the bots will respawn so you will know when to come back.


  • Characters in the event will be time locked so that you can’t unlock them all the first day.  If you come in late, you will still be able to jump in where the time lock is at.  For example, come in 5 days late but Dash is already un-time locked.  He will be for you too even though you’re late!  You will, however, have less time to earn the points needed to summon him.


  • There is an Event Hub that will show you information like when characters will no longer be time locked and how much time is left in the Event.


  • There will be Leaderboard events going on during the Event to earn even more fun rewards.


  • There will be two bundles available for purchase.  We didn’t get to see them on the stream but we were assured that they will be quite helpful to us!


  • Syndrome will be available as the very last character you can get!


  • While it was not talked about in the event, a new building can be seen on Main Street that looks to play Movies of some sort.  As one of my amazing readers pointed out, this could potentially be a place to watch Ads in order to get free gems.


  • Frozone will cost gems and getting him will be very helpful in earning currency to get the other characters.


  • There will be a boss at the end of the event to defeat.  Most likely a giant robot!


  • 3 New Areas will be available to unlock, the three that have been ‘Coming Soon’ around California Screamin’.


  • There is a new Log On screen to greet us as we boot up the game.


  • A New Incredibles Parade float will be available.  Make sure to unlock before the event ends so that you will have it forever!


Okay, I think that’s everything.  It was a lot of info but the devs were really amazing to share so much.  I loved seeing their excitement around the game and it’s great to hear that they are listening to the wants and needs of the audience!

If you weren’t excited before, you better be now!!!

For more DMK, go here!

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  1. So much exciting stuff! Thanks for sharing! When does the event start? (Sorry if I missed that somewhere).

  2. I think an interesting addition that was not mentioned in the chat was at the end of Main Street, there is a new / updated building. It looks like it has some video icons around it. Hopefully, DMK will be implementing a system to watch videos and earn Gems or Potions. This would be very useful for those of us who don’t want to spend real money to unlock some of the premium characters in the game.

  3. Oh my gosh. I’m so excited for the gem confirmation button. I think I’ve lost 50 gems to misclicks. (One was on Space Mountain right as it relaunched its timer.) I’m bummed Frozone will cost gems, simply because he’s my favorite of The Incredibles. I imagine though he’ll be one of the ones you can unlock later though. Or at least I hope so. Very excited for a ll of this.

  4. I hope this update will be available in the same time on both Apple and Android phones. Aurora’s update had more than one offset week on Android.

    Sorry for my english…and congratulations for that blog, very useful !

  5. Hi Jaysen,

    I was wondering if there is a way to actually max out the characters AFTER the main event or does the blue incredibles money just poof? With 7 days and 17 hours to go, I have Dash and Violet at level 9, and Elastigirl working on getting to level 9 and I have already collected everything they each need for level 10, so what I am asking is if time runs out on the event before I get them to level 10, can I still level them since I have everything needed?

  6. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. I thought they might be able to, but I didn’t know about the special money disappearing.

      • Gems as in you get gems for what you have? Or gems as in gems to level characters that aren’t maxed yet? I hope that the coin cost turns to a magic cost for leveling.

  7. Okay, so it looks like the good news is that the blue coin requirements for the Incredibles characters has been changed to magic. The bad news seems to be that on level 9 with Dash I had him ready to level up to max during the event, but now he requires more hats and I get a message saying complete more story quests to unlock more characters and attractions.

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