Gameapalooza Interview with Myself and Carl Li

What’s this?  A Tuesday post?  What? How? Why? Is it so? But when?

As you might know if you follow this blog the way fantasy football players follow stats, which I’m sure all of you do (Uncomfortable silence) then you’ll know I only post on Tuesdays when it’s about something extra super important, like reaching landmarks or news that beanie babies are making a comeback.

A lovely board gaming site down under in Australia reached out and did an interview with myself and my partner Carl Li, who you will all know from many of my posts.  They asked us mainly about board games, obviously, but also had us nerd out about Disney, TV and video games.

Also, one of them said that they wanted to adopt us, which I am fine with on the contingency that I get a pet koala out of it.  I’ll be awaiting the response to my terms via owl mail.


Spoiler, I talked about wanting a 101 Dalmatians board game in the post and they found me one…so they basically won my heart today.

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