A Love Story for Witches Prologue and Chapter One

Zot Chapter One

For the past several weeks, if you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I have been updating a chapter a week of a new book I am working on.  Now that I am starting to add illustrations to the top of each chapter I think it’s only fair that I post them in the blog for your reading pleasure, just in case you missed them.

For those new to the story, the breakdown goes something like this:

There was always the moment Adam could have run and she would just have been the girl who got away.  When Adam finds out that the first good date he’s been on in years is with a witch things go from bad to worse as she reveals to him that witches can never fall in love.  To be a witch in New York City means you have to fight survive, killing other witches to gain power or allowing them to murder you and take yours.  It is said that if a witch confessed her love for someone, she would lose all her powers and be defenseless against those who would do her harm.  Join Adam and Eva as they discover the truth about A Love Story for Witches.  Never love.  Never die.

Now get to reading.  Check out the Prologue and Chapter One below.


Chapter One

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