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“It’s A Small World” Movie Announced but What’s it about?

I kid you not, as Carl, myself and my mother stood in line to ride the classic ride, “It’s a Small World,” Carl turned to me and posed this question: If you were going to make a movie based on this ride, what would it be about?  We proceeded to brainstorm some ideas, all of which were more ludicrous than the last.  After all, how could anyone turn this no-story ride about the varying people’s of the world into something tangible that people would want to go to the movies and spend $20 a ticket to see?  Not a day after landing back in frigid NYC was it announced that writers Tim Rasmussen and Vince Di Meglio would be writing a script for the live action adaptation of the ride.  Even Jon Turtletaub has been tapped to direct the flick.  SO, let’s explore some ideas as we attempt to get to the bottom of what this movie could possibly be about.


The Musical

This is probably the most obvious choice.  A children’s musical all about how one group of people discovers that there are many different types of people, while some big baddie sings about how the other people are not as good as the original group.  Throughout the course of the film, our hero/heroine would have to sing and fight to reveal that we are all equal and and that it really is a small world after all.

The Political Thriller

An evil doer tries to conceal the fact that there is a world full of various races and cultures to a small culture who knows no better.  For our hero, a puppet like version of Jack Bauer, he must discover that there is a conspiracy at work and try to uncover the truth about our world.  As he peels back the layers of deception, he’ll find that not only is there a big world out there that no one is telling him and his people about, but that it is in fact a small world after all.  Dun Dun DUUUUUN!


The Tim Burton Version

The Sun clock has taken care of the people of some small island for years but now it is dying and a group of explorers must set off into the unknown to find a cure.  The path is twisty and Johnny Depp plays a wild man in the jungle.  Everything is grey until friendship is found in the wilderness and colors the world as these adventures journey to another world all together in hopes of saving their people and their clock.  A dark creepy version of “It’s a Small World” plays on a loop for the duration of the film and the tiger with the umbrella has a dark secret.


The Horror Movie

The dolls of “It’s a Small World” come to life and attack people, turning humans into creepy dolls.  The outbreak will spread and before dawn, it will be a small world after all.


Okay, these are some pretty crazy ideas, but hey, the fact that this movie is even being made is a bit ridiculous.  So what do you guys think the movie will be about?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The horror version made me burst out laughing, but I’d personally love to see a musical version! Mix it with a little of Tim Burton, and I’m there.

    Ok, I’ll be there either way…

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