A Very Special Thank You for 500 WordPress Followers

January, it seems, is turning out to be an incredible month. With A Home for Wizards literally a day away, and my birthday in a week, imagine my surprise to see one more amazing thing on the list. After blogging strongly for about 6 months, I’ve officially hit 500 followers. Words can’t describe how happy I am to have so many awesome folks along for the ride with me.  
I know that the last month has been very heavy on A Home for Wizards and the end of our Vault Disney project is on the horizon but never fear, I have plans. In February, we are embarking on a week long visit to Disney World in Florida and I will be blogging the life out of that trip with pictures stories and more, starting as early as next week! I also will start putting up more Disney news, but with my own thoughts, impressions and silly captions. We also have Pixar movies to watch, as well as a whole project on Miyazaki films and even a planned project later in the year involving direct to DVD sequels!  
Basically, I’m happy to be here with all of you and I’m so excited to make new friends, read your work and have fun over the next year. A landmark of 500 is absolutely a great start to the year and makes me think maybe, JUST MAYBE, we could get to 1,000.  

Now stop hanging around here and go get your copy of A Home for Wizards! Well, wait until tomorrow and then get it, or you could do that last minute pre-order thing. You know what, I’ll just let you do you.

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    • I will go through to Zootopia. The blog will still maintain a heavy Disney focus though. Since I’ll be up to date I’ll be able to do writing on newer films as well as Pixar and other things. To me, Vault Disney is the journey I’m taking as I learn about the brand. So while I might run out of films in the project that started it, the idea of delving deeper and deeper into the world of Disney will continue. 🙂

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