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Moana Rhythm Run – First Impressions

Hello all and Happy Thursday!!! If you’re a Disney nut like me, you might be eagerly awaiting the release of the newest animated film, Moana, due out next week. Today, however, we got an early treat in the form of a new mobile game, Moana Rhythm Run. I’ve […]

Seeing Troye Sivan in Concert

A few months back now, while looking for new music to write to, I happened upon the new album “Blue Neighborhood” by artist/performer Troye Sivan.  At the time, I had never heard of this child actor, youtube star and singer but one listen to his album had me […]

The Lion Guard – The Rise of Makuu

Original Airdate:  January 15, 2016 Last week saw the official premiere of the television series The Lion Guard, which was preceded by a made for TV movie, that was sort of a pilot to the…well you get the point.  We checked out the first of the two episodes […]

Vault Disney #8 – Make Mine Music

Original Release: April 1946 Runtime: 76 Minutes If it hasn’t become clear yet by my mentioning in every article, let me say it again here, World War II was not kind to Disney. Several of the studios big budget films had flopped and the small budget films had […]

Vault Disney #3 : Fantasia

Original Release: November 1940 Runtime: 126 minutes Even by today’s standards, Fantasia, stands as a huge experimental piece of media. There is nothing else quite like it (Unless you count its follow-up Fantasia 2000). As Deems Taylor, the master of ceremonies in the film, says early on, Fantasia […]