One Year

One year ago I met someone who would change my life forever.

One year ago, I met someone who shared my love for comics and took me, someone who read the occasional Marvel book, and turned me into someone who lives for DC and whatever Batman, Nightwing and Wonder Woman might be up to this month.

One year ago, I met someone who when he heard that I had gotten a concussion, came and stayed with me all night, waking me up every two hours to make sure I was still alive. He then left me a bag of M&M’s under my pillow and as we all know, these are my favorite.

One year ago, I met someone who keeps every god forsaken bag of soy sauce from every single bag of Chinese take-out we ever get and let me be very clear here: We get A LOT of Chinese take out.

One year ago, I was depressed and out of control, untrusting of everyone and negative above all else.

One year ago, I never could have imagined writing a novel, or that I would trust someone enough to let them help me edit it and make it into something truly special.

One year ago, I didn’t know it was possible to own so many comics.

One year ago, I met someone with so many talents and amazingness to give the world, he had no idea just how special he was or how disciplined in creativity he could be.

One year ago, I could never imagine that there would be someone in the world who not only dealt with my level of anxiety and craziness, but also that he would be able to calm me down and remove me from that dark place.

One year ago, I met someone who loves dessert more than any other food group.

One year ago, I met someone who needs fruit and juice to survive and his very mood hinges on whether or not he gets them.

One year ago, I met someone who introduced me to all his friends who were just as amazing and wonderful and supportive as he was, enriching my life with positivity and the belief that I could do anything.

One year ago, I met Carl, and I can honestly say that life will never be the same and that is the most definitely a good thing.

Happy Anniversary Carl šŸ™‚

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