A Very Special Happy Anniversary!

Today is a pretty special day. I know we do a lot of Disney talk here on the blog, but it’s time to talk about something a bit personal. Two years ago today I met someone who would change my life forever. Carl and I hit it off right from the start and we’ve been pushing to fulfill each other’s dreams one day at a time ever since.

This summer I was lucky enough to ask the love of my life to marry me at Disney World and I am happy to report that he said yes. While two years may seem like a minute to some, we knew pretty early on that we had something immensely special. Carl is the kind of partner who gives me a big hug even when I’m cranky because of the lack of my morning coffee. He’s the kind of partner who encourages me to take time to have fun and to not let myself get too worried about things. He’s the kind of partner who reminds me to call my mother on holidays and the kind of partner who has literally watched every Disney film in this project with me, whether he was in the mood to or not.  My point is, Carl is the reason this blog exists and I don’t simply crawl into a corner and cry every time I have a deadline.  You all really owe him your thanks.  He’s keeping this whole ship afloat.

Carl, without you, none of this is possible and so I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary.  I love you with all my heart and can’t wait to spend my life with you.

Oh look, here are some conveniently timed memories!

Photo Feb 15, 4 17 54 PM

Our first trip together. Skiing. Oh, also I broke a rib.

Photo Jul 13, 12 27 29 PM

Selfie in Boston with Captain Lemur, the newest addition to the family.

Photo Jul 14, 3 04 04 PM

That time we found this stormtrooper and asked for directions.  We weren’t the gays he was looking for though.

Photo Oct 30, 8 51 00 PM

OMG and that time we released a friggin’ book!

Photo Dec 24, 8 53 41 PM

Ummm, I don’t even know what to say here. I’m frankly confused as to who that handsome gentleman standing next to Carl is. I’ll have to have a talk with him.

Photo Jul 12, 12 57 09 PM

Oh and that time that Carl forced me onto It’s a Small World. “It’s part of the essential Disney experience!!!”

Photo Jul 12, 10 51 28 AM

Checking out the real estate of the home I’m planning to buy us someday. No but seriously, I WILL HAVE THAT CASTLE!

Photo Sep 20, 3 07 30 PM

Nerds till the very end.

Carl is a wonderful actor, dancer and performer and you can check out his work over HERE.

Alright, cheesy stuff over.  We can now return to watching Disney movies, telling stores and captioning animated photos with crass humor.  Move along, move along.

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  1. Happy anniversary! It’s always nice to hear other people’s love story. Two years is plenty: when it feels right, it’s right. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Thank you for sharing your little trip down memory lane; the selfies are brilliant. My wife forced me on It’s A Small World too for the same reason😉

  2. Awe boo!!! Those are the sweetest kindest melt melt words ever! Happy Anniversary babe! We’ll be celebrating all year, Year after year after every ski trip, every trip to Disney, after every film, game, trip, meal, milestone and holiday, there’s always so much to celebrate with you. Everyday isn’t long enough, every night I don’t want to go to bed, everyday I want to get up earlier as I love the life we have together and don’t want to miss any of it knowing that it’ll continues to grow and get better as we go. I love you Thanks you for your unwavering patience, always surprising me, and so grateful and fortunate for your, … something I have so many words, and no words for except, amazingness. You constantly fight for me, for us. You’re my greatest supporter and best friend. I don’t know who I would be today without you, and with you, I KNOW I can be anything I set my mind to. Muah.

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