A Home for Wizards

A Home for Wizards Back Cover Reveal

Hello all!

So it’s Wednesday and you might be thinking, “Hooray! Today is a new Vault Disney day!” Well um, oh dear. This is awkward. In an effort to finish my new novel A Home for Wizards in time for my deadline next week, and so that you can all read it come January 23, 2016, I’m taking the week off of Disneying. That being said, I wouldn’t dare come here empty handed. Below you will find the official back cover of A Home for Wizards, the first time it is being shown anywhere ever…EVER!

final back cover

The book releases in January, as I mentioned before and I’ll have news on the release very very soon for you and where you can get the book, as well as come to the launch and give me a big ol’ hug if you’re in the NYC area.

Until then, stay amazing!!!

Check out the Official Cover Reveal

Want to know more about the amazing artist?

You can find more work from Dexter by venturing on over to this little LINK!

Buy A Love Story for Witches so you’re all caught up HERE!!!

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