Root – Solopotamus Reviews

Root Designed By Cole Wehrle Published By Leder Games Since solo gaming is a very new element of my board gaming hobby, I'll admit that when I was told that Root's expansion allowed for a solo variant when I purchased my copy at gen con, the news went in one ear and out the other.  … Continue reading Root – Solopotamus Reviews


The Maleficent Event Begins – Disney Magic Kingdoms

After much anticipation, Maleficent has finally waltzed her way into the Kingdom and started cursing things!  It's as if my Mom has come to visit and is staying for a week.  Get out of my kitchen Mom!  Where were we?  Oh yes.  Maleficent.  Today we'll be going over the basics of Chapter One and everything … Continue reading The Maleficent Event Begins – Disney Magic Kingdoms